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I don't know if this gets to others as much as it gets to me, but my gosh! If you've got a show and a research and production team, do your research and get your facts straight! I watched two interviews this morning...  one from Australia and one from a TV talk show appearance and... both say it has been 25 years since MMMBop and the Middle Of Nowhere album. Let's not worry about why Hanson doesn't correct the error. How can a production team of any show be proud of a product that is under researched and just incorrect?

Don't worry. Just blowing off steam - I'm probably the only person here that cares



I've always noticed when shows like this give incorrect information about Hanson when they appear on these shows. It annoys me also.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

I think people just get confused when Hanson say they were celebrating the "25th anniversary of the band" they just assume they started with MMMBop and Middle of Nowhere in 1997 - not that they started in 1992.  And math is hard! ;)



I just recently screwed that up myself in another post.  It didn't dawn on me until later (wait, how many years did I say I've been a fan?) and I fixed it with another post (again, no edit button) but, it happens...  (Talk about feeling dumb...)  Haha!  :)

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