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I know there was a post about this before, but I'm watching it now again, and wondering... they selected to work with David Campbell, but didn't say anything about the selection process. Who were the options? I think of that especially because of the discussion they had over which producer to work with on Underneath... the whole "it's not..." (the only name I remember in that conversation was Glen Ballard) conversation. Surely it couldn't have been that they conceived the idea of String Theory and knew straight away who would compose the arrangements.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

I think they had mentioned before David Campbell was their #1 pick.  



Yeah, I definitely remember them saying they immediately thought it would be great if they could get David Campbell, but they didn't necessarily think it would be possible... and then they pitched it to him and he was into it, so decision made. I don't really get the impression that there was much of a selection process beyond that - I guess if you know right away who you want, and you can get him, that's that.

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