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has always thought about Hanson doing a country music album, they're from Tulsa Oklahoma, its middle american formally know has the south but this idea came in a dream; it would be something think about.



Around 2015, there was a Hanson Asks, asking what type of album we would want them to make, and one of the options was a country album. I was one of only two who voted for that option... but it would be great to get something along those lines. When "On And On" and 'On The Road' came out that was pretty much the closest we got. I don't know realistically about a full on country album, but one or two songs here or there would be nice... like a country song n addition to the blues rock of Just A Word Away, tucked away in the melodies of an album. I'm just trying to give some ideas.  It's a bit of a hint too I guess.  :)


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