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Whose the most handsome member of the group??

Just wondering since its not so exciting here recently :P HAHHAHA....


What do you like about them?

Me.. I like Isaacs sense of humour..

Taylors "fashion sense" :P..

And Zacs robustness!! So sexy and hot!!

As for whose I treat as the best singer..

I think Isaacs got a soulful pitchful voice..

Tays got a sexy melodramatic voice,

And Zacs got that huskiness about him when he sings!!

I also think they are headed for the right direction with Tays new hairdo and stuff! Zacs growing up beautifully too! HEHE...

What do you think about them recently as compared to as before? Post away! Opinion time!!



i think that my fav Zac has become more cute then ever its not to say i don't like them all together 


Yes, now you have more women to fight over him! HHAHAH



hahahah we all can be in it together i am not the one for fighting 



Zac has always had a dynamic that neither Taylor nor Isaac could ever match for me. I can't describe it, although I started to try to.

The first time I ever "understood" the thing about Taylor was when I was watching Anthem: Deconstructed, but now I think he should keep the beard.

I used to claim that I never liked Isaac leads, BUT when five of my six favourite songs were Isaac leads at the time I suppose I had to stop pretending.


Yes! Zac IS dynamic.. very powerful!! Including his voice.. Makes him strong and manly! HAHAHHA

Yes, keep the beard! HAHAAH!! He looks much less smellier like that. Otherwise hes always following Isaacs backside!! HHAHAHAH.. If I do say so myself...

Yes, Isaacs  very soulfull...I have to stop pretending i like him too becaue back then i always wanted taylor to be the only one i liked so i dont betray his bf trusts to me! HAHAHAH.. Hes just like a bf to me, ya know!



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

Zac and Isaac



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

Taylor is my favorite.

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