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If you go to Hanson’s Instagram and go to their tagged photos, there’s a video of Hanson singing on stage tonight with smashing pumpkins! They’re singing Landslide 





OMG! This is so great! My first band I've ever seen live when I was 13 was Smashing Pumpkins, a great show but I only survived on the shoulders of someone bigger...this video would be so good for my friends: for them it was like impossible to listen to Hanson and SP at the same time and now watching them together on stage it's just wow!! have you seen: they've survived, they're great and even SP doesn't have prejudices!!



Laura Thorp
Owings Mills, Maryland, US

Yeah I thought it was funny cause my friend from OKC was there and I noticed (when flipping through FB and she said she was there) that it was in Tulsa, then this morning there were little video clips on YouTube.  I never would have thought that would happen. And I've been trying not to talk my husband's ear off about Hanson so much, so when i was like "Oh hey, Della's at a Smashing Pumpkins concert, that's cool" I didn't even mention where it was.....then this morning it became one more reason he had to hear about Hanson. Lol.  He was like "that's the most unlikely pairing! I can't imagine their fanbases crossing!" Hahaha.



I was at the taping for the Underneath dvd and I met Billy Corgan there. My husband and him talked for about twenty minutes. He has been a Hanson fan for years.



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Loved it . Kinda of a Tinted Windows Mini reunion too . 



Wow, that was amazing to watch! I used to love Smashing Pumpkins back in the good old days of MTV!



That's really cool! I'd love to hear Hanson perform this in more of a studio setting too!



Caitlin Cahill
Pittsburgh, PA, US

Taylor did team up with James Iha for Tinted Windows back in the day. I'd would so want to see that again!

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