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VR Documentary

We have expressed many times how grateful we are for the unique connection we have with you as music fans. In fact, we believe our connection is unparalleled and meaningful compared with the average artist in both directions (let’s be honest, you guys are just really awesome). Apparently, we are not the only ones who recognize that. A few months ago, our good friends at Steelehouse Productions (right here in Tulsa) proposed the idea of  creating a special immersive documentary short to honor that relationship - and they need your help.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac 

For years, I have known the Hanson guys as fellow creatives in Tulsa. Each of us striving to create great work and also stay connected to our roots. With an awareness of the creativity and unique business model they have implemented (and doing a bit of fun work together from time to time), I developed a deeper curiosity as I have observed the exciting and dynamic connection between artist and fan that is not only sustained, but is growing. As the band heads into the busy HANSON Day and Hop Jam week, we asked if  if they would allow us to lean in closer and use storytelling paired with innovative immersive technology to produce a special short documentary. They gave the idea a resounding yes, so we need your Help! 
Steelehouse will be all over during the 2019 HANSON Day activities and Hop Jam festival capturing footage for a Virtual Reality Documentary about YOUR STORIES and the connection YOU have to the music of HANSON. Our hope is to interview as many of you as time and festivities permit, so we’re interested to know your stories ahead of time.
Take a few minutes to hop onto the comment section attached to the recent blog and share what makes the Hanson fan experience unique. We would love any fun or meaningful story. The friends you have discovered in this community. The songs that have become inextricably linked to your greatest memories. The lyrics that helped you through life's toughest moments. The interaction with the band that brought you true community. Get as personal as you want. Our team and Steelehouse will choose several key stories to become on-camera interviews. We look forward to hearing from you - and we can't wait to see you for HANSON Day NEXT WEEK! 


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Thaís Merino
Curitiba, Parana, BR

Unfortunately, I can't be on Hanson Day because of working schedules. But, if this comment helps any way, here it goes. 

My youngest sister and I have discovered Hanson at the end of our teenage years, in 1997. We've always loved music since we were kids. We used to sing while traveling by car with our family, we loved to sing at a child choir, we also had the chance of playing a little bit of guitar, flute... but something about this band made us head back to music school immediately. It was not just music. It was a bigger world that was suddenly opened to us while we're diving into Hanson music and as we were searching for people that have had inspired them. That was magical. That kind of feeling that really feeds your soul. 

Well, it happened we've grow up with this band. Now, 22 years since then. Hanson music is like a good-old friend: it's been with us through tough times (from high school to master/doctor degrees, from marriage to divorce, when the losses happen...) but also through the amazing times (traveling to see concerts, learning English, meeting dear friends along the way, during pregnancy and when my baby was born, when we discovered ourselves composing and being a musical duo...). 

This band has such crazy and brilliant ideas that we LOVE to take part: from anual meeting on a beach (Back to the Island - with Christmas concert in January!) to marvelous strings adition to their songs. (Please, keep these ideas going on!!) 

As a good-old frienship, we have to remind to be thankful. From the bottom of our hearts, we are lucky and thankful for being on this journey. :)




The are a lot of musicians in my  family so I always loved music. I even started playing instruments when I was very young.

I mostley listen to heavy rock, Hardcore, punk etc but back in (97)I was really depressed until one day  the MMMbop video came up on MTV and suddendly I wasnt. Since then my life changed.

Back in 97 I heard on the radio a Hanson special buy the DJ was saying all the information wrong, so I decided to call him on air and corrected him.  He told me since I knew a lot about Hanson I should help him write an article in the newspaper so I did, and that was my first back in 1997. Since then I was called by everyone to go talk about the band on radio and I asked to open the Hanson fan club in Nicaragua. I didnt like the idea of fan club, because I considered my self more of a “promoter”but I accepted it and started working. All of  the sudden I received calls from another countries in central America and I was making radio specials by phoners. The fan Club got really BIG.

 Everytime I went to USA I brought back to Nicaragua a lot of Hanson CDS, posters etc and I tried to give them away when I had and interview or at the club. My goal was to facilitate the material to the people who couldnt get them, because we didnt have that many  music stores back then.

I wanted for everyone to have access to their music and info so I home printed a Hanson zine or Newspaper called HansonHitz News. ( I still have some copies)

The president of Universal Music Central america heard about me, so when the company opened in Nicaragua he asked me to join him and I had my Hanson office, and materials for the promo.

I was in communication with Jeff ex manager? or label manager? (2000) I dont really remember so when Hanson went  to Louisiana he got me 2tickets for their show. So I flew there and I finally got to see you live.

Since  97 I have been working on music business as a Manager,press manager and tour manager, helping independent bands. So  Im celebrating 22 years of career all of it based on what I learnded from you. Now Im living in Mexico city. I lost contact for several years because of bad praxis surgery on my jaw that affected my cervical bones. so I didnt had money to be in the , then I got a heart surgery as a consecuense of the first one. So that means 6 years of pain, rehab and back problems .  I didnt give up or left Mexico and fought for my health. Everytime I had a doubt or was sad about it I listened to to Hanson and I remembered what I was here for.

I have been a freelancer all my life and afer 6 years in Mexico /2017)  I´m opened my own bussiness of press management in this country (Penny Management). We need more good guys in the Music Industry so I have been trying to help bands to promote their music for more than 20 years:). I even worked for Hansons show in Guadalajara in their last visit to México.



Unfortunately I won't be at Hanson day; I'll be at Back to the island instead, but here is a small part of my story...

I first fell in love with Hanson and their music at 12 years old. I’ve always listened to music, but they were the first group that I listened to day in and day out, and that had music that really hit me on a personal level. I became known as Hanson girl to everyone in school. I’ve always been “weird” to people, so the song Weird resonated strongly with me. Other kids would tease me, but I stood solid on my love for Hanson and I wore it proudly (I still do.) It’s one of the few things I stayed true to myself with in public, when I hid parts myself in other ways. To me, Hanson symbolizes my faith in myself and who I was as a teenager and still am today. Over the last 20+ years their music has been a huge method of stress relief for me, from college, to leaving my friends and family, to now. I’m a proud Hanson fan!

This last year has been one of the most trying years of my life. I live near Thousand Oaks CA. One morning I wake up to people telling me Borderline Bar and Grill had a shooting the night before. News on every channel was covering it. My half-sister wakes up and starts frantically calling her father since her sister goes the that bar, A LOT. Nobody could get ahold of her sister. Hours and hours of waiting and finally we get the news that she was killed, along with one of my friend’s best friends. I’m told they were the first two victims that night. I was shocked and devastated for my sister and friend. I was at work mourning when all of our phones went off alerting us to a huge fire shutting down the major freeway in our area...the Woolsey fire. I got trapped at work, grieving the borderline shooting and no way to get back to my family. I couldn’t go home, since the back road home was gridlocked, so I tried staying at a friends house near work. We saw the glow of the fire behind the hill, near her house, trying to figure out if we need to evacuate. We see the neighbors evacuating and start getting ready to pack up her animals when my work (a veterinary hospital) texts asking for help evacuating the animals there. The fire had jumped the freeway and was nearing that area. There were probably 100 animals in the building that we needed to evacuate, so I ran there in my pajamas and started loading up other people’s pets. I started crying on the way to the evacuation hospital with a scared dog in my lap, in the early morning hours. I didn’t get home until around 3am, when the back roads freed up to my home. The next two days I spent waiting to see if I would have a work to go back to, and mourning the loss of the people of Borderline. My String Theory CD arrived during those days I didn’t even have the emotional energy to open it. As the week went on and life went back to “normal” I finally listened to String Theory and broke down. The whole symphony was a good summation of what was going on in my life at the time, and Battle Cry specifically hit me really hard. That song became my theme song during the whole endeavor.

It always starts with the blast of a distant shell, then the smoke fills the air and they start to yell, Every man feels the blow when the earth explodes, There's a look in their eyes like a walking ghost...When the dust settles under a wounded sky, Then you count who is left saying who survived, You never know whose goodbyes, You will have to send, Then tomorrow the march will begin again”

For me, those lyrics will always symbolize Borderline and the terror of trying to evacuate the animals not knowing how far away the fire was.

Now, a few months later I had a dog die, another dog diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, and got news about my father's declining health. Other music that I was listening, that normally made me very happy and dance, just made me more depressed. I switched back to my Hanson playlist to lift my spirits. They have been a very huge factor in my healing from all the trauma and stress of the last 6-7 months, and a constant part of my identity. Winning a meet and greet after 20+ years of being a fan was one of the happiest moments of my life.



This time around, I want to speak up and shout it out

Thank you to the  brothers, for your music and art.

Been hooked for years, we can never part. 

I can tell you one thing, I'm much better with your songs.

I grew up with you; laughed with you, cried with you

fought, feared, and loved with you. 

I've had faith because of you.

I still struggle, socially awkward, been a little bit, weird

yes, it's true

BUT I work harder because of you. 

I've been anxious, worried, been strong enough to break.

I stumble, trip, fall, but then

I hear the siren call

Your music helps me get through.

There are so many relationships in this life, 

I'm so glad this one WILL last. 

Thank you Hanson. 




This time around, I want to speak up and shout it out

Thank you to the  brothers, for your music and art.

Been hooked for years, we can never part. 

I can tell you one thing, I'm much better with your songs.

I grew up with you; laughed with you, cried with you

fought, feared, and loved with you. 

I've had faith because of you.

I still struggle, socially awkward, been a little bit, weird

yes, it's true

BUT I work harder because of you. 

I've been anxious, worried, been strong enough to break.

I stumble, trip, fall, but then

I hear the siren call

Your music helps me get through.

There are so many relationships in this life, 

I'm so glad this one WILL last. 

Thank you Hanson. 




Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

I was 33 when I first heard MMMbop  - that oh so catchy tune by such talentedteenagers at that time,   but it would be20 years before Hanson would be in my life again.  December 2017, I was looking for some rock androll Christmas music when Snowed In and Finally It’s Christmascame up on my internet search.  Surprisedthat the guys were still around but very curious to hear what they had become,I ordered the cd’s based on nothing but the overwhelmingly positive commentslisted by past buyers (yes, those dedicated Hanson fans).

The lyrics/music in the song “At Christmas” & “ChristmasTime” impressed me tremendously.  Teenagers writing about Christmas, reflecting the way I feel about theholiday – I did not expect to hear that kind of maturity in those songs.  “Finally It’s Christmas” – became FinallyFound Hanson for me!  Needless to say, Iplayed those two albums through the rest of the Christmas season and in January2018 I purchased every Hanson cd I could find.  

So many Hanson songs resonate with me, but “Carry You There” on theShout It Out album - this one really hits home.  This song reminds me that I am never aloneduring the struggles in my life.    Being acaregiver for my mom for several years now, I am very familiar with thechallenges of trying to “do all” & “be all”. Well, Wonder Woman I amnot. 

This song reminds me that God, Family & Friends are allthere for me – and it is ok to lean on them for guidance & support.  Fact is – I have to – I cannot do it aloneand I can trust them to care & understand. My sister and I are always “oncall”.  My brother comes in once a monthto give us a break.   I have a supportive husband, daughter and friendswho are there to listen, give me a hug & help out when they can.   I am further inspired by Hanson’s “Carry YouThere”  in that  I flip this around – I try to be there for myfamily and friends during their times of need (no Cadillac, but a Subaru if weneed it).   

Music is entertaining, but I have also always turned to musicfor stress relief and motivation.  Themelodies, the harmonies, the words – they all help me to calm down and keepfocused on what needs to be done.  Duringthis past year, I have found that “Carry You There” along with the rest of theHanson musical repertoire inspires, sustains and encourages me in a way noother band has done.     

Thank you Isaac, Taylor & Zac for sharing your songs,your talents and your passions - all you do - musical and otherwise with all ofus fans and I wait patiently for the next chapter in your musical book!

“Well, I don’t care, what you say.  I don’t have use for your words anyway.  You don’t need a Cadillac, ‘cause I’ll bewaiting with my bare back, to carry you there.” Hanson



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

Tinydancer522 - Kristina - love your poem above!    (very creative - thank you for sharing)

And everyone else - thank you for sharing your stories - so inspiring.  I am certain there will be many more to read!



In the recent past I was very reluctant to open up about what really happened to me, although I alluded to it in one of the hidden fan club forums a while back.

I was just shy of eleven years old when I first heard MMMBop on the radio in May, 1997. I was instantly hooked, but I didn't receive a copy of Middle of Nowhere until Christmas of that year. I would describe my childhood as chaotic. I always knew that something was very wrong, but I didn't have the vocabulary or knowledge in psychology to explain what was happening. For years, I felt that I was being followed by a black cloud of negativity, and I couldn't explain why. I wouldn't realise what was happening until I was nearly thirty years old in 2016. My breaking point was nearly flunking out of university due to an unsustainable and toxic home environment. That was my wake-up call to tell me that something needed to change. I sought out help from a therapist, and from there I realised that I was going through narcissistic abuse at the hands of a family member.

I gained an almost encyclopedic knowledge about narcissism and the abuse cycle over these past three years thanks to support groups on Reddit and YouTube. As I look back with the knowledge I have now, I realise that my upbringing affected every relationship that I've ever had, be it professional relationships, friendships, or romantic relationships. As a result of the abuse, I had a harder time making friends, and I had a much more difficult time in grade school than it should have been.

Though everything, Hanson always gave me a bright spot to look forward to. I was unable to attend any tours when I was a child, but I collected all of the teeny bopper magazines that featured the band. One memory that I look back on fondly took place during the summer of 1998. I was decked out in a swimsuit at my backyard pool where I was reading an issue of Tiger Beat, covering details of the Albertane Tour. Although I was unable to attend, The Road to Albertane helped me to fill the void.

This Time Around was released three years later when the abuse at home got much worse. Unfortunately, I have a lot of painful memories associated with the title track of that album. But I like to remind myself that the song helped me get through a difficult time, and it is my anthem or battle song. I can picture the track overlayed on a fight scene in The Matrix or Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. This Time Around is my favourite song to hear live. It fills me with energy, and it reminds me while those experiences were painful, they made me stronger.

Throughout the years, I still collected magazines featuring the band. I even got into penpal writing where I sent magazine clippings back and forth with other fans. I registered for the MOE fanclub, and collected the official magazines. I still have all my magazine clippings, although they are sitting in storage back in Canada.

It wasn't until 2008 when I finally met Hanson. I met them several times since then. It is with regret that I think those meetings were pretty awkward because they took place before I had my epiphany about why my life was spiraling out of control. As awkward as those meetings with Hanson over the years were, they gave me the much needed validation and encouragement to pursue my dreams in Japan. For that, I'm thankful. I wish that I could reach out to Hanson to apologise about how uncomfortable those meetings were in Canada. But, I'm optimistic that they will read my story, and there's always room for atonement and second chances.

Thank you Hanson, for everything you do, and setting an example for those of us who are still working on becoming the best version of ourselves to present to the world.



Arian Kajtezovic
Zagreb, -, HR

Here is my story (as published on Mmmboptastic in 2017 - it still applies):

Ari’s Story – 20 Years with Hanson: Capturing and Shaping the Moments of My Life
August 16, 1997, Kitchener, ON, Canada

It’s Saturday. I sit with my mom in our living room, eating cereal, lounging in my pyjamas, trying to find something interesting to watch on TV. Something catches my attention, and I pause. It’s YTV – a channel on which I regularly watched my favourite show, Goosebumps. A live concert is playing and immediately, I am drawn in. Then I recognise them. It’s Hanson. I feel a sense of curiosity but also guilt. Most kids my age had a pretty strong opinion on them: you are either obsessed with them or you passionately hate them. I had dismissed them previously without really even listening to their music – I had seen and heard “MMMBop” and “Where’s the Love?” but hadn’t really given it a chance. But here I am, in my pyjamas on a Saturday morning, listening to Hanson perform live at Canada’s Wonderland. From that moment on, I was hooked.

It wasn’t long before Middle of Nowhere became the first CD I purchased – my allowance was no longer just reserved for buying Goosebumps books. I started regularly buying nearly every teen magazine and “biographical” book about them I could get my hands on. Eventually I had a white, plastic briefcase full of their posters. Anything they released officially was a special purchase though – the feeling of unpacking a new CD, VHS, or later DVD – there was nothing like it. Listing through the CD booklet as the fresh sounds hit my eardrums for the very first time – these are the feelings that stay with you for life.

Along with Hanson, I fell in love with the drums. Seeing Zac Hanson playing, (who is, as I had memorised, only 3 months and 16 days my senior) made me want to play too, and believe I might actually be able to. And so I started “air drumming” and occasionally would make drumsticks by taping 2 markers together, use chairs as snares and toms and attach a frisbee to the leg of a chair to mimic a cymbal. I started saving up to get my own drums, but as we had lived in an apartment and my allowance was not high, it would be years before I could actually get my first real drum kit.

September 30, 2000, Toronto, ON, Canada

It’s been over 3 years since I got hooked on Hanson. My parents drove a fellow fanson friend and me to Toronto. I was about to see Hanson play live for the first time in my life! Many teenagers might dream of their wedding days or the first time they have sex as the defining days in their lives, but for me, this was one of those days (and weddings or the first time having sex turned out to be a lot less important: there are many significant moments in life that end up being a lot more important than these). That concert was an experience of a lifetime – the best day of my 14-year life thus far!


2002 – 2003, Kitchener / Toronto; ON, Canada

It is 2002 and it had been quite a while since fans had heard much from Hanson. My 16-year-old self is getting interested in all sorts of music and Hanson kind of dropped from my radar for a while this year. My family moved into a house and I finally bought my first drums with the money I saved from my allowance over the years since discovering Hanson (though it wasn’t enough, so my parents paid for the difference). It is now 2003. I found out Hanson indeed hadn’t given up on music, but were actually in the process of starting their own label to release their music independently due to the declining state of the music industry! Hanson is releasing its Underneath Acoustic EP, and as soon as I heard it, I was thrilled. In October, 2013, on their Underneath Acoustic Tour I got to see Hanson play for the second time, again in Toronto, this time with my best friend who isn’t a fan herself. Though the second show could never compare to the first, it was an amazing experience that will remain with me for life.

2004 – 2011, Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina / Zagreb, Croatia; EuropeIt’s April 2004, Hanson just released their newest album, Underneath, which I am taking like a treasure with me on my move to Europe (in Bosnia and Herzegovina). In 2005, Hanson came on a tour to Europe. While I was as committed to the band as ever, I unfortunately did not have money to travel to see them play, and it would take all the way until 2011 before they came to Europe again. In the meantime, I kept up to date with all their releases, moved to Zagreb, Croatia in 2010, and by the time they came to tour in 2011, I saved up some money to catch a cheap flight to Paris, France with my partner to see them play. Not only did we get to see an incredible show from the first couple of rows, but as luck would have it, we were also both selected for a “Meet & Greet” with the band. So after 14 years of being a fan, I finally got to meet the band who has been such a big part of my life. And while it was wonderful to be able to talk to them a bit, shake their hands, thank them for their music – meeting them can’t compare to experiencing Hanson in the way I got hooked on them in the first place: hearing them play music.December, 2013 – Zagreb, Croatia / Paris, France / Rome, Italy / Milan, Italy; Europe

Luckily, it didn’t take too long after 2011 for them to come back to Europe: it’s 2013, and Hanson are doing another European tour, and this time, my two partners and I are able to see 3 shows on one tour. For a non-Hanson fan, it might sound like a lot, but for Hanson fans, it really isn’t outside what is “normal”: many fans who can afford it see multiple shows of theirs on a single tour. We wear the numbers of shows we’ve seen as badges of honour, and my 6 is relatively low in comparison to many others, especially U.S.-based fans. This tour experience was particularly special for me as I got to meet numerous fans who also went to multiple shows, with whom I’ve remained in touch since then.

It’s also great getting a feel of different venues, crowds, set-lists… In Paris, the venue made the acoustics beyond amazing – sound-wise it was the best show I had ever experienced in my life.

In Rome, the crowd was few in numbers and so the atmosphere was more intimate (though the space was too large for such a small crowd). What was also special about both these shows was the smaller pre-show for fan club members which gave us the opportunity to hear songs they don’t usually play during the regular shows, and also to have a brief Q&A with them.

In Milan, the energy of the last show on tour was just through the roof, and experiencing it from first row was an experience of a lifetime. Not to mention the incredible honour of having Zac Hanson take off the cowbell he used on his drum set on that tour and walk to the side of the stage where I was and hand it directly to me. That cowbell has been sitting atop my drum kit ever since.

February 19, 2017 – Zagreb, Croatia, Europe

Hanson and their music have been such a profound part of my life for what will be 20 years this August. You know how a smell can take you back – bringing up memories that are tied to that particular smell? Memories you didn’t even know you still had, let alone that you remembered the smell that was tied to them – yet the smell is a trigger that brings that memory back like it was yesterday. Well, for me, Hanson’s music often works the same way. Sometimes, a Hanson song comes on, and I remember the feeling I had when first hearing that song. I heard the song “Love Song” today as I was driving and I remembered the feeling of buying the single for “This Time Around” which other than the title track included “Love Song”. I remembered that CD, and the moments of listening to those two songs as a taste of the album that was yet to come. It’s often hard for me to be aware of my own feelings as I’m feeling them, and so it can certainly be difficult to remember feelings from the past, but today I vividly recalled a feeling I felt 18 years ago. Similarly, another song came on during my drive, and I remembered the exact curve in the road where I drove a few months back while that same song played. And every time I hear “Make It Out Alive” I can’t help but laugh because I remember the moment that song came on as chickens were crossing the road in front of my car and the lyric “we may not make it out alive” seemed terribly hilarious in the context. Then I remembered when I had just moved from Canada and the album Underneath had just come out and I sat in a car on a field in Bosnia on the 1st of May that year, listening to the whole album, feeling rather lonely but finding companion in these three Oklahomans I had fallen in love with years ago. Or playing the Shout It Out album on my headphones and walking to the rhythm of the upbeat songs on my way to town in Bosnia, and to classes in Zagreb to keep my mindset positive. Each album, each song is tied to so many memories. Essentially, Hanson is the soundtrack to my days: their songs are direct links to moments of my life.

I can’t talk about Hanson’s impact on my life and not talk about what I do. I’m a full-time activist and it’s a dream job. Like Hanson is passionate about making music, I am passionate about advancing human rights and trying to make the world at least a little better for us all, especially those of us who are more vulnerable and marginalised in this world. And often I feel I can connect Hanson’s music to what I do. For starters, some of their songs are directly related to activism and fighting for a cause you believe in. Also, they do some activism to complement their music: Their “Take the Walk” campaign (along with the causes they participate in privately with their families). What sticks out more in my mind, however, is that I think that not only is Hanson’s music and work compatible with my own passion for activism and human rights, I think that it is Hanson who are partly responsible for my path in life.

In a way, since that Saturday in August 1997, Hanson, along with my parents and educators, have been responsible for raising me into the person I am today. Hanson showed me passion. They showed me how to stand up for what you believe in, not losing hope, to be an optimist, to chase after your dreams – and to dream big while at it. They showed me that when you believe in something, when you want something, persistence usually pays off. And they showed me that sometimes, when you are in a broken system, you can create your own thing and push forward to get closer to achieving your dreams on your own terms. These are all lessons that helped get me to where I am today, lessons that allowed me to not wait for others to do something for me or for the communities I belong to, but to drive the change I want to see in the world.

Odd as it may be (considering age-wise they are basically my peers), Hanson are my educators, my secondary parents, my role models. Thanks for raising me well, Hanson – I don’t know how you feel, but I am pretty proud both of the inspiration and role models you have been and continue to be for me and so many others, and of how I and my life turned out, in great part thanks to your music and your influence. Thank you for being responsible for capturing as well as shaping my life over these 20 years and counting! I can’t wait for the next European tour, and exposing my partner to the wonders that are Hanson shows and everything around them, and sharing many more unforgettable years on our collective Musical Ride!



Arian Kajtezovic
Zagreb, -, HR

*2003 instead of 2013 for the Underneath Acoustic tour, and since February 2017 I've seen them twice in June 2017, and 4 times in February 2019 ;) 

Also, sorry for the formatting mistakes, forums don't allow editing. Better formatting and pictures are on the original link :) 



Imagine having to travel more than 14,000 kilometres (8700 miles) to meet someone who shares your passion for Hanson and lives 10 minutes away from you. 

That’s what happened when Emily Fuller and I found ourselves standing next to each other on a beach at Hanson’s Back to The Island event in January 2016. 

Hearing my accent, she asked where in Australia I was from. Newcastle, I said, 2.5 hours north of Sydney. 

We couldn’t believe it - so was she! 

We made plans to meet up once we got home and were soon introduced to another Hanson fan, Samantha Harvey, who had been to BTTI Mexico.

From each of us thinking we were the only Hanson fan in our city, we soon formed a network of about 10 and hold regular meet ups.

We are more than fans - we’re friends, who speak to each other every day.

Emily, Samantha and I travelled to Hanson Day 2017 together, as well as across Australia on the 2017 and 2019 tours.

We’re back at Hanson Day in 2019 and so excited to meet up with old and new friends we’ve met because of this band.

We’ve even arranged for our partners to come and meet us in Tulsa this year for Hop Jam. 

Hanson’s love for their city is contagious and now we’ve fallen in love with it too.

If anyone had told us 22 years ago that we would be travelling across the world to see Hanson perform on a tropical beach and in their hometown we would never have believed it. 

What started as a cheeky question to Taylor in 2017 about whether they would ever travel to Newcastle spawned our Bring Hanson to Newcastle campaign, complete with FB page and petition. 

It’s a bit of fun and from what we know the only campaign of its kind in the fandom.



@Arian, Re: Formatting issues. Hear, hear!



How can I explain that a song about a made up word changed my life?

I first heard MMMbop on Z100 and I was 12. I fell in love with the song and kept scanning every station just trying to find it. I knew I could always hear it on the 9 at 9 on Z100. I had to buy every Bop, BB, Teen Beat, Tiger Beat magazine for posters, at one point Hanson was my wallpaper.

If it wasn't for that song, I wouldn't be who I am today. I wouldn't have the friends I have. Most of my adult friends, came from waiting on line at shows. These songs have been there for me more than any person. There is a song for every mood and every bad day. Going to other concerts is fun, but Hanson shows, I feel at home, and that's not just because of the fans. It's because of the guys. They welcome us, they bring us through every emotion and we leave feeling better. They give us the words when we don't know how to express ourselves. 

How do I say thank you for giving me my best friends?

How do I say thank you for teaching me to believe in myself?

How do I say thank you for giving me a reason to travel the world?

How do I say thank you for teaching me to always have hope?

How do I say thank you for writing the songs that are the soundtrack to my life?

How do I say thank you for giving me a life I never would have known but would have always known that something was missing?

Thank you Isaac, Taylor and Zac for always being there for us and not giving up on us.



Jackie Boos
Roanoke, Texas, US

I became a fan back in 1997, but not in the same manner or for the same reasons as many of my peers at the time. I had heard "MmmBop" on the radio and thought it was a good song and catchy, but I wasn't immediately blown away by it and I didn't really know who sang it or what they looked like. I didn't have MTV or VH1 at my house back then, so I never really watched music videos unless I was at my grandparents' house. When I spent a week during the summer at my grandparents' house, I saw the "Where's the Love?" video for the first time. I didn't even realize that these were the same guys who sang "MmmBop." My initial thought was "Man, I love this song!" and my second thought was, "These guys are my age! How the heck did they get their own music out there?"

I started writing songs when I was around 10 or 11, and my favorite music to listen to during my teen years was Motown, Beach Boys, Beatles, Queen and Aerosmith. This was quite a bit different from the music my friends were listening to, and they just did not understand why I would want to write and play my own music. Why not just dance around to some meaningless pop ditty? 

After hearing "Where's the Love?" for the first time, I decided to find out a little more about these Hanson brothers. I found out that not only are they the same age as me, they write their own music, they play their own instruments, they listen to similar music that I do, and on top of that, they are from an area only about 4 hours away from where I grew up! I couldn't believe it! I was so inspired by these guys that I immediately became a fan for life. They inspired me to keep going with my own songwriting and piano playing, and I just wished I had the kind of commitment and drive they did to really go for it and make it a career. I signed up for the fan club, received my MOE Magazine in the mail, and finally went to my first live Hanson concert when I was about 16.

When my college years came, college life was more on my radar than really staying in tune with my songwriting or even listening to my favorite musical artists. This caused me to drift away from my Hanson fandom. Fast forward to around 2010, I heard "Thinkin' 'bout Something" on the radio, and remembered "Oh yeah! These guys are awesome!" I was now a married mother of two living in the Chicago area, so I was a far cry from how I started. I hadn't even attempted to write a song in about 10 years. 

These guys worked their muse magic, though, and I picked up my songwriting again. I re-joined the fan club again after a few more years, I am now looking forward to my third Hanson Day experience, I went to Jamaica for the first time this year, and I have been to countless concerts over the last nine years or so. In addition to re-discovering this amazing talent, I have made some lifelong friends along the way. When I went to my first Hanson Day event, I sat at a random table at the fan club dinner with two other women who I now keep in touch with on a consistent basis, and as their Hanson fan friends have expanded, so have mine. I have met so many amazing Hanson fans from all over the world. I always try to steer clear of the obviously crazy ones that are in it for more than the music, but for the most part Hanson fans are dedicated people who enjoy amazing music. We even joked that BTTI has now become just a girls' trip set to Hanson as the soundtrack.

I am really looking forward to my third Hanson Day experience this year, and I hope to attend many more concerts and other Hanson events. And my songwriting? I have started picking it up again, and I even wrote four songs while I was in Jamaica!

Thank you, Hanson, for being an inspiration to me and so many other people, and for being genuine, likeable guys. I will always be a Hanson fan for life!



Erica Woodard
biloxi, ms, US

 Hi Hanson, my name is Erica Marie Woodard and i’am from Biloxi, Mississippi. I’m 32 years old.  This is my story and documentary. When I was 11 years old. Backstreet Boys was the first guys in 1997 that caught my eyes. Then sooner or later “Hanson !” You came into my life. I once again was age 11 years old. I first seen hanson on Mtv. I seen Kurt Loder interview hanson. I remember seeing Hanson introducing themselves. Saying hi were hanson. I’m zac, I’m taylor and i’m Isaac and wer’e Hanson. Immediately. I felt so that I crushed on zac.  But, then when I saw the commercial again. I saw Taylor. And I started to have a huge crush on Taylor. I decided that’s who I wanted to keep forever as my crush and favorite.  Mmmbop became my favorite song and anthem. Hanson brought me closer to even older Hanson fans when I was younger even until the late early 2000’s.  In 1997 I was saying at the age of 11 years old that Taylor Hanson was my boyfriend and he is mines. Lol



It warms my heart to be able to share this story, probably for the 10th time through out my life, but it is something I share with anyone who asks "Why Hanson?" 

As a teenager, I held onto moments, glimpses and almost a daydream versus reality to get myself through some of the worst times in my life. The ability to get through hinges on what we can hide in when the time gets tough, and what can push us through when we need it most, when we feel like we can't anymore. Thankfully, Hanson entered my life right when I needed it, before I knew I did.

In 1997 I was tormented almost daily from my older sister, Christina, about how lame I was for liking some poppy tunes, coming from the 15 year old who blasted her Metallica whenever she got a chance. At the time I didn't understand that tastes were relative, and how dare she not accept this music. So her loud, banging hair metal bands were usually in competition to my soulful, well-produced, favorite band of siblings. She didn't recognize the art, the craft, just as much as I hadn't even tried to understand the lyrics of "Enter Sandman". How dare she not even give my band a try. I never gave up, and probably seemed more annoying than just typical sibling hard-eye-roll inducing behavior. I needed her to just listen. 

She didn't... for the good part of a year. I didn't give up though. I hammered the songs, the television appearances I recorded from the VCR, the photos in the magazines, absolutely anything to show her, flood her brain, anything... just so she can understand the connection... maybe even just a little bit, I didn't expect her to understand all of it, the borderline obsession, the song on repeat over... and over... and over... No, I just wanted her to hear it and feel the relief from life like I did. 

Our family was grieving and recovering from the lost of one of the kids, our older sister, Mandy in a car wreck in August of 1996. I held onto Hanson, their music, the album I received for my birthday in July of 1997... and I let it devour me, and take me away from the loss, the craziness that was hard for me to understand at 10-11 years old. I needed the escape. I wanted to escape with my only sister I had left. 

Christmas of 1997 was pretty valuable to me. It was the last Christmas my step dad, my mother and my sister were together in one room. It was also the Christmas my mother showered me in gifts like a hand-me-down TV with built in VCR, and surprised me with Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere, which I played on repeat (back when you have to play it, rewind it, play it again...) for all of Christmas break.

I begged Chrissy to watch it with me, after I held her against her will to watch the taped Hanson Christmas Special off of ABC. She obliged... begrudgingly. But she did... And I would glance over at her and smile during the times I thought she would too... and every once in awhile she did. Toward the end when I would get a little squirmy during the Beacon Theatre concert, I'd pick out which girls I wished I was... and how they were just so so lucky to go to this concert, and mom would never go with me, on and on I'd go... about wishing to be a part of the community I envisioned Hanson fans created amongst themselves. 

Halfway through the Beacon Theatre show she asks me, somewhat shocked: "You really like these guys don't you?" And I nodded in excitement and almost shouted "Of course!!" Then she gives me a nudge with her shoulders and says probably the most important promise I was ever given at 11 years old, "I'm going to take you to that show. Promise! I love how happy they make you."

Wow. You see, she and I always were at an age where we didn't truly embrace our differences, and found that we just wouldn't ever be close. She got into some troubled times growing up, and I was a book worm, learned how to do web design by practice, and loved a teeny bopper band she could never fully embrace. We started to grow closer after she said that magical but probably empty promise in my bedroom while watching my most favorite video from my most favorite band. We were getting close to the point where I was pretty sure she was going to move back in with us, after she had been with our father for the last four years. I  missed her... I was ready!

April 8th 1998, on Christina's 16th birthday, she came to the house, joked around a bit, and talked to my mom, and I remember she asked again about moving back in. My mother of course wanted to make sure she understood school was mandatory, and she can't be running around with the friends that seem to get her into trouble... and it seemed like she would be happier with us anyway. 

April 11th, 1998, I walked the four blocks across the train tracks from my mom's to my dad's to ask if Chrissy was going to come say hi to mom later, but as she ran out the door, I could tell she was upset at my dad. She got into the driver's side of her friend's car, waved me off, said sorry she would be back, and drove off. I waved her off, and asked what happened and my dad shrugged and said she was upset about being grounded. 

That night, while out bowling with my dad, the lady at the counter called out my name and said to get my father. He said he was up next and told me to tell the lady that he can call her back. The lady shook her head vigorously at me, when I relayed the message, and she exclaimed "No! This can't wait. Chrissy was in a car wreck!" I ran from the desk and to my dad and yelled the same thing back to him, and he wasn't there... he was blank, he wasn't responding, he was in shock... and he didn't rush like I wanted him to. He didn't run to the phone like I begged him to, he wouldn't budge... why wouldn't he go? Why wouldn't he stop? 

I ran to the bathroom, I cried, I ran to the front desk and called my mom to come pick me up... I needed to hear that everything was okay. She was good at that. She was good at telling me everything is okay even if it wasn't. Even if she didn't know. Even if she believed it wasn't okay. 

Fast forward to about 10pm that night, we saw on the news the mess of metal that was the car I saw my sister drive away with earlier that day. I broke down instantly, and ran to my room and blasted track 12, and cried under my blanket, with my head under my pillow. I bawled. I knew. I knew she wasn't okay. The news anchor couldn't give names, but one person died, and two others were injured. I felt the bad luck... I felt she wasn't okay.

Shortly after, maybe ten minutes later, my father and the police arrive to our door, and my mother told me to go back in after I crept my way past the threshold. It was at that moment I could confirm I lost my other sister. In her memory I requested With You In Your Dreams to be played at her funeral, and it was. Forever that song helps me through loss and pain, no matter the relationship.

Fast forward through the grief, my parents divorce, the trials and tribulations of life, and of course the accomplishments and excitement as well... Here I am at 32, three kiddos of my own, an incredible, selfless and loving man and best friend to call my partner through life, and I'm on my way to Hanson weekend meeting my best friend and so many other amazing people that I remember wishing I was in 1997 watching TTMON on my small 18 inch television with a built in VCR. 

Time doesn't heal everything. It helps... it's helped... and my escape... you guys... your music, the community you guys have created... that's helped tremendously. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have the memories my sister and I developed before she died months later. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have my very best friend, Jenna, who I'm so excited to see this Thursday. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have music to share with my own children, to dance to, and get excited about. To relate to, to have conversations about... to help my 14-year-old through her experiences, good and bad.

I don't want to sound cheesy, and I'm sure I will... even though the impact seems little... the little things in life just wouldn't be the same at all if it weren't for you guys. From what I listen to during a certain time of year, to the lyrics I recite when I want to remember things are going to be okay, to looking at photos and videos of friends and I having the time of our life in Tulsa Oklahoma every year.

I remember her... at every concert... and for the first time recently With You In Your Dreams was performed live at Hanson weekend. Of course I broke down and cried and felt so loved, and at home and okay... it came full circle for me. I felt healing... I felt a hello from her... and like I have been saying to Chrissy since I started going to shows that "Now I've taken you to the show." 

A lot of songs other than the timeless With You In Your Dreams has so much significance. Their songs about loss speak volumes, but of course their music about just jamming out and being in love.

One of my favorite lines recently, as I'm going through a lot of growth, as is my oldest daughter, is the "You're the perfect girl for the man I'm gonna be."  from Chasing Down My Dreams which can be heard on String Theory. I had my daughter decipher what that lyric meant for her, and I explained that not everyone is for you when you did them to be, and that's okay... you're going to be great and you can stop for no one. You need to keep chasing your dreams. 

Hanson has always had the talent to get into the issues, as well as keep it light and friendly. They open up doors to allow me to look inside myself and ask if I'm where I want to be, the girl that had hopes and dreams...

Another song that speaks volumes is I Was Born. I love how they, as fathers, incorporated their own family and they seemingly had a blast doing the video. My kiddos 14, 7 and 6 love watching them have fun, dress up and lip sync to their father's voices.

I could go on and on, but I needed to truly hit it home that this isn't just music, or a memory faded that we keep holding onto. This isn't a band who had a few hits and they're still trying to ride the wave. This isn't just an event for a weekend to hang out and party hard with everyone This is a part of life. This is a part of us. 

Their show has started communities, friendships, love, memories, relationships, passion, careers... their show is the friend you need when you have no one that understands, their show is the promise of reuniting every year with familiar faces, carrying on the torch to a new generation, and keeping the fire alive.  Their show isn't just music, people, shouting, clapping, dancing... it's all of that and more. I'd love to explain in explicit detail, but I don't think you'll understand until you're standing in line and you walk right in with the rest of us.

Isaac, Taylor, Zac...Thank you for the show. 



Andrew Winchester
Fayetteville, Arkansas, US

This last year i found out my dad has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. that day was crazy. but in my head there's nothing Love cant heal. all of Hanson's songs are my favorite. they have inspired  me so much, musically and seeing the success and the way they have sustained a beautiful  music  career this long ( a dream of mine) i will never give up even once the world has seen my musical talents, but you guys inspire me so much and "Underneath" has really helped me through all this craziness in my life right now. thanks to zac, isaac, and taylor for the inspiration and amazing music. FANSON FOR LIFE - Andrew Winchester aka 808 TiM



Erica Woodard
biloxi, ms, US

Part two to my documentary  my first time meeting you guys was back in 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m was only 25 years old. My mom was very strict back in the 90’s and we didn’t have a car. So, that was why it took me until i was 25 years old when i met  you three. I came with a map drawn of Mississippi. Since 2011. I had given the map to taylor.  I came back in 2013 for back to the island to see you three again making it my second time. I think it’s the music and shows that keeps me going including mmmbop being my favorite song since 1997. I got connected to so many fans from 1997-2019 i’m So greatful. You’re music helps me get through aniexty and depression. My mom is not a hanson fan. But, i bring her with me to the island shows.  She currently now likes fired up and i was born. And she thinks zac is handsome and very good with the drums.  Mmmbop to me has been the song that stuck with me including dying to be alive. Thank you guys for the song dying to be alive it brings out the best in someone when they are sucidial and think of harming themselves.  When i was young i gotten threaten by a hanson hater with a gun.  I have haters still that hates you three, but, i tell them you’re going by the past of hanson. But, you need to listen to the new music they have. I play a song including i was born, fired up, you can’t stop us and they are like: man, that’s hanson. I need to check them out. They sound so good and different. I’m like yeah. What you thought. They go: i thought they was going to sound like girls still. I’m like: nope. Those are entrepreneurs and businessmen’s and successfully men’s with wives and children. They strive to do what they wanted and they did. Which is great. You guys have shown a light and put an excellent path for me and others around who strive through things  that is so hard in life to reach and try hard to get our dream goals. Hanson, you taught me how to so much. This i say thank you. It did all start in a basement, gigs and mmmbop. But, you didn’t stop there. Thank you for all for what you do. I’am strong enough to break and i was born to be someone. Thanks for mmmbop and keep going. 



I like so many others became a fan in the beginning stages of Middle of Nowhere, back in 1997.  The awkward, crazy, embarrassing teen years.  It was the summer and my folks spent their free time out at the 40 finishing up building their dream cabin home.  While they worked I was at our then current home,  turned on MTV and caught the very end of MMMBop… was catchy and fun and made me smile.  I wanted to hear it again and again.  However, I didn't catch the name of the band.  This lead me to stay glued to MTV for longer than I want to admit.  But once I got the name HANSON my life would never be the same. My poor parents came back from working a long weekend day building a house, to an overexcited 14 year old that could not stop talking a new band found on tv.  HAHAHA and lucky for them they still hear about Hanson to this day as my love of the band continues to grow.

I think the best part about Hanson, besides their incredible musical talents (I mean come on who can write amazing lyrics AND the actual musical notes AND sing with fantastic voices AND be amazing humans??!!) and overall great personalities, is how they are doing what they love and letting others join along with it.  Most of the fans are pretty amazing and we unite.  It seems like everyone has the same story of the teenage torture of loving Hanson back then when it wasn't the coolest.  People were so cruel back then.  To be honest I bring it up now and people look at me shocked.  Thank goodness I've grown into being a strong woman and can handle my own.  I love what I love and that is Hanson.  They have helped me be a strong person and stand up for what I believe.

Hanson brings people together.  They helped bring me and my high school best friend together.  Chandra was the new girl our freshman year.  We got to talking and I brought up Hanson.  Rather than making fun she asked questions and listened and so began her love for the band.  We have been through our ups and downs, even lost touch for a little bit at the beginning of adulthood.  However, I'm glad to say she and I are back to being the best of friends.  I think we are awesome, and also have an awesome band to keep us entertained and young forever.

Which ties me to the end of this jumbled mess.  I love Hanson because I do.  Why we end up loving certain things over others??  I guess I cannot really explain; it's a feeling you get when you hear their song come on, it's the memories that flood your brain (like when my dad drove Chandra and I the almost 5 hours to Milwaukee to see Hanson the first time; we were so excited and he was very impressed by how good they were live---as well as how loud and ear shattering the crowd was during 'Man from Milwaukee'), the excitement you get when you hear they've announced something or you get to go to a show.

Overall, they are the band I've loved and followed since 1997 and I hope they continue to create and bring joy for many more years to come.




My Hanson story is a winding road for sure. I was 13 when MON came out and still listening to whatever my parents were. I remember hearing MMMBOP on the radio and being intriged. I was hooked about the time Where's The Love came out. Weird was the song I really connected to cause what girl at 13 doesn't feel a little bit weird or strange. When TTA came out they were no longer cute little boys but very attractive young men.

People I've talk to through the years say that after they went independent they lost track of them and I really believe that could have been me if not for the grace of God and my family (mainly my Mom). My Dad and brother drove me to some shows and had do deal with my music and fan girling but my Mom was the one who always made sure I got the latest music and some merch, went to shows whenever they were in town, and even signed me up for the fan club back towards the beginning. She always wanted to make sure we weren't listening to anything bad and I remember her saying one time that she could tell that they had good parents cause each album came with a lyric book. That was something that always stuck with me. When she passed away on Oct. 23 2008 due to complications from a heart attack (a day after Zac's birthday which even that I thought was her giving me a last bit of her love) my world was turned upside down. I had a ticket for a show a few weeks later and even though I don't really remember what they played I do remember being there and being comforted by a constant in a new world unfamiliar to me.

Even my Hanson friends have been placed in my life in awesome ways. My friends Cindy and Steve and myself have all worked at the same place at one time. That is how Cindy met Steve and how I met Steve later on. I actually met Cindy through my brother. They met in a collage class they were both taking and bonded over other bands and events. My newest friends (Jordy and Kinsey) we met last year at Hanson Day at our table for Game Night and went to BTTI with. I've been to two Hanson Days (2019 will be my third) and just went to my first BTTI this past year which was like a bucket list item for me. I have and will always wear Hanson on my sleeve! Can't wait to see where this band takes me in the future!




After reading so many of your stories I still feel like such a newbie!

I discovered Hanson in October of 2013! I saw them on the show "Cupcake Wars." Yup. That's where it all started for me, lol. I was obviously impressed because I looked them up to check out their music after watching the show. I was hooked instantly. I recognized "MMMBop" (I was 6 in 1997 so I must have heard it at some point in my life). I think the thing for me is I have absolutely no stereotype on Hanson. I had no idea who they were before I discovered them so I could appreciate their music with no judgment or pre-conceived notion (no jokes about their hair and high voices, etc.). I only have love and deep respect for them. And I'm so happy for them! You can see how far they have come and it has been through years of consistent hard work and remaining true to themselves. Not many "stars" in Hollywood can say the same thing, I'm almost positive about that! The smartest thing Hanson ever did was not move to LA!  

Hanson's music is special. It has a way of "speaking" my emotions for me. I will never forget the first time I heard their song "Strong Enough to Break." The words felt so personal to me. Like they were written just for me. To me, that song is all about overcoming. It has given me strength and courage many times over the years. I have a lot of fears and anxieties. I suffer with mental health illness. So many of Hanson's songs have given me a voice. I struggle to know how to express myself. I was just listening to their song "Weird" the other day and thought how perfectly it describes my anxiety disorder because my anxiety has always made me feel weird and different. "When you live in a cookie cutter world being different you can't win. So you don't stand out but you don't fit in." That line has always blown me away! How did those young kids think of something like that!? It's such deep, intense stuff. They have always been beyond their years.

I'm grateful that Hanson has always remained true to themselves. They haven't allowed others to change or influence them. I am so happy I found them. Their music really speaks to me on another level. I have only ever attended one Hanson Day event (2017) and that is where I saw them live for the first time. They were amazing and I want to see them again! I think they are for sure a band you have to see live! Take your friends and family who don't "get" why you love Hanson so much to a live show and I'm sure they will begin to understand why. 

Reading the stories of other fans and their connection to Hanson, it is clear to me that they are so much more than just a band. They are an inspiration. I love that they are different and unique. What they do for their fans is different. Their music is different. Hanson are a HUGE inspiration to me. They inspire me to dream big! They make me want to believe in myself and go after my goals and dreams! And they make me believe that I actually can. They have proven that hard work pays off and success comes in all shapes and sizes. That happiness is found in doing what you love with the people you love. To take the road less traveled. To take risks, because sometimes they pay off. Their positivity and genuine love for what they do are so refreshing and inspiring to see. Their passion helps fuel the fire of my own passions! They fill me with an excitement and optimism that I haven't felt since I was very young. They bring out that inner child in me and I am so grateful for that! I limit myself far too often because of my doubts and fears and challenges. Hanson tells me that I can do it! That "I was born to do and go and be" someone unlike anyone has ever been! That I matter and am important and have a place and role in this world. They remind me to "hold onto to the ones who really care" because "in the end they're the only ones there." I hope Hanson never, ever stops what they do because my soul feeds off their passion, creativity and energy! I love them. 

It is rare you come across a band like Hanson. And I'm so happy I did!! Hanson has given me a voice when I didn't have one. 



I was introduced to Hanson thru my daughter, she liked the music, I loved it!! Ive been a huge fan since then 2001. When I tell people I'm going to a Hanson concert or Tulsa, they can't believe Hanson is still around. Well yes they are, they endure because they are profound storytellers, musicians and have a dedicated fanbase. They do so much for their fans, free concerts, door to door Christmas carols, crazy videos, meet and greet etc.. They are truly appreciative and grateful for fans as we are truly appreciative and grateful for the music they have made and continue to make. Don't ever stop! When I feel down or things just aren't going well just a little Hanson and the world is right again!! Thank you Issac, Taylor and Zac for just being you.



I was 13 when Middle of Nowhere was released and I embarked on this amazing musical ride along with so many other fans. Hanson's music has truly been the soundtrack to my life and I'd like to highlight two areas where my love for the band has had a profound impact: family and the wonderful memories created through travel.

I went to my first concert in my hometown of Montreal, QC Canada on June 20th 1998. Over the course of the following year, my parents drove me to Albertane Tour concerts in Toronto, ON and Harrisburg, PA, usually taking turns attending the concerts with me. Fast forward 20+ years and I was heading to Buffalo, NY with my husband and parents to attend Hanson's show at Starry Night in the Garden. I have lost track of the number of Hanson concerts I have attended (probably well over 100), but I have been to shows all over North America as well as Jamaica and have attended those shows with my parents and or husband and friends. Now, as a 35 year old mom married mom of two girls, I get tears in my eyes thinking about how amazing my parents were for driving m 10+ hours to take their teenage daughter to a concert. They nurtured my love for this music and, in retrospect, I realize that it’s likely because they say how happy it made me and what a positive force it was in my life. My elderly parents now reminisce fondly about our travel experiences, even if at the time they thought it was a l little crazy, and tell me that there are so many cities and places they never would have seen if it weren't for my love of Hanson! I am passing this love of music on to my children. My 4 year old daughter attended the Ottawa Bluesfest show with us last year and both my daughters (the youngest now only 4 months old) have heard Hanson's soulful live sound from inside my belly. 

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Isaac during the photo session at a very special Hanson Day celebrating the band's 25th anniversary. I mentioned to him that Hanson and their music is special to so many fans because it really is one of the greatest sources of continuity in our lives. Other than my family and my best friend, nobody/nothing has been a constant source of joy in my life for 20+ years! This truly is such a rare and precious thing to find, particularly in these fast-paced, social-media driven times where preferences and loyalty can shift in a heartbeat. Hanson and their music have been there through my highest highs and lowest lows and continue to be a source of joy and wonderful experiences. I am forever grateful to this band and the amazing memories associated with it. I look forward to continue dancing to "I was Born" in my living room with my daughters and many more musical adventures!!



Meaghan Huras
Waterloo, ON, CA

For an outsider looking in onthe Hanson fandom, I suppose our dedication might appear unique…but I’d neverreally thought of it in those terms. For me, after 20+ years as a fan, it justIS. When I stop to think about it, I think it’s the fact that it’s always beena reciprocal relationship between Hanson and their fans that has kept our sparkalive all these years.

The appreciation that the guys havewith their fans, and the mutual connection we share was confirmed for me duringan interaction with Isaac a few years ago at Hanson Day weekend.

During the group photo event,fans were being quickly shuffled through in groups to get their photos with theband (side note - how awesome are they for standing there for hours while theymade it through everyone!). When it was time for my group to go, it was a blur asusual, until suddenly Isaac stopped me as I was walking away and said he hadsomething he wanted to tell me.

OMG -I couldn’t believe it. Something to tell ME? Despite the rushed situation, hetook the next few minutes to tell me how he had recently seen me in footagefrom a TV interview from the year 2000. When he recognized me in thevideo, he said he was struck by the dedication of fans like me who are stillshowing up today, especially since that footage was approaching what would be a tumultuous period asa band on the brink of going independent. 

Stillin shock, I shared that I’ll always be along for the ride, and that I was sograteful for all the thought and energy that goes into organizing events likeHanson Day, not to mention all the other above-and-beyond things they do for us. Thisgenuine interaction, and the fact that he made a point of sharing this with me,  really spoke to how meaningful the fan-band connection is to them.

Thismoment will stick with me forever and I have no doubt that I’ll always been an engagedpart of this community, not only because I love this band, the friendshipsI’ve made along the way, etc…but because I know they WANT me to be. This hasalways been a two-way street. 



Carrie Gilbert
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA

I am not able to attend Hanson Day, but I wanted to share my story. 

I discovered the guys in the summer of 1997 through my brother. I was born with cerebral palsy and was almost 12...just at that stage where I was becoming more self-conscious of my differences. Hanson's music made me feel so much more than any other music I have ever heard in my young life. Songs like 'Weird' helped me to feel less alone in the world. Over the years, they were my constant when so much else came and went in my life. 

This is something I wrote to celebrate my 20 years with them in 2017:

"I always knew we would last. Thanks for never leaving my side on the journey, for it would be so very different without you. Because of you, I continued writing past the age of 13. As a result of following the example of your giving spirits, you were the reason I believed I could give back and become a volunteer. Through every difficult chapter, your songs were my light through the darkness, and your wise words somehow exactly what I needed to hear. The lyrics you write have always brought a profound sense of understanding of and clarity in my life...something that still defies explanation. I don't even have words for the kindness and compassion you have granted me in each of our personal exchanges. Your souls are alight with a passion such as I have never seen anywhere else. No, I am not one bit surprised that you are still thriving and living what you love, but I continue to be astounded by this magical connection we all share. You are my constant star that never wavers...and I'll follow you forever. "  

These boys, despite their status, possess the rare gift of remaining gracious, humble, caring and compassionate. If you have been in their presence, you know the light they emit—one that could only be born of the gift they possess and their undying passion to share it. The words they have shared with me personally only further attest to their incredible hearts. “I wish you peace that defies understanding.” (Isaac) Hanson, you are my beautiful dream and I trust that whatever you decide to take on next will be nothing short of breathtaking.

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