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We have expressed many times how grateful we are for the unique connection we have with you as music fans. In fact, we believe our connection is unparalleled and meaningful compared with the average artist in both directions (let’s be honest, you guys are just really awesome). Apparently, we are not the only ones who recognize that. A few months ago, our good friends at Steelehouse Productions (right here in Tulsa) proposed the idea of  creating a special immersive documentary short to honor that relationship - and they need your help.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac 

For years, I have known the Hanson guys as fellow creatives in Tulsa. Each of us striving to create great work and also stay connected to our roots. With an awareness of the creativity and unique business model they have implemented (and doing a bit of fun work together from time to time), I developed a deeper curiosity as I have observed the exciting and dynamic connection between artist and fan that is not only sustained, but is growing. As the band heads into the busy HANSON Day and Hop Jam week, we asked if  if they would allow us to lean in closer and use storytelling paired with innovative immersive technology to produce a special short documentary. They gave the idea a resounding yes, so we need your Help! 
Steelehouse will be all over during the 2019 HANSON Day activities and Hop Jam festival capturing footage for a Virtual Reality Documentary about YOUR STORIES and the connection YOU have to the music of HANSON. Our hope is to interview as many of you as time and festivities permit, so we’re interested to know your stories ahead of time.
Take a few minutes to hop onto the comment section attached to the recent blog and share what makes the Hanson fan experience unique. We would love any fun or meaningful story. The friends you have discovered in this community. The songs that have become inextricably linked to your greatest memories. The lyrics that helped you through life's toughest moments. The interaction with the band that brought you true community. Get as personal as you want. Our team and Steelehouse will choose several key stories to become on-camera interviews. We look forward to hearing from you - and we can't wait to see you for HANSON Day NEXT WEEK! 


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In the fall of ’97 I was home from college for fallbreak.  I saw Hanson for the first timewatching the World Series in my parents living room.  I had only heard them sing the NationalAnthem, but I bought their album.  I tooksome heat in college for liking Hanson. That didn’t deter me.  When ThisTime Around came along; I had graduated and was living on my own.  I went to four shows and other fans called methe “travelling girl”.  They have all outtravelled me by now.  I’ve continued togo to multiple shows per most tours. With exceptions to the years when I had my children. 

If not for Hanson I wouldn’t be an OKC Basketball fan.  I wouldn’t own a Westbrook jersey or sport hisshoes.  I think I’d still be a sufferingNYK fan.  (I might even want you know whoto become a Knick this summer).  Hansonhas helped me train for multiple marathons by accompanying me with their musicon long runs.  I just bought the newGarmin Forerunner 245 Music.  I’vealready dubbed mine the “Garmin Forerunner 245 Hanson Music”.  My favorite part of being a fan now is whenmy kids sing along to their music while we drive around to various appointmentsand sports practices.  Or when my kids weartheir Hurts Doughnuts t-shirts to Target and people ask us if we are fromTulsa. 



Nina Rae Parpana

I first discovered Hanson in 1997, much like everyone elsedid. It also happened to be the same year that my parents moved us to a newcity in California, about 80 miles away from where I had spent the 7 out of my10 years of existence at that point. I struggled a bit making new friends at mynew school, but joining the school choir helped me link up with who would be mybest friends at that new school.

I can’t remember exactly where I was the first time that Iheard MMMBop, but I remember thefirst time I learned about Hanson as a band. During the school book fair, whileI was pouring over the selections with my new friends, I discovered a band ofkids my age that were making it big in music. Having also just discovered mypassion and knack for singing in school, I was instantly intrigued. I picked upon their music, started following the band’s journey, and decided that yearthat I also wanted to be a musician. Hanson was at their peak duringthis time, so it wasn’t hard finding friends that listened to them too.

After a short year settling into my first new school, I wasagain uprooted to a new school, just in time for those dreaded junior highyears. I wanted to keep doing music, so I joined the school choir. To mydismay, very few in junior high at my K-8 Catholic school did, and the onesthat did were labelled nerds. One day at lunch, in the first month or so of theschool year, still trying to navigate the cliques and trying to find a friendgroup of my own, I sat with a couple of the more “popular” kids and we talkedabout music. To this day, I will never forget how their noses turned up when Imentioned that I liked the band Hanson. “Don’t tell people that you listen tothem; no one here likes them.” To be 11 years old, at a new school, and feelinglike every part of who you were was not going to fit in… it was a little bit devastating.

Later that school year, I received an unofficial biographyabout Hanson for my 11th birthday. This was March 1999. I tore into that bookthe second I unwrapped it and read it cover to cover multiple times. As I readand reread that book, one of the things that stuck out most to me was theirjourney to getting signed to a major record label. As Hanson fans, we all knowthe story: doors slammed in their faces multiple times for being too young, toopop, too this and not enough of that. Over time, through the rest of thatschool year and into that summer, that part of their story stuck with me. Thisgroup of kids that was just like me (or so it seemed at the time) never gave upand never surrendered their values and dreams, even when the odds were stackedagainst them. I started paying attention to their lyrics more. I actuallylooked into what MMMBop meant, andrealized the song was more than a catchy hook to a made-up word. The song thatprobably drummed up the biggest reaction out of me was Weird. In ways that I can’t even put into words to this day, Weirddescribes everything about the journey I’ve taken through discovering who I amas a person, and helped me proudly own who I was at a really young age.

From that next school year on to this day, I wore the Hansonfandom like a badge of honor. I was pretty mercilessly teased about it thatyear, and sometimes am still as an adult of 32 years, but I own it now. I ownthe fact that Hanson is my band because of the journey and relentlessness thatthey’ve shown over the past 27 years. I’m proud of who I am as a fan becausethe band stands for everything that I strive to be as my own person. I was oncetold to be ashamed of and hide my love for this band, so I went and did theopposite, which is what I feel like they did when it came to all those years ofrejections and being told they weren’t enough.

Being a Hanson fan has gotten me through some of my life’smost challenging moments. Each album they’ve released since Middle of Nowhere has earmarked majormilestones in my life. Junior high, high school, college, post-grad, untiltoday. Each of their albums has a direct association with a memory of some distinctmoment in my journey thus far. I traveled alone cross-country for the firsttime for Hanson back when Anthem wasreleased. I’ve made connections to some amazing people that I never would haveotherwise met had it not been for incessantly following them on tour since2000. Most importantly, their struggles and their journey have spoken to me andinspired me in ways that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to succinctly describe. I owe a lot of who I am and what I’vebecome as a person to Hanson.

During the Middle ofEverywhere tour two years ago, Taylor made a comment onstage right beforeintroducing MMMBop. He thanked thecrowd for continuing to follow the band for the 20 years since the song hadcome out, and dedicated the song to “anyone that had ever taken **** for beinga Hanson fan.” It was that moment, when all those years of the mercilessteasing and the frustrations of explaining to people why this band meant somuch to me, finally felt understood by the source. They’ve always acknowledgedhaving the greatest fans in the world, but him speaking those specific wordsfinally completed the connection.

This year will be my first Hanson Day experience in Tulsa. I’veheard so many wonderful things about what this weekend means to people, and Iam so excited to finally get to share a part of it. Ever since I was 10 years old,I wanted to visit Tulsa to see where it all took root. It’s seems all too appropriatethat, for me, it’ll be 20 years since I made the conscious decision to stop hidingwho I am as a fan and embrace it for everyone to see. I’m not entirely sure ofwhat to expect, but I’m excited for what’s to come and what is waiting for me whenI get there!



Gretchen Yoes
Fort Smith, Arkansas, US

When I was twelve, my best friend since 3rd grade brought me over to her house, brimming with excitement about the new cd she had gotten. I learned that, like me, these three boys from Tulsa grew up on the 50's and 60's, rock and roll and Motown. We danced and sang along many times afterwards to the first Hanson cd of many, Middle of Nowhere. We had slumber parties and watched Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere after I had gotten it, squealing with delight when our favorite songs were played and laughing many times because these guys were just as goofy as us when they had fun. We taped the Christmas special when Clinton was in office, and laughed when they appeared on Saturday Night Live and made fun of their own hit single. Years later, after she had taken down the hundreds of posters and we had learned how to play music together ourselves, we lost touch for the most part. However, nothing prepared me for the friends I would continue to find who shared not only my love of the music, but the increasing admiration I would feel for the various causes Hanson would support as a band and as individuals.

Independence from the way music was sold and a resurgence of creativity, the way music SHOULD be made helped me realize the dedication of artists and I joined a local artist group, finding my own niche as a writer. The Walk took me out of my own shoes and helped me walk in the knowledge that there is something greater and more deserving than myself. Food on the Move may have started after I first supported my local homeless community, but it was wonderful to know that Hanson still cared for more than just money or music, for humanity.

Time and time again, I have been impressed by the support and love found in this group of fans. We are all fans of the music, but growing up alongside this band has fostered a kind of family to go back to, with all the quirks that go with it. Our teenage ways have softened a bit, and we are more happy to talk to the guys rather than scream at them, which is a fantastic thing to have, the ability to walk alongside them during Walks and walk by them and wave in passing acknowledgement when we randomly cross paths. I have made friends who span countries, who I always hope to see and catch up with, sharing the music if nothing else.  I know a lot of people don't get it, but my fellow fans can always relate, and this family from Tulsa is more than any fan could ask for.



Candie Stinebring
Apple Valley, Ca, US

And to add to my previous post. I have been a fan since 97, but that particular story started in 2010 just forgot to add that in there



Growing up I was always shy and quiet and did not have many friends. Schools as hard for me. In 1997 I became a fan of Hanson and always had their music. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder/aspergers. I never had anyone to hang out with besides my parents or family. As a teenager my mom would go to Hanson concerts with and concerts have always been my happy place and have always been a place where I experience the most joy. As I got older I still went to concerts with my mom. When I went away to college it was extremely difficult and I had to finally use the phone to talk to my mom, in college I went to my first Hanson concert alone where I had finally gotten to meet them after many years of becoming a fan and I had the terrifying task of having to interview them, it was one of the most life changing events and after the concert zac gave me his drumsticks. In line for that concert I made friends, and from that moment on I was not afraid to go to concerts alone, eventually I have made tons of friends at concerts which was always hard for me to do. We bond over the same music and band. Ever since I started making friends at concerts I have travelled all over the world by myself and with new and old friends, something I never thought I would be able to. Growing up with depression, anxiety and being on the autism spectrum I truly have to thank hanson for helping me become extremely more outgoing and fearless. Two years ago I got up on the karaoke stage and sang a song BY MYSELF (with help from Isaac). In high school and college having to public speak gave me huge anxiety and I wouldn’t even be able to talk and was extremely quiet. Now I am loud and not afraid of what someone thinks of me and am proud to be different and on the autism spectrum. I enjoy being a positive influence for anyone growing up and I know mentor autistic girls. Thank you hanson for helping me succeed in college and life due to your concerts and music. To some people you may be just another band, but to me you helped shape me as a person. I WAS BORN TO DO, TO GO, TO BE AWESOME. And thank you for allowing to experience so many different cities and make SO MANY FRIENDS.



Growing up I was always shy and quiet and did not have many friends. Schools as hard for me. In 1997 I became a fan of Hanson and always had their music. When I was 13 I was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder/aspergers. I never had anyone to hang out with besides my parents or family. As a teenager my mom would go to Hanson concerts with and concerts have always been my happy place and have always been a place where I experience the most joy. As I got older I still went to concerts with my mom. When I went away to college it was extremely difficult and I had to finally use the phone to talk to my mom, in college I went to my first Hanson concert alone where I had finally gotten to meet them after many years of becoming a fan and I had the terrifying task of having to interview them, it was one of the most life changing events and after the concert zac gave me his drumsticks. In line for that concert I made friends, and from that moment on I was not afraid to go to concerts alone, eventually I have made tons of friends at concerts which was always hard for me to do. We bond over the same music and band. Ever since I started making friends at concerts I have travelled all over the world by myself and with new and old friends, something I never thought I would be able to. Growing up with depression, anxiety and being on the autism spectrum I truly have to thank hanson for helping me become extremely more outgoing and fearless. Two years ago I got up on the karaoke stage and sang a song BY MYSELF (with help from Isaac). In high school and college having to public speak gave me huge anxiety and I wouldn’t even be able to talk and was extremely quiet. Now I am loud and not afraid of what someone thinks of me and am proud to be different and on the autism spectrum. I enjoy being a positive influence for anyone growing up and I know mentor autistic girls. Thank you hanson for helping me succeed in college and life due i to your concerts and music. To some people you may be just another band, but to me you helped shape me as a person. I WAS BORN TO DO, TO GO, TO BE AWESOME. And thank you for allowing to experience so many different cities and make SO MANY FRIENDS and all my best friends!



Brenda O'Connor
London, Ontario, CA

Since discovering the band in 1997 - I have used Hanson as reason to travel and discover the world!  Have been to cities, states and countries I never would have gone to if it were not for Hanson (New York City, Boston, Orlando, Toronto, St. John (NB), Summerside (PEI), Halifax (NS) and Runaway Bay (Jamaica).  I've met wonderful friends from all over the world.  Yes, I would sleep with a stranger for Hanson  ;)  As a fan of the "senior 50+ age group"  I appreciate the joy I feel when listening & watching them play during a show.   Even though there's 1,440 Minutes in a's incredible how fast the years have flown by...Hanson will be with us forever because of the gift of music, etched forever in our minds and hearts...



When  you have a near death life altering experience, it provides new meaning to “Hold on to the ones  who really care”!



For 22 years we have had three amazingly talented and humbleindividuals that have never let us down and taught us how to be genuinely goodpeople.  We were vulnerable children thatfell for a band that we would spend the next two decades dedicating our savingsto, listening to, defending, and supporting with every ounce of our being.  Being a Hanson fan taught me at a young age tostand up for what I love even if it wasn’t the most popular choice at thetime.  Spending every dime on magazines,albums, concert tickets, and every other piece of memorabilia I could get my handson kept me from spending it on choices that would’ve taken me down a completelydifferent path in life. We have all experienced so many life changes, good andbad, but the one always positive constant is Hanson.  We have all been let down by people we love,but we can always count on Hanson showing up and sharing new ideas thatbrighten our lives. They may always be late or ‘on Hanson time’, but we knowthey will be there and that’s more than the most of us can say about the peoplewe have let in close to us over the years.  I often have people tell me that they wishthey had something in their life that made them light up like I do when I talkabout new adventures involving Hanson.  We could never truly make others understand, butI’m so thankful for the instant friendships that I’ve made and the bond that wewill forever share. I’m forever grateful that I have been able to experiencethe wonderful and unique fandom of Hanson.  



Valerie Wild
Lannon, WI, US

I fell in love with Hanson from the very beginning in 1997. In the beginning of that year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Although I was still a big fan of them, I did fall away after the release of "This Time Around" album. They were not played much anymore on the radio. I occasionally listened to my "Middle of Nowhere" cassette tape. Years later, which was 2011, I was in a very dark place in my life which was so bad that I just wanted it to end. One day I was at my computer just thinking what ever happened to Hanson. I brought up YouTube and discovered that Hanson never went away. Ever since that day, Hanson was back in my life and I am so glad Hanson was still making music. I discovered all the songs and albums I missed over the years. A song really stood out to me and I listened to it over an over until I knew the lyrics by heart. The song was "Dying to Be Alive". This song had such powerful lyrics that I can truthfully say that Hanson saved my life. Part of a lyric in that song says, "You only live once and never look back again". (I now have the title of that song and partial lyric with their symbol tattooed on my right forearm.) I thought about that hard and finally decided that my life needed to change. I'll be honest it was hard but that song and many others helped me through each day and stay ALIVE! I was always interested in music from the age of 5. My mom had me in organ and accordion lessons. Later I took piano and flute lessons too. I was always in choir through high school. I never attended college though because life "got in the way". I am an older fan, so at the age of 37, I decided I wanted to go to college for music and I did. I graduated in 2014 and learned so much. I focused on vocal training. In one of my performance classes we were each asked to pick a song for our group to perform so I chose "Give a Little". People were skeptical at first but I showed them the video and they were all for it. I am a pretty shy person and still do find it hard to sing in front of people and perform. Last year though I was picked for Karaoke at Hanson Day and had the time of my life up there singing. (Side note: and the tablet broke so there were no lyrics up there. I knew most of them but the audience was super helpful.) I share my love for the band with most everyone I meet and have meet many new friends because of them. I've since then got to meet the guys many times and was chosen as reporter on the R&R Tour. That was a wonderful experience. Hanson is the most kindhearted people I've ever met. They take the time to really listen to what you have to say. I thank Isaac, Taylor, and Zac for saving my life through their music.



I think when you hear music that speaks to you, its felt deep in you almost like love at first sight. This is how it was for me with Hanson. I am a bit older that some fans. I believe I was around 28 when Hanson first put out MMMBop so one of the screaming little girls I was not but **** good music is **** good music so I have been a fanson from day one and never faltered. I have to admit I did love when my daughter Myia was old enough to attend her first concert with me so it looked like I was just taking her. I was a bit tired of looking like a old lady stalker. ha ha. My daughter is a huge fanson now too and we have done many concerts together. When she joined the Airforce last year I had to go to my first string theory concert without her so I made a fat head of her and took it with me. I had Taylor and Zac say hi to her on video with the fat head of her, It was so great. I do have a funny story to share. One time I was at a gas station and the attendant looked in my car when he was grabbing my card to take payment and he saw a Hanson CD and he said HANSON WOW I haven't thought about those guys for years. I didn't even know they had a CD out. I said what do you mean just one CD? Then I proceeded to pull out like 5 more CD's to show him. he laughed. It was a great moment. I for sure schooled him on being a fanson! I also own a hair salon and last Christmas I did the 12 days of Christmas for my employees and this is what I did on my first day. On the first day of Christmas my favorite boss gave to me a Hanson Christmas CD! I gave everyone the new Hanson Christmas CD. I had 10 employees. It was awesome! They got a kick out of it and everyone is now enjoying what have always loved. #foreverafanson 



Rachelle Owen
Detroit, MI, US

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac:

My first Hanson show was in Detroit in 1998. I was SOnervous. My mom came with me and a few other friends and sat behind us. Youguys were tiny little specks from our nosebleed seats that probably emptied myparents' wallets. This would come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but Iwas a very anxious kid who never really let go. But on this night, I danced andsang to every song--it was my first concert, my first experience feeling trulyfree.

Last winter during “Breaktown” in Toronto, my 70th-ishHanson show, I really tried to take myself back to being 12 and where I was asa kid, sitting in my room, listening to that little orange CD (and then thebrown one, the blue one, and the red one ...) and finding so much hope andcomfort and everything in Taylor's voice. As an adult, I really see clearly whata mess everything was back then, but it was the beginning of a relationshipwith your band that that has just never stopped saving me. That's the only wayI can phrase it.

As a kid, listening to that orange CD, I was an only childin an abusive home with alcoholic parents. They both later died before I turned22, leaving me a damaged teenager and then an anxious, depressed adult. By myearly twenties, I had lost almost everything in my life—but I never lost you.Even two decades after my very first Hanson show in 1998, I still hang on tothe same songs, the same voices, the same melodies, to get through the hardestdays. It’s because of you that so many of us have found the strength to go on.I’ve often been asked by others how I survived through the life I’ve had, fullof loss, trauma, and fear. I used to say I didn’t know, but in recent years,it’s become clear: It’s because of your band, it’s because of this relationshipwith your music that has always been there for me. It’s where we get lost and found:where we hide when we need to get away, where we find comfort in the darkest oftimes, and where we find inspiration to get back up again. I’ve said thisbefore and it really is true: When you walk out on to that stage and I’m therein the front row, you’re like old friends. It’s the craziest thing.

A few years ago, I got a silly Mmmbop tattoo on my leftwrist. Most people laugh when they see it. But they don’t see what’s under it.Some of the darkest moments in my life are tucked away under Mmmbop. I put itthere strategically: To remind me that there’s this intense happiness out therethat makes everything else fade away. There are these three men who make musicthat has lifted me, spoke to me, saved me. To remind me that sometimes, life isworth living—and other times, that there’s something to look forward to,something to keep going for: like the way it feels inside to see the mostimportant band of my life live.  Every single time, I still feel free. 

I am so endlessly grateful for every moment I’ve gotten tospend with your music. That little girl in the nosebleed seats had no idea thatin 21 years, she would follow her favorite band to different countries andcities all over America, and get the chance to make some amazing friendshipsalong the way. There have been dark days, but you have given her light—and I’mso glad she stuck around. <3 



Shannan Johnson
Arlington, TX, US

I remember the first time I heard about Hanson was from my mom. It was 1997, not too long after Middle of Nowhere came out and we were at my all time favorite store (because it had a section for parents to drop off their kids to play video games) and my mom said “I heard about this band with 3 brothers who all play their own instruments. I was intrigued. She found the CD for me and I listened to the sample and was immediately hooked! So much depth in most of their songs and of course some silliness as well. Being a fan has also led me to some incredible friendships, including my best friend Niki who I met in high school in drama class. One of us was wearing a T-Shirt and we became immediate best friends and inseparable! And through the years I have met more and more people who are fans and become friends with them. It’s like we became part of a family.

Their songs have helped me out of some difficult times in life, through break ups, deaths, and fights. Their music has brought me so much joy as well! And Now I have been able to share Hanson music with my kiddos, Catherine who is 4 And says her favorite band is Hanson and she requests we play them in the car on an almost daily basis and Henry who will be 2 in July and he sings with them. 

I admire their hard work they put into everything they do! They have been such an amazing example for Catherine as she takes piano, swim, and Irish dance. She asked me just the other day if Hanson practices every day and I said absolutely! So now she has been so motivated to practice it all! Even though she really doesn’t want to play piano, she wants to play violin, but she sees the work ethic of our favorite band and it has motivated her! I appreciate them even more for that! 

I would also love to say something about how amazing I think their wives are! They are who motivate me! Their husband are gone for long periods of time and when Nikki, Kate, and Natalie aren’t traveling with them they are busting their butts at home, taking care of their children, the house, and everything else they do. They are amazing to be doing all that while their husbands are being screened at by a bunch of females lol. 

I truly love what Hanson has done for themselves, their families, and their fans. They are talented, sweet, and truly caring! The amount of good they do in their community and other astounds me! Thank you guys, the wives, and the children for all do and all you sacrifice for us fans!



Traci Brown
Morgantown, West Virginia, US

First, Hanson helped create friend connections with friends at school. They also helped me create a deeper relationship with my mom because we shared a love for the music.  We enjoyed going to the shows together.  They were great experiences. Then, I created lifelong friendships with people from all over as we shared a passion for the same thing. Some of these friendships I still maintain today, years later. In 2014, my mom tragically and unexpectedly passed away. It’s been rough but I had a really hard time bringing myself to see Hanson live again. When I finally saw them again in Pittsburgh and heard With You In Your Dreams, it was very bittersweet.  I was brought to tears but I really felt like things were going to be all right. Music is healing. 



Claudia Bernedo
Perth, WA, AU

Hanson has helped me at 2 stages in my life.

First when they just came out I was growing up in Peru and my parents had just separated. I felt pretty torn between my two parents and quite uneasy with the teenage rebellion and hormones. Their hopeful songs made sense to me even before I understood the lyrics. Their music gave me something else to focus on and I became very good at speaking English. So much so that somehow I am now an Australian citizen. The lyrics to With you in your dreams always made me cry even though I hadn't yet lost anybody significant in my life. That's how powerful that song was to me. The other songs just gave me pure joy.

After "This Time Around", I moved to France with my mum's new family and I lost touch with the band's updates. I just assumed they had stopped playing and I turned my teenage angst to Marilyn Manson, Megadeath, Korn and others. Through my teens and early twenties I went through life surviving challenges in between anxiety and depression periods with no real relief. I got married young and divorced young. Moving to Australia, I fell in love and got married again this time into a relationship that turned out to be mildly abusive and draining. But I didn't want to be a failure again, I didn't want to divorce again. I was in the search of some joy and started googling their songs to listen to them again and i found out they had still being playing all those years. So much joy. It was like catching up with an old friend as if no time had passed. Their new songs didn't disappoint and I was very impressed by the men they had become. And their values seemed to align with mine again. Somehow after so many years we were finding each other again and they were just about to come to Perth in 2017 for their "Middle of Everywhere" tour like a miracle. At that concert, I found myself crying and happy at the same time. I found in me the little girl I thought I had lost. I felt that was I still the same happy girl and that I deserved to be treated well and to have a good life. It filled me with so much hope and appreciation. Two months later I separated from my husband. I didn't realise any of this correlation until this year getting ready for my second Hanson Day. I started feeling some inner peace in the anticipation of catching up with all my new friends and feeling the energy of the crowd at the concerts. This whole experience, so new to me, makes me feel empowered, free to do what I want, worthy of following my gut and making my own decisions despite the fact that most people around me can't relate to any of it. Hanson brings me joy, brings me peace, brings me to kind, trustworthy, reliable, generous souls that I will cherish for life :)



My story with Hanson begins a little later than for others. Allthough I also had a poster of the young, long haired Mmmbops above my bed, it wasn’t until years later that my story with Hanson began. When I was 15 years old, my friend burned a CD (remember burned CD’s?) with the song I Will Come To You on it,  a song she had randomly chosen. We listened to the CD on her discman and every time this song would come on I would start to wonder... what ever happened to Hanson? Some weeks later I decided to try and find them on the great internet. After a few random searches (,, ect) i finally  reached this website. It was 2004 and had this thing were when you logged on to the webpage, Penny and Me would automatically start to play on the speakers. The second I heard that song, the harmonies slammed into my body. It was like taking a bullet to the chest. I had heard music before, you know, like.. in my ears. But I had never FELT it before in my body and soul like that. It was both wonderful and painful at the same time, and I just wanted MORE! So I kept logging in and out of for the entire day just to make that short half minute of Penny and Me start again and again. Hanson’s music opened my world. First with their unique harmonies and later (shortly after) with their wonderful lyrics. 

Around the same time as this happened, I had reached a critical point in my life. It had been a hard one. Maybe I was searching for something to help me, or to distract me from all the bad things in my life. . I was going down a bad slope and desperately needed an escape. It could have been drugs. It could have been self harm. Instead, because of that seemingly random log in at, it was Hanson. And I will be forever grateful!!! 



When my Hanson journey started in 1997, I found out that my Mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Breast cancer, she was only 34 years old. Being so young, I didn't really know how to handle or process news like that, so in when their cd and I would just listen to their music on repeat. Fast Forward 10 years, I am 23, newly married, and 5 months pregnant, and my mom's cancer began to get much worse. Her hair began to fall out once again and  she asked me to shave her head, yes, me. I could not tell her no, but I also couldn't hold back the tears, little did I know that just two short weeks later she took her last breath, and I found myself not being able to handle or process the news. I came back to one of my favorite songs off of Middle of Nowhere (19997) "With You In Your Dreams" and I cried like a baby.

My journey began like most in 1997, my best friend turned on MmmBop and I was in love! Although I was infatuated with the 3 guys good looks, the lyrics and meanings behind the songs lured me for a much deeper love. As I grew older, the infatuated of their good looks somewhat faded as I focused on becoming a wife and Mom, but the love of their music never did. I feel that I have grown with Hanson's music. Their music matured, as I was maturing. Some songs would stick with me, because it reflected the same journey I was on.   

Often times, I think about my daughter and how there is not even a quality group out today for her to experience the same fandom I have. It is unheard of to find a band that actually write their own songs, and actually play instruments..  I love the Hanson's music doesn't glorify sex, or any obscene things, it is something I don't feel guilty listening to with my 3 kids in the car and driving to their homeschool co-op. People may never understand how I am STILL a Hanson fan, but that is because they haven't experienced quality music, from a quality band, that actually cares for their fans!

I am so excited to experience my first Hanson day this year, after being a loyal fan for all of these years!!



cynthia west
new smyrna beach, Florida, US

I just feel that we have all stayed around for so long because they really haven't changed their passion and the way they write and sing their music. It's that nice garage music that everyone enjoys. It's music for everyone of all ages. It speaks to everyone. Whatever feeling your having there's a song for that. But mostly it's the feel good upbeat music that gets everyone going. That's what got me hooked and I never want to get off this ride. 



Lacey Napiontek
Everett , WA, US

I am often asked what it is that I love so much about this band. In truth it's hard to put into words. There are many things I have come to love about Hanson. But the easiest explanation, is that there is something about people who live life with passion, that inspires me. These three men are passionate about the music they make, and incorporate an artistic aspect into everything they create that is lacking in the music industry today. They have cultivated a community of people who love to learn and ultimately want to experience music differently than listening to simplistic words and a catchy melody. Funny that's where we all started. 

Middle of Nowhere was a collection of upbeat pop tunes that ushered in a new era of music. As a young girl those sugary sweet sounds were the soundtrack to the summer where I grew up and even today those memories of a carefree childhood flood me and I smile with fondness. The second studio album This Time Around was slightly edgier and was a much closer representation of who this band is as a collective group. This album would find me in my small corner of the world, a little more grown up and searching for every inch of independence I could find. The music of  these albums caught a reflection of who I was at each stage of my adolescence. The joyful bewilderment of discovering the world and all if it’s fascinations, the hardships of losing a loved one, rebellion, learning how to say I’m wrong and I’m sorry, outgrowing friendships, feeling unsure and it being ok. 

Every girl Hanson fan or not can say that a band shaped their lives. So I had to dig into a bit more of my personal history to discover what made this band stand out for me to a few years before Hanson was even a glimmer in my eyes. I was nine when I was abused in a very private and personal way. It is a weight that I have carried throughout much of my life. When I was sixteen years old the person who had hurt me had moved back to my sleepy Little town. He was front page news and I struggled to go about my daily life for fear of confrontation. More specifically I remember the nightmare I woke from in the middle of that night. A summer storm ragged outside, the lighting carried shadows across my wall, and the thunder rattled my unsettled mind.

 I was too old to find comfort from my parents and yet too young to not be afraid of the visions that replayed in my mind that night. I reached out and found the silver play button on my CD player and I found a song that soothed my terrified heart. “When you have no light to guide you and no one to walk beside you I will come to you. When the night is dark and stormy you wont have to reach out for me I will come to you. Sometimes when all your dreams may have seen better days and you don’t know how or why but you’ve lost your way have no fear when your tears are falling I will hear your spirit calling. We all need somebody we can turn to someone who will always understand if you need the strength to keep trying I’ll reach out and take your hand.” This song expressed the words of eternal friendship and unconditional love. This was the defining moment for me that set this band apart from all the others. They were my safe haven in my darkest hours.

Each song from that moment on allowed me to Understand myself just a little bit better no matter how battered I was from life’s tragedies. When I graduated from high school and went on to college I boxed Up the last remnants of my childhood and I lost track of the three boys who had brought me so much joy in the years before. Hanson re-emerged in my life about thetime I turned 21. I had no idea that they were learning hard lessons of their own, fighting through their own struggles. Curious about what had happened to them I went in search of new music. frustrated but determined I learned that they had made the decision to walk away from their label, and create their own. Through hard work and perseverance the guys followed their own intuition, and ingenuity and released their first independent album. Underneath. These songs represented a time in their life when they were faced with the dilemma everyone has to ask themselves. Do we grow up and let this become a chapter of ourchildhood, or do we push on and do what we love to do?  One of my favorite discussions was during an event, where a fan asked the guys which album was their favorite, Taylor had answered that it's hard to pick a favorite."It's kinda like asking which of your children is your favorite." He went on to say that he was especially fond of the underneath album because it was such a visceral time. He often uses words that exceed my vocabulary, and he inspires me to learn what these new words mean. What I learned that day was that the word visceral meant relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect. This album came from emotion, rather than thought. As I listened A little more closely I could hear their frustration, their drive, and their passion. The album is bittersweet for me, I loved hearing how they used this creative outlet for their indignation, and how they used every ounce of tenacity and gumption they had to push past the boundaries of their dreams. I could feel their heartbreak, and my heart broke for them. There was something more tugging at me though, again it was this reflection of the struggles for my own dreams in a world that seemed to take pleasure in breaking you down. I suppose this connection is what kept me around but as time marched on I became moved by these three incredible people.

They have taught me to truly listen to music. How each individual instrument exists on its own. The way each distinct but Separate sound collides into each other, disintegrating into a collective creation. It's fairly common in their music to find sad lyrics wrapped up in happy melodies. They have shown me how the sounds can contradict the lyrics.These paradoxes could exist in an emotional state, such as the track"Strong Enough to Break" from the Underneath album. "I don’t feel myself today, just a figure in the big monopoly game, struggle is the price you pay you get just enough just to give it away." The music is dripping with sugary melodies while the lyrics are expressing hardship. The contrast found in the sound gives the song the impression that the artist is trying to shroud their troubles in positivity. Yet the lyrics convey fear of losing yourself in the expectations of the world. When you take apart the finished product, and breakdown the individual pieces you begin to understand the purpose and the intention behind how the art is created. The sounds are indicative of the album title.. Underneath. The poppy music is the facade, the exterior of a person, while the lyrics represent the emotion underneath our fake smiles, and the lies we choose to tell ourselves. They have taught me how to listen to the whole of the sounds, To hear the personalities each collaborator stamped inside the track, and to find appreciation for the intricacies of the words inside the songwriting. There are occasions where the sounds can express more than one emotion, simply by the way the artist sings the song. A perfect example is found in a song on the This Time Around album called Hand in Hand. The concept of this song follows the sadness of love lost,and the grief that accompanies a couple that is drifting apart. The artistic approach in writing this song is found in the emotions that occur beyond sadness. As you explore the feelings of a man who has discovered the woman he loves betraying his trust. In life our emotions are rarely one fold. As you listen to the nuances in this song you begin to hear the notes of irritation,anger and frustration that seem to highlight the sadness. Not only is he losing the person he loves, but he is also realizing that he has been disillusioned. The gutwrenching way the artist emotes, is equally important to the authenticity of the song. As I listen I begin to appreciate what the artist is feeling.

As I listen through the catalog of songs, one common thread follows me, that I relate to these words, and ultimately feel understood beyond what is shared with the rest of the world. My private emotions and thoughts are touched in this place of retrospection. The more they create the more I hear.  Each time I settle on a song, I begin to hear the subtle homage to their inspirations and the references to  life experiences as they invite me to be on the inside of their mind. To see the world the way they see it. To touch their private emotion and to judge the quality of their work. This earnest search for criticism isn't for the faint of heart. The unprotected vulnerability is like going into battle with no armor, building no walls, and refusing to cower to insecurities. This raw openness draws me in. To listen to music in this way is to teach and expose the true artistry of music. Their passion is contagious, and I fell in love with the meaning behind their poetry as they remind me what wonder felt like. There are currently six studio albums,and several fan club EP's that represent Hanson’s career and in truth I could ramble about how each one connected with me on a personal level. I won’t indulge that part of me, but I will say that no matter how many years I am blessed with, I will always be in my small corner of the world listening. They are alway growing as musicians and like anything that you tinker with, they keep getting better. They have Introduced their fans to their creative process,their ideas, and built a community  around people who share in their passion for creating music that speaks from the heart. Hanson is much like a friend, in that they encourage me believe in my dreams. They have taught me to ignore the negative voices, even if they are only in my head and take some risks. Reminding me that in all the ways that the world tells me I am inadequate or under-appreciated, or just plain wrong, those voices are only mirroring their own fears. I've learned to give up on this idea of perfection in life, and experiment within perceived failure. To embrace the complexities and uniqueness of setbacks, and remember that I can have anything I want in life if only I am willing to work hard enough to achieve it. They have taught me that people will inevitably doubt you, but that doesn't give them the right to define what you are capable of. They remind me that I am exactly who God created me to be, and to never allow someone else to determine my worth for me. With a life message like that, it's no wonder why they inspire me. I truly cherish people who stands for hard work, perseverance, positivity, compassion, friendship and faith. 

Thank you to Isaac, Taylor, and Zac for all that you share with us no matter where were all are in the world. 



Emilia Cottrell
Sacramento, CA, US

I have always found relevancy with Hanson's music, but none hit harder than 2013 and 2014. After experiencing an 11+ year breakup and wedding cancellation, I was almost 30 and my life took a 180. I ended the relationship and I knew from the start it was best for me, but it was still painful and life altering. 

The Anthem album really became my own anthem. I cried on the floor holding my dog, listening to that album. Dumping what was left of my ex's stuff, listening to that album. Reorganized and decorated my apartment to make it my own, listening to that album. I started running and then trained for a half marathon, listening to that album. My biggest motivators were Fired Up, You Can't Stop Us, and Scream and Be Free. They helped motivate me to move forward and go to work every day, and they empowered me to stand tall and carve my own future. Scream and Be Free was the most personal; The lyric's "If you're always living for tomorrow, you're gonna miss right now. If we're only looking in the mirror, we'll never see ourselves" really held the mirror to my face. I realized I was so into making a future and marriage work, that I was avoiding the day-to-day problems right in front of me that was deteriorating all of that.

That following year, I decided to treat myself to Hanson Day and feed by soul, and boy did it! It turned into a bonding trip for my sister and I, and I met so many wonderful people who I am friends with today. The community really helped me where I felt some close to home couldn't because they didn't know how to be supportive. The members EP that year was Music Made For Humans, and my favorites were On The Road and Panic In The Streets, and for very different reasons. On The Road expressed a metaphorical road for myself, referencing striking independence, time for contemplation, and on the road I'll find myself. Panic In The Streets I always interpreted about my ex and the karma that would come his way. I knew some of his secrets that he wouldn't admit to, a reckoning was coming, and he had so many changing to right wrongs and never took them. Eventually it would all come for him, his guilt doing the damage itself.

The music and the community around it brought me to where I am now, typing this. I am all the more richer in music, experiences, and friendships because of it.



Rocío Morán
Ciudad de México, México City, MX

What are 22 years in someone's life? What do we all live from our 11 years old to 33? Pur body chanes and out mind too. Wesuffer to find ourselves, to fit in. We fall in love, they break our hear. We learn about betrayals and we disappoint to the ones we love. When we're 18 we have to figure it out what we want to be for the rest of our lives. You start to be an adult without being prepare yet. You struggle to get a jobe. More people break your heat and you loose friends. Pressure, stress, happiness, achievement and satisfactions and you're just starting to know yourself. I have lived all of this with Hanson's music and example.

Their music has been my longest relationship, my best friend, my companion. It has given me confort and even the best advices. Without it and without them, all of these changes wpuld have been totally different.

22 years have passed so fast. In an Mmmbop. When I was 11 I used to say I would love Hanson forever without knowing the power of this word "forever", that I know now.

Being a Hanson fan has been for me to feel everything with more intensity, to have passions. It's to know how far I can get. It's to live the envy and the jealousy. It's to prove myself how faithful and loyal I am. It's to know the friendship and how strong it can be, and how fragil too. It has been to know how to escape from reality and how to get back to it with more strength.

At my 33 years I'll say it again: I will love Hanson forever. This was never just a phase. 



What sets Hanson fans apart from most fans of other bands, is the extent to which fans will go for Hanson. 

  • I’m currently on a flight from Melbourne, Australia as I write this. This trip has been planned for years and is 100% only to come to Hanson Day & HopJam. 
  • I’ve travelled to 4 states of Australia in a week to attend Hanson shows in each city. I’ve done this multiple times over the years. 
  • My friend came to visit me in Scotland, lining it up with the Hanson tour. 
  • When I moved to and from Scotland, from Australia- I timed both moves around a Hanson tour. Much to my husband’s dismay.
  • I walked down the aisle to a Hanson song & had a Hanson themed bachelorette party
  • I’ve slept on the street overnight before concerts to get front row. Numerous times. 
  • And have a discreet Hanson tattoo that whilst it’s constantly on full show, can barely be seen and is just for me

This might sound extreme to a non-fan. But to a Hanson fan, none of this is impressive. Just the day-in-the-life. I’m not special. 

Being a Hanson fan since I was 11 has brought me the best friendships. My school friends and I fell in love with Hanson together, that fateful March in 1997 that would change our lives forever. We grew up listening to, watching videos of, dancing to, dreaming and giggling about Hanson. It bonded us and has kept us friends to this day. I’m so lucky to also have best-friendships that were made outside of the fandom - to then discover they are fans too. One of which is sitting next to me on this plane, just as excited about Hanson Day as I am. 

But Hanson has directly brought me 2 of my best friends: twins who I met in 2000 when chasing the radio stations giveaway cars, trying to get tickets to a Hanson gig. At 15 years old, we instantly bonded and exchanged postal addresses. Later this changed to msn chat names, later phone numbers - our friendship grew along with technology. Nearly 20 years later: 2 of us are married to brothers, we’ve travelled all over the world together, been to upwards of 20 Hanson concerts together and WhatsApp everyday. 

The root of it all is my absolute love for Hanson’s music and Hanson themselves are gems, but the most life changing thing that Hanson has brought me is the friendships in the fandom. And I’m eternally grateful to have a passion and be able to share it with people I love beyond words. 



Tonya Hamilton
East Aurora, NY, US

I was always a huge music fan when I was younger-so I always had on VH1 or MTV whenever I could. One summer day in 1997-Mmmbop came on the television, I was drawn in and something in the music set my 12-year-old soul on fire. 

From that moment on Hanson became my favorite band ever. 

I endured a very difficult, tumultuous childhood, I struggled with depression, and I tended to be a bit of a loner throughout most of my life. 

Hanson’s music, especially as a young girl had a huge impact on my life. I credit getting through my past, largely, to the music. In the music, the lyrics-I always found so much hope, happiness and joy. It made me feel less alone, and it didn’t matter what I was going through, I could throw on my headphones, Middle of Nowhere on my Walkman, and I was taken to a place where everything was okay.  I somehow knew that there were going to be better days ahead. 

I have traveled to many different places and met one of my closest friends through being a fan. I found solace and healing within Hanson’s music, and I am forever grateful to be a fan of such an amazing band.

And to this day, the music still brings me to that place of pure bliss inside of myself. 



Hanson saved my life and continues to do so on a daily basis. When they first came out I had been severely bullied for a handful if years. From 8 to 16 I was bullied. They came into my life when I was 13. Their music spoke to me & made me feel less alone. That no matter what I at least had them. I wrote the lyrics to I will come to you on a notebook. Anytime I was pushed onto a locker, something thrown at me, etc I would take that notebook out and read the words. I then could brush myself off and go on with my day. It became harder and harder to brush myself off though. At 16, I attempted suicide. I took way too many pills anf started to feel very sick. Hanson's I Will Come To You popped in my head at the right moment and I called my mom. I was one of the lucky ones. I am here to tell the story. Not everyone who attempts to end their life are that lucky. I can thank Hanson for that. Now I have several songs in my arisonal that help me when it's needed. I suffer from several issues that cause me grief. Hanson and their music help me through. I am so grateful for that. 



Oh and to add to my post. The bullying stopped a few months after my suicide attempt bc we moved.

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