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May 09, 2019 | HANSON

We have expressed many times how grateful we are for the unique connection we have with you as music fans. In fact, we believe our connection is unparalleled and meaningful compared with the average artist in both directions (let’s be honest, you guys are just really awesome). Apparently, we are not the only ones who recognize that. A few months ago, our good friends at Steelehouse Productions (right here in Tulsa) proposed the idea of  creating a special immersive documentary short to honor that relationship - and they need your help.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac 

For years, I have known the Hanson guys as fellow creatives in Tulsa. Each of us striving to create great work and also stay connected to our roots. With an awareness of the creativity and unique business model they have implemented (and doing a bit of fun work together from time to time), I developed a deeper curiosity as I have observed the exciting and dynamic connection between artist and fan that is not only sustained, but is growing. As the band heads into the busy HANSON Day and Hop Jam week, we asked if  if they would allow us to lean in closer and use storytelling paired with innovative immersive technology to produce a special short documentary. They gave the idea a resounding yes, so we need your Help! 
Steelehouse will be all over during the 2019 HANSON Day activities and Hop Jam festival capturing footage for a Virtual Reality Documentary about YOUR STORIES and the connection YOU have to the music of HANSON. Our hope is to interview as many of you as time and festivities permit, so we’re interested to know your stories ahead of time.
Take a few minutes to hop onto the comment section attached to the recent blog and share what makes the Hanson fan experience unique. We would love any fun or meaningful story. The friends you have discovered in this community. The songs that have become inextricably linked to your greatest memories. The lyrics that helped you through life's toughest moments. The interaction with the band that brought you true community. Get as personal as you want. Our team and Steelehouse will choose several key stories to become on-camera interviews. We look forward to hearing from you - and we can't wait to see you for HANSON Day NEXT WEEK! 

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Samantha Mainville / Chicopee, MA, US


I think the thing that I’d like to talk about most when it comes to my experience as a fan of Hanson, is the story behind my Hanson tattoo.

When I was 12, I had gotten back into Hanson after about a year of thinking I was “too mature” for their music (at the same time I thought Eminem and the Dixie Chicks were “mature” music so my logic wasn’t the most sound

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Samantha Mainville / Chicopee, MA, US


Oh heck, there’s a character limit.

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Samantha Mainville / Chicopee, MA, US


If a mod could delete this, I’m going to try from my desktop since I’m struggling to post the full text on mobile.

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How did a little orange CD change my life?

I wish I could count the ways.

When I received Middleof Nowhere on December of 1997, I screamed with delight. It had beendouble wrapped and purposely left for last. Not to mention the Tulsa, Tokyo andMiddle of Nowhere VHS, plus the ton of memorabilia I had already ripped open,that CD was the birth of my soon to be adolescence.

For a year, I had MON permanently in my green and pink CDplayer. Literally. I would take out the CD, and put whatever other CD I couldhave possibly wanted to listen to in and then place MON on top. That’s thereason why it’s scratched on the top to this day, but it just shows that it’sclearly loved and is my own. It brought out my individuality.

MON became the soundtrack to my life.  The tracks had taken on several differentmeanings throughout the years and seemed to be Taylor-made for me; ‘Weird’ wasfor when I felt left out, ‘A  Minute WithoutYou’ was dedicated to every boy I had a crush on,  as it goes on and on for 10 more beautifultracks. One song in particular has taken on more meanings that I would’ve everimagined; ‘Madeline.’ At first, it was just a pretty, sweet song. I liked itimmediately. It sat idly for many years, until a friend of mine passed. Hername was Madeline. It had taken on a whole new meaning.  I was angry and sad and I let myself feelthose things for the first time, through that song.  It was the first of its kind for me. Then,when my aunt Madeline suffered the loss of my uncle, I found the song to beincredibly comforting.  In recent years,it took on a new meaning again, as I saw the changes my grandparents wentthrough as they got older. ‘Madeline’ felt more dedicated to their struggles. Ilistened to it and felt instantly soothed. The term “Complicated” meant a lot more to me with each changingemotion. The song just throws that thought out and I caught it many times.

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I’ll  never forget the curtain dropping during gimmie  some lovin’, I was hooked after that. The moment I get in the crowd and I hear the music something happens to my soul, I feel the same connection as I did on the Albertane tour, but now as a an Adult I have this profound appreciation for the way Hanson gives back to their fans by bringing something unique that not many bands are capable of sticking with and delivering, an experience! I look forward to the island, and to walking down Main St. in Tulsa. Oh, if I had a time machine to tell little me what an amazing adventure she will go on, and the places she’ll see. She would probably collapse from disbelief. I’ll say it again and again, Thankyou for the music. 

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7 7 7

My story of fandom started in 1997 when I first became hooked on MMMBOP.  The best part of the story came much later. In 2010, the Shout It Out Tour was announced. Hanson was coming Cohassett Massachusetts on my mom's birthday. With her blessing I bought tickets and drove from CT to Massachusetts with a friend. We got to the venue and completed the walk barefoot. After the walk my feet were so blistered and burnt that we headed to get some first aid supplies. We decided to go to Dunkin Donuts after and cool off. While at Dunkin, we listened to the story of a girl that had taken the bus to the show for the walk but thought she wouldn't be able to make the show because the buses didn't run late enough.  My friend and I offered her a ride and another girl offered us some seats to sit and drink out drinks. Turns out she was my age and we were both scientists about to begin graduate school in New Haven, CT. We connected on social media and kept in touch. We reconnected in the fall when she invited me to another Hanson show in Northampton, MA with her and her friend. Our friendship blossomed from there. I saw her weekly. When Hanson announced their show at Red Rocks with Blues Traveler we decided to drive from CT to Denver, CO for the show. We spent 6 days (mostly in the car) together. We laughed and cried. It was one of the best weeks of my life. We attended Hanson Day in Tulsa together in 2016. In July 2016, we heard our favorite song, Runaway Run together. We were so shocked and happy that we just hugged, cried, and sang our way through it. Gloria and I call each other twin because we are so similar it's crazy. I never would have met her if it wasn't for Hanson. She is a part of my family and I am part of hers. I even got to stand by her side on her wedding day. Every adventure we have together is always fun and always memorable. Even when Hanson isn't the focus. It's been an amazing 9 years since we met and we have Hanson to thank for that and all the incredible memories.

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Vita Ayala / Munster, IN, US

1 1

It's hard to remember "life before Hanson" since I was 12 when this whole rodeo began. My best friend and I got hooked and here we are now, 34 years old, chugging along with husbands, full-time jobs, house payments, and most importantly...Hanson. There's really no way to express what a wonderfully unique situation we are all in. We have literally grown up together, going through the gawky pre-teen years, getting married, having/thinking about having children, etc. That life stage connection makes the music and the memories so much sweeter. I have met the guys on many different occasions (some stranger than others) and every time there's been nothing but mutual respect and excitement flowing from both sides. The bond between us fans and the band may be unlike anything that has come before us in the music world - and so much of that is attributed to the fact that Hanson creates all of these events to actually meet and spend personal time with the fans. They've also done it in a way that many fans (myself included) have been able to integrate their husbands into the fandom and fuse our love for the band and their music with our real, every day lives. My husband will be taking me to The Hop Jam for the second time this year and honestly, I think he can see how much Hanson means to so many and genuinely enjoys the experience...although it did take a few years for him to warm up to the idea of parading across the country for a band. But that's just the thing. Hanson is not JUST A BAND. Hanson is literally a piece of who so many of us are and who we will always be. I have kept friendships with girls that I met at my first show in Detroit on The Albertane Tour. I have been welcomed by people I don't know the second we find out that we are both Hanson fans. The list goes on and on. Sometimes shows become completely overwhelming because a certain song or a certain phrase takes you right back to where you were at the age of 13, 19, 24 and all you want to do is cry and stay in that moment forever. This is what being a Hanson fan is all about - and the mutual love and respect from the band to the fans and the fans to the band is simply unparalleled.

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Kimberly Meyer / Astoria, New York, US

Hanson has helped me survive life since 1997. It's not a hyperbole to say I wouldn't be here without their music. They recently helped me survive the sudden passing of my brother in 2013. He died riding home on his bike on November 18th, 2013. I had tickets to see Hanson at Sayreville for November 19, 2013. I knew in order to get through the wake, funeral, and first few months without my brother, I had to get to the Hanson concert. They were still doing walks at the time and my then bf came with me because I was too scared to be alone with the new reality of my brother not being alive. I got to the walk and walked up to Isaac because I wanted to ask if they could play With You in Your Dreams that night. I got out, "My brother died" before I started crying. Isaac gave me a hug and my boyfriend said, "She wanted to ask if you'd play that song you wrote for your grandma." Isaac said he'd definitely try and sure enough. They did. Taylor introduced the song saying that the next song has meant different things to different people through the years and tonight goes out to someone who needs to hear it. I always cite this story whenever anyone asks if I still love Hanson. How could I not? They became the soundtrack to my life since I first saw them at the infamous Paramus Park Mall appearance and I'll never stop listening to their music. 

Posted May 9, 2019   08:17:49 PM

i love hanson so much the first day i heard there music was at my skating rink to and little di i know that mr taylor hanson would be there to save my life to and he did and hansons music is strong rnough to break to each day i cant thanbk them  enough times for how brave and how beutiful hanson has become to eachday now always  to his music is the floor of music and hanson are strong enough for anyhting now and i knew that tays been there t5o hold an  special place in my life thank you i was born to  go and do anything i cant pour my heart and mind and soul into to.

Posted May 9, 2019   08:23:27 PM

and they have helped me to face my ocd 

Posted May 9, 2019   08:24:11 PM


Chandra Lueth / Woodruff, WI, US


First, everything that Laytor416 said above is spot on!! So I'm not going to try and repeat that, she nailed it. 

Instead I'll talk about an amazing friendship that I found, thanks to Hanson.  The year was 1997...I was a freshmen in high school and I was a new kid in town.  Talk about scary! It was a small town and everyone knew everyone else and there didn't seem to be a place for me.  Weeks into the school year, each worse that the last, a girl finally stepped up and asked me if I wanted to hang out with her.  We weren't talking for more than a few moments when she asked me if I'd heard of Hanson? I hadn't...and so it began.  Four awesome years of highschool with Jennifer, who quickly became my best friend.  We spent those four years fangirling over Hanson and manged to get in two concerts.  

After high school we parted ways, barely keeping in touch over the years as we went to college, got married and started having kids.  We'd only seen each other a handful of times since high school and didn't really keep in touch (this was before the smart phone revolution).  Suddenly, in 2009 she calls me up and says Hanson will be in Minneapolis, would I like to go? After eight years of basically not being in touch, we were getting together again.  We had fun, but after that concert we parted ways once more.  It wasn't until 2013, for the Anthem tour, that we got together again, driving from our far corners of Wisconsin to get together to see Hanson.  

Now, 22 years after that fateful day in high school when she asked if I knew Hanson, we are once again the best friends we used to be.  Our love for and connection to Hanson brought us together not once, but twice.  Now, even though we live hours apart, we are getting to know each other's families and each other better than ever.  I wouldn't have my bestie if it weren't for Hanson.  

Posted May 9, 2019   08:24:22 PM


Kristina Brodal Syversen / Brumunddal, NA, NO

11 11

One day I stumbled across the quote “Passion is energy. Feelthe power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” This is a quote that Ifeel expresses what Hanson means to me. A lot of people I know wonder why Ilove Hanson so much and why I spend so much time and money on following them.The truth is that their music, passion, hard work, dedication, and all thewonderful people I have met throughout these years have become that source ofenergy I need, when life gets extra hard and busy. It might sound weird topeople, especially those who are not as passionate about something as I amabout Hanson, but nothing makes my day better than thinking about the friendsI’ve made, the places I’ve gone, and the inspiration I have gotten from Hanson,through their music and extremely hard work.


My Hanson journey didn’t truly begin until 2005, though Ihave some faint memories from 1997, of me jumping around on my grandmother'scouch, whenever Mmmbop would come on. However, I lost track of them and itwasn’t until they suddenly appeared on a Top 20 music show in Norway, that Irealized they were still making music. They were visiting to promoteUnderneath and played a few songs. I was instantly hooked and joined the fanclub. I quickly felt right at home, as I met several unbelievable kind girls,who were more than willing to take this “new fan” under their wings. Neverwould I have imagined that this was only the beginning of many wonderfulfriendships, with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. The senseof community, and having developed so many close friendships with people fromall over the world, has truly impacted my life for the better. I moved to theUS in 2008, to go to College. It was definitely hard to pack up and move awayfrom family and friends, but the people I met on the road when going to seeHanson all over the US, made it a lot easier to be so far away from home.  Along with the great community, I also have tothank Hanson for their passion, hard work, and dedication. By watching howinvested they are in their craft, their fans, and everything they do, it pushedme to leap out of my comfort zone, bringing me to where I am today.

I truly believe I wouldn’t have been the person I am today if it hadn’t been for Hanson, and for that, I will be forever grateful! Thankyou!

Posted May 9, 2019   08:26:01 PM


Rachel Baker / Auckland, Auckland, NZ


I remember the first time I heard mmmbop on the news, a story about these 3 gorgeous young boys from Tulsa had made it huge. I was instantly hooked and had to know everything about them. Typical 11 year old also had to have her walls covered in Hanson - particularly Zac :) I never had chance to see any live shows being in NZ.  They got me through some very hard times in my early teens. Fast forward 20 years and I hear Hanson are coming to NZ! I go with some friends for 'old times sake' and am completely blown away by what I hear. These gorgeous boys were still amazing and in an instant changed my life all over again.  Suddenly I'm immersed in this amazing community and must have this music and these beautiful words in my life every single day. Recently flying to Australia with the BIGGEST fear of flying, but over coming it just to see the guys.  Hanson have made me realise I can do anything that I put my mind to - More than anything, they speak to my heart and soul. 

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Sarah Randell / Sydney, NSW, AU

7 7

I could go on and on (and on!) about what makes the Hanson fanexperience unique for me, but I’ll focus on three things: the music, theconnection, the friendships. Through Hanson I have made wonderful friendshipsthat wouldn’t have existed otherwise, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. Thereis definitely a shared experience with being a Hanson fan. Every time I am at ashow, the experience strengthens my connection and my love for the music. Themusic has been my saviour, my friend and the best company over many years. Beinga Hanson fan is really tied up in my identity and how I interact in this crazyworld. I get a kick out of people tagging me in or sending me links to tour announcementsor media promotions, because when others can see how important Hanson is to me,that lifts me up and makes me proud. Thank you, always! 

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4 6 2

Last year after Hanson day I had the pleasure of getting to chat with Taylor outside of 3cg with some friends. He was very sweet and took photos. For some reason I felt really comfortable and told him I was mad at him. I know that was not something you tell one of the members of one of your favorite bands. He asked me why and I explained that they had chosen to kick off string theory in Columbus which is super close to where I live and it was on my 30th birthday! He told me I should be excited but I explained I wasnt able to make it, that I had previously booked a benefit concert to raise money for a non profit to help survivors of sexual violence. He looked at me and told me that was awesome and that was where I needed to be. I then told him why I was doing it and that I was a survivor or rape and that it was important to me. I have never been met by so much compassion. I of course made a smart comment and said made he could toss a little something in that direction. Wow I am a big dork i cant believe I just casually said that. Haha After he left I was in shock, and so were my friends...I had just told Taylor Hanson I was raped...funny thing was at that point I had not told my story or was as opened with it as I am now. Flash forward to the buses in philly during string theory, he came over and we chatted and I was able to tell him that I was able to go to the sound ck for string theory in Columbus with my friends but more importantly we raised over 1200$ for that non profit. I in turn reviced a huge hug and he told me he was proud of me. There is something so comforting when he remembered my story and what I did. It is funny I started listening to them when I was just a kid but they have never not been a part of me or my journey. Hanson has helped me in many ways and this was just another way. He showed me that I could be opened about what happened to me and I wouldn't be judged. Now I tell my story in Hope's that it helps others who have similar experiences. 

Posted May 9, 2019   08:35:19 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Also Taylor inspired me at 14 to play the keyboard and then I took professional piano lessons in 2003 

Posted May 9, 2019   08:38:39 PM


Megan Knight / Bridgewater, VA, US

Like many of us, I first became a HANSON fan in '97. I remember hearing "MMMBop" on the radio and seeing the video on MTV, and immediately I was drawn to just the upbeat nature of the song and the 3 kids singing it. I was seven-years-old at the time and had no idea how much this song, and this band, would come to impact my life many years later.

I listened to HANSON relentlessly until I was about fifteen-years-old, at which time life took a bad turn for me. I became involved in an abusive relationship (although I couldn't see it at the time) which lasted ten years. Like as in most cases of abusive relationships, my abuser isolated me from the people and the things that I loved, right down to the music that made me feel good about myself. In the moments where I felt most alone, I would remember the lyrics to that upbeat song that I listened to as a child that brought me so much happiness. I lived in fear for ten years. I prayed to God every day to guide me out. He did.

Today, I am in a much better place. I am happy, healthy, and have been free from my abuser for two and a half years. It's taken me a long time to get to this place of just being and loving myself. My family and friends have of course supported me and helped me along the way, but HANSON has also unknowingly had a huge hand in my betterment. I realize that almost every song that HANSON sings has inadvertently reflected my life in some way... from "Watch Over Me" to "This Time Around," "Breaktown," and SO many more.

This year, I will be attending my first HANSON Day. I am so excited to finally meet the guys, as well as some new friends, but more than that, I'm so excited for what this trip symbolizes for me. It's a new beginning for me. In a way, it's like I'm being re-introduced to that seven-year-old girl I was so many years ago. Except now, she's grown and she's smarter, and wiser, and the words to the song she fell in love with then have a different meaning now. 

Posted May 9, 2019   08:41:30 PM


Samantha Mainville / Chicopee, MA, US


(Posting on both blog posts since I'm unsure which one is correct.)

I think the thing that I’d like to talk about most when it comes to my experience as a fan of Hanson, is the story behind my Hanson tattoo.

When I was 12, I had gotten back into Hanson after about a year of thinking I was “too mature” for their music (at the same time I thought Eminem and the Dixie Chicks were “mature” music so my logic wasn’t the most sound

Posted May 9, 2019   08:45:12 PM

I've been a fanson since I was 12.

As I live in Uruguay, was always very hard for me to go to a concert. Since they never came here. So I was able to see them when I was 24. I remember I was so excited I can't even remember what happened at the concert! 

This year I was able to made my Dreams come true, I went to Jamaica for BTTI 2019 and Im going to Tulsa for H Day. It will be my 2 time seeing them so close after 20 years of been a fan. A dream come true

Posted May 9, 2019   08:45:53 PM


Mayra Aceves / Mexico, DF, MX

5 5 5

When I was 13 years old I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I wasn’t like the rest of my classmates who were beginning to go clubbing (yes’ at 13!) and dating. I didn’t feel confortable. And then I listened to “Weird”. I remember thinking “god! How do they know exactly what I’m feeling?” And it gave me Strenght, hope and got me through those complicated years. 

At that moment I decided to pay attention to everything they were saying and trying to transmit with their music (I even improved my english to be able to fully understand what they were saying!) and understood that I was hooked for life to this wonderful musical ride.

Posted May 9, 2019   09:15:02 PM


Greicy Kirsten / Winter Garden, FL, US


I have been a Hanson fan from the start, a dear friend introduced me to Mmmbop and that was it. Bothered my dad for I few months until he gave me MON as a children's Day present (a Holiday that we celebrate in Brazil, it was also my last time I got a present for children's day lol). Hanson was Always my go to music, for happy, sad and though moments.

But it wasn't until the middle to end of 2009 that one of their songs became my anthem. I was in a really dark place in my life, deep depression, having unhealthy thoughts, etc. There was this one night I was laying in bed, soaking in depression that I decide to listen to Hanson on shuffle on my computer, and "Fire on the Mountain" come on, and while listening to Zac sing that song, something clicked inside me. That song woke me up from the destructive life I was living, lead me to Jesus, gave me the strength to dream again and fight for my dreams.

From the first time I heard Mmmbop until now, Hanson not only helped God to save my life through a song but also has given me tons of amazing friends, friendships that started with the exchanged of letters back in 2000, long distance phone calls (we all live in different states, and countries), to the annual meeting in Tulsa for Hanson day. An event that I spend the year counting down the days to go to. My "Disney World" the place where I can enjoy some of my closest friends while enjoying our favorite band.

Thank you, Hanson!!!

Posted May 9, 2019   09:23:57 PM


Samantha Mainville / Chicopee, MA, US


(Third time's the charm. If it doesn't work I'll be so disappointed.)

When I was 12, I had gotten back into Hanson after about a year of thinking I was "too mature" for their music, and I had been listening to their first releases a lot. My mother didn't love their stuff but she knew I did, so for my 13th birthday, she and my dad bought me tickets to see the band at Carnegie Hall for the end of the Underneath Acoustic Tour. Mom brought me; I remember her telling people that even though she didn't like Hanson, she was happy to make me happy. Fast forward to the night of the show and she liked their performance so much that she bought me Underneath Acoustic and insisted we listen to it on the ride home.

When Underneath came out, we got it the day it was released and listened to it in the car constantly. She took me to see them live 5 times that year, and she enjoyed every concert just as much as I did. In between shows, we would blast their CDs while driving anywhere, Penny & Me being our favorite song to sing together.

We ended up going to about 28 Hanson concerts together over the years, and there were only a few shows that I went to without her. These are some of the happiest memories I have.

After I got my first 2 tattoos, we decided we'd get a mother/daughter tattoo at some point, and we both agreed that it would be fitting for me to get "turn the radio up" and her to get "push the pedal to the ground". The logic was based on both the good memories and the fact that she always did the driving and left control of the music to me. On Christmas Eve 2019, we agreed we'd go in January to get them done.

Mom passed away completely unexpectedly the day after Christmas. It's been (at the time of this post) just over 4 months and I'm still a mess and every day feels like a challenge, like I'll never be completely myself again. In January, I went to get a piercing changed and, while there, decided to get the planned lyrics from Penny & Me done, but now including the line that was intended to be for mom.

I'm still heartbroken and I'm pretty sure that I'll always feel her loss in this raw, exposed-nerve way; she was the person I was closest to for my entire life. Now, though, I'll always have a physical reminder of the good times we shared together and of that bond we had.

There are so many things I could talk about in relation to Hanson and why I love being a fan. I grew up in this fandom; I fell in love with the music when I was 6 and never really got over the feeling of joy their music brings me. I truly think that Hanson has changed my life in ways I wouldn't have expected, from showing me that I could make my dreams come true to finding friends that I love with my whole heart to bringing me places I never would have gone otherwise. But the fact that, through Hanson, I was able to find that common ground between my mom and I, and that we ended up so close because we could connect over the music, means more to me than I could ever say.


Posted May 9, 2019   09:35:53 PM

I was lucky enough to meet Hanson after their Christmas concert in Toronto. And I was terribly disappointed.

I was not disappointed with their attitude, just... at the situation…because when I looked at them I understood that those three man, who’d stare at me clueless and ask me if I had enjoyed the show, would never be able to understand how much they had turned my life around. Not in those 5 seconds that we had together.

I just had enough time enough to take a picture. There was no time to tell them about how I met my daughter’s godmother at a Hanson fan club back in 1998 and that we had a group of friends called “the hansonholics” and how we’ve been through the hardest possible situations in life together. I depend on those girls.

I also never told them about how they had kept me interested in learning English and webdesign and things… they kept pushing me when I was tired and ready to quit.

Honest to God, they are the single reason I have a diploma in Architecture. As unrelated as that may sound.

In one way or another, Hanson have always been in the background of my life inspiring me to aim for things.

In those 5 seconds, I realized it had stopped being about the concerts and about the songs I enjoyed a long time ago. And also that they could never live up to the expectation of what they represent, because it was beyond them.

I guess this is a story about gratitude more than anything. And believe me, I had so, so, so much to say to them but it wouldn’t make much sense it would be just awfully random coming from a stranger. I didn’t want my story to be awful or random. It was too important to me and they were no strangers.

So, I took a picture and walked away.

Thank you, Hanson

(source: hansonhotline.com - why hanson?)

Posted May 9, 2019   09:38:45 PM

8 7

There are so many different stories that I don’t know where to start.   I was first introduced to the music of Hanson in 7th grade.  One of the girls in my class brought a fisher price cassette tape player to school and was blasting “Middle of Nowhere” on the playground.   I was hooked from that day on. I begged my mom to take me to get that album.    I actually found out that I could sing harmony by singing with each Hanson brother.  I met my best friend in the world during a Meet and greet in Myrtle beach, South Carolina in 2005.   I was the h.net reporter and she was one of the other people in the group.  I have been to 30+ Hanson concerts and she has been by my side for most of them.   Hmmm.....the day that the album Underneath was released, my mother was having surgery.   I was in college and I remember going to pick up the cd before I went to the hospital.   When I got to the hospital, the doctors informed us that my mom had cancer.   They found it during the surgery and they removed it, but it would be a few days before they could tell if they got it all.   I remember going to my car and just sobbing......then the song “Underneath started playing, and the lyrics said exactly what I was feeling.   My mom was cleared of cancer, but I will always remember the comfort that song brought me during that scary time in my life.   There are so many more stories that I could share, but I feel like I wrote a book with just a few of them.   :)

Posted May 9, 2019   09:56:14 PM

Let's see my Hanson experience/story:

I've liked Hanson every since I was 11 and of course Zac was 12, I loved there music instantly and have been a fan every since. Last year was my very first Hanson Day experience, my cousin in I decided we were going to drive the 7hrs to go and was very glad we did. Hanson Day is very exciting and real, from the stories behind the songs that they write to the friends that you make and are close with forever. I met some pretty cool friends last year and am looking forward to seeing this year. That wouldn't have happen if it wasn't for Hanson. Having this event for us. The guys are really cool and down to earth with us not only at Hanson Day but throughout the time of being a fan. I actually got to meet them last year to after 25 years of being a fan. They truly have a huge heart for there fans and that's why we love them so much why else would we be at Hanson Day right!? From being a teen and crazy when they first started to now being a mom and being like famous friends almost is cool. My almost 2 year old is expressing her love kinda too, I put on MMMbop and she dances and claps, I had them sign a shirt for her at the String Theory concertin St Louis I gave it to her and she smiled so big. I can't wait to bring her to Hanson Day someday. The songs that's shaped me as a fan would have to be With you in your dreams that relates to loved ones I've lost and MMMbop of course :) I don't think there's really just one song they all relate somehow or another. Thank you Isaac, Taylor and Zac for your loyalty to us through the years and years to come. Forever a Hanson Fan :)

Posted May 9, 2019   10:03:09 PM

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