Oct 21, 2019 | TaylorHanson

To Begin Again

What is it to create art? Why do we do it, why do we need it? Maybe we don't. When we began working on efforts in Africa back in 2006, I went through for the very first time a crisis of belief in the idea of being a musician. The thought "I am striving and fighting for this little three minute song, a frivolity aginst the backdrop of people living with issues of life or death just because of their drinking water." This thought was strong, but did not last long. 

In one of the first times returning to Africa in 2007 with our friends at Toms Shoes we were able to first see the impact of the work of Take The Walk. We were alone with a small group of kids, each one living with a death sentence, one day's anti-retroviral drug supply away from the end of their life due to their immune systems being so weak. Despite it all, when they heard music they wanted to dance. They needed to dance and clap and sing. In this moment I had a new perspective. Music and art and creativity, they are the essentials of the heart and soul. They are as critical and vital as the water we drink or food we eat. Without these feelings of joy and connection, we are already dead and without them we find it nearly impossible to find the hope needed to overcome adversity. 

This year has been one for the books. One of seeking the next mountain for music. For me personally it has been a year of seeking, asking questions of meaning and purpose and the value (once again) of the music we make. I am again, more than ever, convinced of the power of music and art to inspire and move. I am also more clear than ever on the importance of each of us to use what we have to impact the world around us. To use our talent, our voice, our experience to walk through doors and chase dreams and fight for things (and stand by our friends and family, which only WE can do). So in a season of creation still ahead and much behind us, be encouraged in whatever it is you do (or are thinking might not really matter). You are a creator. You are an artist. You are the only you. As is true of the painter and the canvas, you are not only the sum of the last painting you did or even the one in front of you. What you do is important and as long as you continue to breathe, you can always begin again. Claim a new canvas, grab a brush, a guitar, a laptop, an excel spreadsheet, a hammer, a camera, a spatula, a diaper bag, a lawn mower, the throttle,  and start. Fail, win, or lose...you can always begin again.



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Thank you for this blog post. I really makes my heart filled with joy and love. Music really is important and no matter what language the lyrics are, music has its own language. Your music has been so important for me for about 22 years. Your music has inspired me, made me happy and also comforting in difficult times. I can’t thank you guys enough for the meaning you and your music has given me. 



Thank you so much Taylor! 



ThankYou Tay that u was share with us ur feeling, ur emotions, urexpierence, ur heart.. Its  so important and helpful for so manypeople.... It giving hope, understanding, light in place where the light  almost don't exist. For me it very important too. Ushould write a book.. .U are right. We are on this planet  becouse we should change the World bring it good things, bring it good creativity. Ur story, realized me, that im not givingtoo much good things this World, and people like i should.Likein my past when i was learn how to heal people.I  still wait when i become better version of self. I was realized that i could doing this now. I was livedthe past  when i was done so many good things and i was forgetabout rigt now.I was lived my past when i was lost and i was forgetthat i can start again right now.  Thank You for share with us ur own felings U should doing this more often.:). I feel like u are wery  near.



You're amazing Taylor!! There are few artists, let alone people, who inspire me as much as you do! I am feeling the same way I did after listening to String Theory for the first time last year, inspired! Hopeful. More optimistic. You need to write more. You're words are so eloquent and thoughtful. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words with all of us! I love this band and the music you create! Your music has truly been a strength to me. I have only been following you guys since late November of 2014 but I have loved every second of the musical ride you have taken me on! I look forward to all the new music ahead! Never stop doing what you guys were truly BORN to do! 


This is an important message.  I feel I am beginning again. I’ve suffered chronic pain with my hip and back for the last twelve months and in August I had surgery (I couldn’t even come to the Australian shows as I could barely walk, first I’ve missed in ages). I’m now 10 weeks post surgery on my hip, and I’m working hard on building strength and stretching and the only thing through this journey for me that kept a sound mind was the music surrounding me. Every walk I walked a little further and with my headphones in and shuffle on, no matter what song came on (I have a vast amount of music choices on my iTunes) my beloved Hanson came on every journey; from old to new! Since I was 14 your music has resonated with me as I’ve grown, through many ups and downs and I thank you guys for sharing your music and lives with us fans like you have. Music kept my heart beating everyday. So thank you x 

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