To Begin Again

Oct 21, 2019 | TaylorHanson

What is it to create art? Why do we do it, why do we need it? Maybe we don't. When we began working on efforts in Africa back in 2006, I went through for the very first time a crisis of belief in the idea of being a musician. The thought "I am striving and fighting for this little three minute song, a frivolity aginst the backdrop of people living with issues of life or death just because of their drinking water." This thought was strong, but did not last long. 

In one of the first times returning to Africa in 2007 with our friends at Toms Shoes we were able to first see the impact of the work of Take The Walk. We were alone with a small group of kids, each one living with a death sentence, one day's anti-retroviral drug supply away from the end of their life due to their immune systems being so weak. Despite it all, when they heard music they wanted to dance. They needed to dance and clap and sing. In this moment I had a new perspective. Music and art and creativity, they are the essentials of the heart and soul. They are as critical and vital as the water we drink or food we eat. Without these feelings of joy and connection, we are already dead and without them we find it nearly impossible to find the hope needed to overcome adversity. 

This year has been one for the books. One of seeking the next mountain for music. For me personally it has been a year of seeking, asking questions of meaning and purpose and the value (once again) of the music we make. I am again, more than ever, convinced of the power of music and art to inspire and move. I am also more clear than ever on the importance of each of us to use what we have to impact the world around us. To use our talent, our voice, our experience to walk through doors and chase dreams and fight for things (and stand by our friends and family, which only WE can do). So in a season of creation still ahead and much behind us, be encouraged in whatever it is you do (or are thinking might not really matter). You are a creator. You are an artist. You are the only you. As is true of the painter and the canvas, you are not only the sum of the last painting you did or even the one in front of you. What you do is important and as long as you continue to breathe, you can always begin again. Claim a new canvas, grab a brush, a guitar, a laptop, an excel spreadsheet, a hammer, a camera, a spatula, a diaper bag, a lawn mower, the throttle,  and start. Fail, win, or can always begin again.


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Kaitlin Walbright / Columbus, OH, US

someones reflective over lunch break

Posted Oct 21, 2019   02:41:50 PM

7 7

Breath and start again!!!!!! :)

Posted Oct 21, 2019   02:49:42 PM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US


I fully agree....I'm constantly seeking the next creation whether with my knitting needles, cards that might brighten someone's day, trying to make something new, or a kind word (or whatever else I'm feeling that day). 

You guys have brought more joy into our lives than can ever be measured so keep doing good for the people in the world, and keep making us smile & dance with your music. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   02:53:03 PM

Mm, this is inspiring. Most days, I have a hard time getting out of bed because my depression has been in a whirlwind since last summer. We're not promised tomorrow, but if I do wake up, maybe I could begin again and try to get through this.

Posted Oct 21, 2019   03:16:22 PM

Inspiring words to live by.

Posted Oct 21, 2019   03:18:24 PM


Holly Snider / Conway, South Carolina, US


I don't know what specifically inspired this post, but thanks for sharing it with us. I'm glad you're feeling the power of music and the importance of doing the thing that drives you (no matter who you are and what that thing might be). It sounds like you're in a great creative space right now. I can't wait to hear what comes out of it!

Posted Oct 21, 2019   03:29:37 PM


Lauren Leary / Wilmington, DE, US

so. i cant speak for anyone else but the title of this post totally got this song stuck in my head. make it stooooooop lol

"There was an old man named michael finnegan. he had whiskers on his chin again, they grew out then they grew in again poor old michael finnegan begin again"

Posted Oct 21, 2019   03:55:51 PM

Taylor, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you opening up like this. I am really emotionally struggling; my PTSD from many years of childhood sexual abuse has came to haunt me again. My depression and loneliness is so bad currently, that sometimes it’s only the thought of my children being without a mother and your music that gives me the strength to wake up the next day. Hanson’s music was the only thing to a childhood that I had, and it continues to be my saving grace. Whenever you have those moments of self-doubt, please remember how much your music means to this petite lady. I am forever in the debt of your artistry. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   04:12:11 PM


Lauren Leary / Wilmington, DE, US

I too can relate, as earlier this year i was diagnosed with BPD...or Borderline Personality Disorder...followed by Severe depression, adhd, anxiety and  suicidal tendencies. If any of you haven't had psychological testing done, i HIGHLY recommend it. Every single thing this woman said was 100% me. some of it i didnt even realize I did until it was presented to me. Down to the relationships (of any kind) I had kept. There are 9 symptoms of BPD, and I am like a walking textbook example of every single one haha. im just saying there  could be an underlying diagnosis that you have no idea you even have.I've found that a combination of therapy, DBT class (Dialectical behavior therapy), and the stupid amount of drugs they've got me on have really helped. A lot.

Posted Oct 21, 2019   04:34:58 PM

Very beautifully said. Really needed this reminder. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   05:00:47 PM



Thanks for sharing your thoughts Taylor, definitely something I needed to read today. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   05:16:07 PM

did Taylor cut his hair and shave his beard ...maybe? 

seriously, Hanson brothers are the best because they ARE true artists, blessed musicians,  & good people... we need more of this in the world! Thank You it&z!!! ... and thank your families too/ cannot wait to listen to Hanson7 :)

Posted Oct 21, 2019   06:29:48 PM


Danielle McCambridge / West Bend, Wisconsin, US


Thank you for posting this. Life has been taking a bearing lately. Powerful words at the perfect time. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   06:59:41 PM

Dang this was exactly what I needed to hear with where I am right now. Beginning again, moving forward with hope and faith and courage. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   07:04:07 PM

This is amazing. I love that you said this. Your music is something that means so much to so many people. Your talent being shared with the world has saved so many people, I’m one of them. Your music does something to us. It keeps us going on our hard days. I’ve fought battles and overcome them when I didn’t think I could, or would. You guys have got me though the toughest of times and I know you’ve done that for so many fans. There’s a reason you guys do what you do. There’s a reason I’m still here. I love you guys

Posted Oct 21, 2019   07:06:36 PM


Jill Gray / Noble, ok, US

5 1

Thank Mr.Taylor Hanson I needed this so much y’alls music has always been my go to for everything and I feel like it has grown with me and now my kiddos keep playing and writing. You guys never gave up 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   07:16:08 PM


Andrea Hardy / Rindge, NH, US

Inspiring words! Exactly what I needed today!

Posted Oct 21, 2019   07:27:32 PM

It's like you're speaking directly to my soul

Posted Oct 21, 2019   07:31:04 PM

6 6 6

Definitely needed this today

Posted Oct 21, 2019   07:34:52 PM


Anna Jackson / Spencer, WI, US


Thanks for this wonderful post,  in December I will be turning 35, and I made a goal last August that by my 35th birthday I would be healthy all across the board (i.e. Physically, Emotionally, Financially, etc) and I am happy to say I am very near to accomplishing this goal. But just like some other Fansons have mentioned,  without the music/artistry of you and your brothers, plus my faith in God, I have made it through many of life's Joy's and pitfalls. So thank you for all you do, and I look forward to the Wintrymix show in Vegas and patiently await...."not!" for album 7 Hanson ATW!

Posted Oct 21, 2019   08:02:00 PM

God gave us the incredible burden of human awareness for a purpose. We haven't always respected it (we had a really rough spot at the very beginning, handling this awareness, when it came to human ego and vanity being tempted by the glamour of rebellion.) But he didn't do it without a sense of compassion. That compassion of God as translated to us in this realm, is art and music at its most honest and pure. 

And the most fascinating thing about it, is that we feel this music inside, when we look at those we love and admire so deeply. When those God has given the gift to communicate that music to us, do, it's like we already knew it was there, inside, before we heard it -- we already felt it there, in our souls. We just needed those born with the tools of deciphering the language of music inside them, to answer their calling, to realize this music for all of us to share together. 

Thank you for sharing what God has given you. And when it's been hard, particularly when it's come to dealing with fame, don't ever think he hasn't noticed how hard you've tried to handle it with grace (even when the human frailty and humility in you keeps saying "I've messed up.") He knows. The biggest trials can come looking like nothing but a blessing until you really understand them, when you really see how perfect this whole thing is and it humbles you completely. 

Understanding that, truly, will take a lifetime. But we always inherently knew this life existed for something. Our souls all being here, at the same time, is no accident. And yes, the music communicates this . "Are you listening?"

Posted Oct 21, 2019   08:15:32 PM


delete this. now i'm all emotional and teary. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   08:40:08 PM


Unions are the backbone of America, and “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar. “

My friends get it.

Posted Oct 21, 2019   09:03:11 PM


Words of inspiration. You are a blessing and have been given an incredible gift. Thank you for continuing to create, inspire and be your authentic self. There is nothing greater. Cant wait to see you perform in Prior Lake, MN. 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   09:05:18 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

This was beautiful! I was already emotional and this topped it off. I needed to hear that last paragraph big time but the whole read was perfectly written and amazing! Thanks Tay! 

Posted Oct 21, 2019   09:09:56 PM

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