Nov 15, 2018 | HANSON

Something Special

It is hard to believe we are already halfway through November, but on the bright side that means The String Theory album is out and it’s ok to dust off your copies of Snowed In and Finally It’s Christmas.  This last week was an amazing way to conclude the US leg of the String Theory Tour (at least for 2018) with Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

This whole tour has been inspiring. Every stop on the tour we have shared the stage with a new symphony and each one has brought something special to the arrangements. This project, like so many before it, has had a lasting effect on us and the way we create. What exactly comes next is not yet clear, but it is sure to be full of more songs and stories. We look forward to sharing this new album and tour with more of you come 2019.
Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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We look forward to all that, as well! Enjoy your free time and holidays, get some rest and we will see you soon :)



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

Enjoy the holidays with your family and try to get some rest.



String Theory is something truly special. Seeing something so beautiful Live was an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for always reaching, always pushing yourselves and ,most of all, for sharing that journey with us. I feel honored to be a part of this community. Whatever comes next, I’m sure it will be amazing! I hope you guys have a chance now to settle in and enjoy the holidays with your families. God Bless!



Finally It's Christmas cd had it's airing today in my kitchen with my solar powered Santa and snowman dancing away to it. Ha ha ha



Looking forward to UK tour but before that you (Taylor) will have a Christmas arrival. Wishing you and Natalie every blessing and happiness. Happy holidays everyone x



So sorry for this loss. Thanks for the love at the Boston show! My kids were really excited to meet Tay and Zac (and chat about Mewtwo!). Looking forward to what next year will bring!



It’s been such a pleasure to be on this journey with you all! The symphony and story is beautiful and inspiring. I only have one show left this tour. I can’t wait to wrap it up in Tulsa. Be safe overseas and I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead!



I’m so proud of you guys. For the past 21 years (for me) and this awe-inspiring project too. I can’t wait to be one of the ones who really cares for the next 21 years! 

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