SIO 10th: Running Man and More

Jul 01, 2020 | ZacHanson

We are excited to be looking back at Shout It Out, and digging into the vault of videos as we celebrate the albums 10th anaversary. Today we have more video from the Shout It Out World Tour to share, and this time it's the rarely played Running Man, as well as a little Hungry Hungry Hippos. Hope you enjoy it.

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Rebecca (Beck) Merkley / Chilliwack, BC, CA


Wicked flashback! So cool to see all that stuff that's been added!

Posted Jul 1, 2020   06:36:27 PM


Natalia Read-Harber / Brooklyn, NY, US


This is super sweet. It’d be fun to bring ideas like this back in 2021! 


Posted Jul 1, 2020   06:57:04 PM


shout it out is straight up at the top of my hanson studio album list. such a fun, fiery, soul-driven, jamfest.

pretty nuts it's been 10 years. the fluff? these days be flyin. 

Posted Jul 1, 2020   07:14:13 PM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US

1 3

I wonder how many M&Gers there have been now, 10 years later? So crazy!🤯 That was awesome for Rachel and that group of fans, but she looked so nervous and so confused.... that is probably how I would have reacted if that happened the first time I met them. 🤦‍♀️ Don't know if she is still around, but hugs to Rachel.

Posted Jul 1, 2020   07:31:37 PM

That Meet and Greet video was awesome

Posted Jul 1, 2020   08:54:06 PM


Rachel Gallegos / Moreno Valley, California (CA), US

Loving seeing some of this old footage I never though we would see pop up, keep it coming please 

Posted Jul 1, 2020   08:56:41 PM


Kristin Johnson / Bartlett, Il, US

This is great! Flashbacks & memories!  How/when did you guys decide to film so much stuff? It must be crazy to go through all that - unless someone has digitally super-organized it!

Posted Jul 1, 2020   09:06:06 PM

What a fun meet and greet!! 

Posted Jul 1, 2020   09:26:14 PM


Christine Crawford / South Melbourne, VIC, AU


Brilliant throw back video! Go Rachel winning a fair game of HHH. 

Thanks for taking the time to meet us before each concert. It's awesome. 

Posted Jul 1, 2020   10:10:01 PM


Jennifer Vaughan / New Braunfels, Texas, US

I love Running Man! Especially on my walks. Really makes me wanna strut and dance down the street!

Such a fun Meet and Greet and cool gift for everyone. That hand-held hungry hippos is quite the tilt battle! I played the original all the time with my brother growing up, looming over the board on the floor, whacking those levers all crazy eyes. Thanks mom and dad for putting up with the racket...good times!

I was delighted to win a M&G last December, and I look back and realize several times where my brain really did fall out of my ear. Lol! Such a joy to meet you guys. Thank you for being so gracious and generous, to me, and to all of us. We love you!

Posted Jul 1, 2020   10:14:53 PM


"I wonder how many M&Gers there have been now, 10 years later"

Not including radio or promo M&Gs, BTTI, HDay or any of those things, just the show M&Gs with reporters... 5779.

Posted Jul 1, 2020   10:21:17 PM


yall actually have a number for that? i love it. that's a lot of people to meet. my introvert-y senses are tingling and telling me to run away. 

Posted Jul 1, 2020   10:36:23 PM

Hungry Hungry Hippos should make a return for M&G 6,000! What cool, fun M&G that would’ve been to be a part of! (I admit, I would’ve been snickering at all the ball talk though, I’m so childish)

Posted Jul 2, 2020   02:01:25 AM

That M&G video looked so fun & such a nice thing to do with the Merch ☺️ 

Posted Jul 2, 2020   03:03:55 AM

That was so cool!!! hahaha!! Loved the happy hippos challenge! 

So since Leigh said we are on 5779.... are we going to have something special for the 6000th M&G? ;) 

Posted Jul 2, 2020   03:40:23 AM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US


I thought Running Man was from The Walk?

Posted Jul 2, 2020   06:49:37 AM


it is from the walk. i think it was added because it's just rare that they play the song live and wanted to share one of the moments they have, which happened on the shout it out tour. 

Posted Jul 2, 2020   08:06:07 AM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


That was a good concert when they came to Sherwood Park

Posted Jul 2, 2020   09:22:06 AM


michelle tribble / Excelsior Springs, MO, US

that was freakin precious! just always making a good time out of everything!! <3

Posted Jul 2, 2020   10:54:20 AM

It is amazing to be able to watch those videos. Shout it Out was an epic tour!

Posted Jul 2, 2020   12:42:11 PM

Hahah that was a really fun M&G!

Posted Jul 2, 2020   12:58:38 PM

10 1

Running Man is one of my favorits! 

Thank you❤︎

Posted Jul 2, 2020   03:22:45 PM

Aww!! Hahaha. This put such a smile on my face! I love Running Man, but what made me smile is that you guys went out of your way to make a fan feel special! I love that you guys are so thoughtful! 

Posted Jul 2, 2020   04:42:53 PM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US


BLACKARYFANSON thanks I was just a bit confused though i do love the song

Posted Jul 2, 2020   08:13:24 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

2 1

I would love to see things like this brought back for 2021 M&G's. That was awesome and I was laughing the entire time. The day I win, if ever, I would love to have a moment like this lol. 

Posted Jul 3, 2020   10:20:57 AM

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