Jul 12, 2019 | HANSON

Real To Reel Episode 4

watch the new episode in our Real to Reel video seriess looking at the music on our new EP In Real Life.


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This reminded me of "Battle cry": "Be brave, tell them to ...." Absolutely love the song and this episode.



Love this song, one of my faves of the EP. Love the lyrics/medley! 



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

Such a beautiful song, thanks for the video!





Marina Dumont
Capinghem , Nord, FR

"real risk is emotional risk..." 

I totally agree with you. 



Missy Buckman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Omg I can relate so many ways to the message that Hanson just sent out. I know my closer friends are the Hanson fan base but I have few folks closer to me that I should think about letting in but I don't cuz of the past things that happened and the fact that Im afraid of getting hurt. I also love the whole into the woods setting and a campfire going. I think it be alot of fun to sit around a camp fire with hanson discussing music related stuff and ect, Who else agrees. I know I should do back to the island but Id have to work even more  then what I do now. In closing thank you for sharing this reel to reel epsisode with us the fans. god bless.



It's interesting to see how much thought you put into writing each song.  The lyrics have obviously been dissected and discussed to make sure they relay the overall message and feeling you want the listener to experience.  I think the video underscores the intimate atmosphere the song draws you into.  There's nothing like a crackling fire in the middle of a woods (with no other distractions) to inspire you to fearlessly set free your innermost musings. 

Thanks for sharing!



I definitely think you guys are in the right profession...lol This is the most hearfelt meaningful interpretation of a song I've ever heard. The connection to the song is definitely there and delivers through the music! Beautiful song! 



charlotte bell
Wigan, Lancashire, GB

This is my favourite song on the EP. Really powerful, like taylor said. I love how Hanson really go deep and beyond behind the songs meaning, which not alot of bands do right now. Such a talented band, looking forward to seeing you live in 2020.



Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

Thanks for the video!!  Love, love, love!!






Thaís Merino
Curitiba, Parana, BR

It took me many days to be able to come here and leave some words about this marvelous song. What a beautiful structure: amaaazing melody and harmonies with pretty good dynamic changes!! I've loved this song since I've heard it at BTTI 2019, but I confess I loved it even more when I watched this video talking about the idea behind it. "Love" is expressed in such a pure, true, respectful and unselfish way! No possessions, no judgments. It shows the idea of a connection, the idea of a mutual feeling and the respect for the right time, the respect for others points of view and moments. Love as a real giving and sharing feeling, being just enough "that look in you eyes, when I'm reading your mind". Too beautiful! Congrats! :)

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