Jul 12, 2019 | HANSON

Reading Your Mind

Even when a project starts with a theme, you never really know where the music is going to take you. This week, we have yet another episode in the Real to Reel video series and this time around we are sharing the inspiration behind the new song, Reading Your Mind. Part Beach-boys but all HANSON, Reading Your Mind was inspired by melody and harmony, with the lyrics and story coming later. You can watch the new Episode now, and if you are a Hanson.net member you can also checkout the full Reading Your Mind music video on Hanson.net starting today. 
Though we are focused on Against The World and our plans for 2020, we are still traveling a lot to play concerts, and this weekend it's Minneapolis for Basilica Block Party! If you are in the area don’t be shy, there's a lot of great music in the line up, and we're playing too!

Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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If you're at the Basilica Block Party tonight, I hope you caught the Minneapolis band Yam Haus. We just saw them last Sunday at Summerfest and they were outstanding -- so good in fact that they won the Emerging Artist Contest (between four bands) with 84% of the vote.  Oh and don't miss that 'other' band tomorrow!  ;)



Love this picture



The first time I heard this song, I immediately felt like it was a follow up to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys, both in sound and story. Glad to confirm I wasn’t too far off with that reference. This song is such a stand out on the EP. It is hauntingly beautiful and gets stuck in my head for days. 






LOVE U HANSON soo much thank u for being there for my soul

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