Nov 05, 2018 | ZacHanson

How To Fanson @ String Theory!

String Theory is well under way now, and the album is releasing next week. After talking to fans after shows, and during the Listening Party that has been going on all this week I feel compelled to put some things to rest.

“How are we suppose to behave at these shows?” – your average fan

Think of this concert as something wholly different than your average HANSON “rock show”. There are obvious changes to the layout and makeup of the band, bringing the drums up front, adding 40-60 orchestral musicians is no small thing, but it is also what we are playing. String Theory starts with a ballad.

If you are coming to a String Theory show for the first time, think of it like watching a movie. Stay in the moment, cheer when Luke destroys the Death Star, cry when Darth Vader strikes down Obi-Wan, but don’t make catcalls at Princess Leia!

Pretend like you're going the see the symphony...oh, that was easy!

For those who are inclined, there are some key musical moments that I will highlight where fans can lend their voices to the arrangment, parts that can always use a chorus.

String Theory PART 1

  • Reaching For The Sky
  • Joyful Noise
    • Sing along to for the “La la” and “Dance All Night” sections
  • Where’s The Love
  • Dream It Do It!
  • MMMBop
  • Chasing Down my Dreams
  • Tragic Symphony
  • Got A Hold On Me
  • Yearbook
  • Siren Call
    • Sing along to the “Ooh ooh” in chorus and in the outro
  • Me Myself And I


String Theory PART 2

  • Reaching For The Sky Part 2
  • This Time Around
  • Something Going Round
  • Battle Cry
  • You Can’t Stop Us
  • Broken Angel
  • What Are We Fighting For?
  • Breaktown

NOTE: Feel free to stand from this point to the end of the show

  • No Rest For The Weary
    • Join in and sing the choir part "Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaah"
  • I Was Born
    • Yell "B! 4!"
  • The Sound Of Light
    • Sing along to the "Oh oh oh"
  • Tonight
    • Sing along with the band for "Don’t Wait For Tomorrow!"

The real thing is to treat the show as a journey enjoying the beauty and magesty of the arrangments.  Woodwinds and brass strings and percoussion, there is a lot to listen for. See you all tonight in Chi Town!


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blackaryfanson laughing my hanson fan (not 'fanson') *** off right now at the fact that this blog had to be posted. bet the ones who really ought to read it won't see it, but it's aiight. i don't think most of us will blame you if y'all wanna hit em with a "stfu" during the show. might help people get the idea a bit more quickly ;) 

i'll be seeing the show in nyc in about a week and i'm excited as fluff. i get kinda antsy when i sit for a long time, so i understand some people's need to move their bodies - i will probably be wiggling a lot in my chair or shaking my legs or whatever...and i'll probably be mouthing or whispering lyrics...but i want to work through to make sure the fans around me can still hear and enjoy without distraction. 

much respect to you guys and the orchestras for all of your hard work and great performances 

and to all of the fans who are mindful, not only of the tone of the concerts, but respectful to the musicians as well as your fellow fans. i appreciate those of you who act like ya got some **** sense ;) 



Jessica Wimp
Jeffersonville, Indiana, US

I wish some fans would have been more appropriate at the Louisville show! Makes me embarrassed to be a part of the Ky street team! The show was truly amazing and on a whole new level the fans who were acting up were just embarrassing and incredibly rude for acting that way.



Oh dear, sorry you had to write this. You'd think a mostly thirty-plus audience at this point could control their excitement to a level fit for a symphony setting. But no, there's always someone who has to steal the floor and ruin a beautiful, quiet ballad by screaming "You're hot Zac!". And whoever screams requests at these concerts hasn't really stopped to think through that there is an orchestra, first of all. They won't know your random request, not to mention the concept of this setlist, its importance

I must say, if you're considering adding any dates, this if any tour should be brought to Finland - you'd be shocked by how intently we'd LISTEN. I hope that will be so in Belgium and the Netherlands, see you there! 



Susannah Robertson
Dallas, TX, US

Basically a nice way of saying don’t be a douchenozzel your scaring the orchestra. 



Hi Isaac, Taylor and Zac

I am sorry that you had to go though this all the time you think that people consider it like being a played or a different kind of  Orchestra where people cannot talk but they can lip sing with the song



Michael Jones
Austin, TX, US

This is so embarrassing.



Melissa Martin
Belleville, Ontario, CA

I agree with a lot of the others. Thank you for this post, but it's so embarassing that it's needed. I'm really hoping some of the people in Toronto can get themselves together, the second Christmas show last year was embarassing.



I’m not shocked by this. There were some women in Atlanta who couldn’t hold it together past the second song and tried to get everyone to stand and dance. Good effort, but all they ended up doing was ruining it for the people who paid for the seats behind them. 



So just so I’m clear - I’ve been listening to string theory on repeat and know most of the worsds by now... we are not to sing along unless a “choir” is needed, correct? (Long time fanson, new to the site - just want to make sure I don’t embarrass my fellow fans) thanks! 



Michael Jones
Austin, TX, US

I've only been to one show so far, but people were mostly very respectful, sitting in their seats and singing along quietly.  I didn't find that to be distracting (I was singing along, too -- I agree, it's kind of hard not to when you know all the words).  I have never been to a show where I could hear the music so clearly.  It was incredible.



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

I was singing along to the songs while I was seating down in my seat.



So incredibly thankful we get to experience this!!! Thanks guys for your kind and quick reply to my question!!! (: 



It's such a shame to see this has to be a blog post and I hope that the message sinks in to those it is aimed at.
I hope it's not too much to ask that Hanson fans can come away from this tour with a better understanding of how to read the situation they're in and choosing to behave appropriately for that situation.

It's always the few who ruin it for the majority. Let's hope the lesson is learned and we can continue to have nice things.


So, can people stop telling us it’s what (you guys, especially Taylor) live for. Some people believe Taylor is a psychic vampire who feeds off our “energy”.



Julie Hawkins
Buffalo, New York, US

I’m hate that this even needs to be addressed. I’m sorry for the way some people act. Unfortunately, the people who are doing the cat-calling are the knew who probably aren’t reading this. So sad. 



Milly Myrr
Fairmont, WV, US

When I went to the show at Wolftrap I remember looking at the faces of the musicians and seeing them shooting very confused and overwhelmed glances at each other during all the screaming and dancing. I know we’re not the typical crowd but I’m sure it was hard for them to focus!! 


nicki lewis
Wurtland , Ky, US

I’m so glad this was addressed, even though it shouldn’t have to be. Louisville was so embarrassing



Kimberly Cummings
Macclesfield, NC, US

As much as this post is amusing to read, it's so disappointing that this even has to be addressed. It'd be one thing if we were all teens, but the majority of us are 30 and over. 



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

I was also disappointed in the in standing and blocking others view in Vienna . Most of us sat out of respect or because had to I can barely stand at concerts anymore.



There are no catcalls at The Symphony -- it's The Symphony! 

(I'm trying not to laugh because I'm guessing this was a new experience for these players, so the vision of this is very comical in my mind. They tend to play a more reserved scene.)

The enthusiasm is great but I think "String Theory" is more...internal an experience. There's active listening and participation and "String Theory" is a whole work that you want to keep your attention span active for, during the whole thing. The fact that there's an intermission tells you it's meant to be experienced in this way. It's sort of a rock opera not rock show. These songs have been strung together (get it :) , lol?) in a way that tells a story. There's an introduction/"exposition", rising action, climax, falling action and denouement. 

You can also tell this by how the album, itself, plays. It's one of those albums you lay back with your eyes closed and listen to and feel a new world open up in your mind from the sound. Think of the instruments and their sounds as having "personalities". Some are timid, passive and delicate in sound. Sometimes the "quiet" ones have the most moving, profound things too "say" when they finally do peep up. Hoot and holler over them and they'll whisper into the background and you've missed their wisdom, what important insight they've added to the sonic story. 



Gown, pearls and gloves it is then. Ideal. 



Thank you for this! As a classical trained clarinetist who has played in and attended 100s of concerts in my lifetime I can definitely  respect this. These concerts are the best of my worlds colliding and I have been looking forward to the Philly show! With all the recent posts I’ve seen about concerts had me a little concerned. I was thinking this would be different from a typical Hanson show , but still an awesome experience! Thank you so much for clarifying on concert behavior even though I feel it shouldn’t need to be said. However I do understand that some people may not have experience attending symphony concerts so they wouldn’t exactly know. So glad you made String Theory it’s like a dream come true. Only thing that would have made it even better would to be to play clarinet along side you! 



And this is why Hanson fans get a bad rep.


Tori Ketchum
Lawndale, CA, US

*where are all the emoji's when you need them?* Yaaaas Zac!!!! finally someone said it. I hope moving on from here things will go a lot smoother. Y'all worked so hard and long for this. It's unfair to you and the other fans. 

Also, nice way to use Star Wars (one of the best series of all time) in reference to ST  ;P



samantha balsley
Midlothian, Va, US

 the fact that this is even needed is sad........we have been able to scream and go nuts for 25 years, calm the hell down for one ride people!

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