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May 21, 2020 | HANSON

Week three of the HANSON Time Podcast (HTP) is up and ready for members to enjoy! Today we are talking Underneath, and whether it is your favorite HANSON album or not, it might be the most important record in our catalog because it set us on a new path, and helped forge the ideas about music and community we continue to act on today. We have had such a great response to HTP, we are excited to share we will be continuing the podcast through June, which means we need all our members to weigh in and vote on new episode themes. We’ll be removing themes for episodes that have already been recorded, and looking forward to seeing what else you will pick!

We are one week into sharing the Making of “Continental Breakfast (In Bed)” and we hope everyone is enjoying the content. We’re sharing new videos every day, so members make sure to keep checking back on the blog, or the video section or Hanson.net.

There is definitely a collective feeling coming through these songs. Maybe it is quarantine thing, maybe it is just the tail end of “Against The World” or maybe it’s that we have always been the types to look on the bright side, but it feels scrappy and hopeful… wait, that sounds like we just described nearly every person who has yet to get a fresh haircut in the last month.

In other news we are getting very close on the new design of Hanson.net. A few more weeks of programming and then formal testing. The main focus is on making the site much more enjoyable to browse on different devices, whether you’re on your laptop or on a smart phone, so expect that we will have some site down time in June, all leading to a refreshed site in the summer!

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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cynthia west / new smyrna beach, Florida, US

Nice, I'm so glad that you guys are able to work together now. The possibilities are endless.

Posted May 21, 2020   03:45:05 PM


Melissa Metzler / Calcium, New York, US

Underneath is one of my favorite albums, tied with Shout It Out - I would have to say. String theory is quite lovely too, do we have to pick just one? ♥

I unfortunately have missed out on many years of membership since Hanson.net originally came out (I was a member then and even remember the VR chat xD) so I am not fully sure if my suggestion will have been done before or not.

The inspiration behind each of the songs in CBIB would be a nice discussion, always love to hear about the muses of a person's work. And/Or perhaps on some of your favorite all time songs from over the years as well. 

(Hope I read that right as you want us to post suggestions, if not, just ignore me. Imma get some much needed coffee now.)

Posted May 21, 2020   03:52:23 PM


Angela Holliday / sandwich, IL, US

I love every album, however, I feel like every time I get a song stuck in my head, ya know one of those I need to listen to it right now type of deals, it's almost always from the Underneath album. Keep up the good work guys! 

Posted May 21, 2020   03:57:15 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


I enjoy every album there is a listen to it on my phone all the way to work and home no matter what it’s hard to choose which album is my favorite because I like them all for a theme it’s hard to say I’m good with anything is what people come up with for the website I’m looking forward to a new look the old one looks good to but I’m pretty flexible do you guys just have to keep up the good work and you guys are amazing that’s all I can say

Posted May 21, 2020   04:02:15 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Columbus, OH, US

ive never been happier to see a mask <3 

Posted May 21, 2020   04:05:06 PM


Excited for all that's coming :) Kudos for all your hard work and all that you do! 

Posted May 21, 2020   04:09:57 PM

I also love the muse behind the music. Where and when you get the most inspiration for poetry/song ideas. Thx guys....loving this podcast!

Posted May 21, 2020   04:17:00 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

I think a Middle of Nowhere podcast would be interesting , we heard some tid bits  in the past but more i would appreciate . its my favorite or the walk , my other favorite .

Posted May 21, 2020   04:26:28 PM

I would love more back story into the member eps...  why werent the songs chosen or what special reason to leave it for Fansons? I have been a member on and off since the beginning. .

 And so happy I jumped back In. I have a small sense of purpose with the wonderful people I have met;) Thank you for all the live casts.... making my days  ! Stay safe!

Love Andi! 

Posted May 21, 2020   05:00:56 PM


Marina Benevides Savoia / Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, BR


Underneath is my favorite

Posted May 21, 2020   05:15:28 PM

haha! excited for a hanson.net makeover! I've been thoroughly enjoying the podcast and the videos for Continantel breakfast In bed!

I can't pick a favorite album... so many good songs from each! because you guys push yourself and try new things and different sounds, every album is wonderful! Rock on!

PS- is it just me or do the face masks these days look a bit like jock straps... :)

Posted May 21, 2020   05:47:22 PM


Underneath or Anthem.

Posted May 21, 2020   06:42:55 PM

Shout it Out! Or dare I ask....MON?

Posted May 21, 2020   07:18:44 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

I'm so excited that I can't control myself. This is great news!! Can't wait. And Shout It Out is one of my favorites but I have many favorite albums that you guys have came out with along with Eps.

Posted May 21, 2020   07:42:16 PM

Sorry -- where's the voting link? I don't see it?

Posted May 21, 2020   08:22:52 PM

Sorry -- where's the voting link? I don't see it?

Posted May 21, 2020   08:22:54 PM

Oh don't worry -- actually had to check in Hanson Asks this time

Posted May 21, 2020   08:24:03 PM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US


Not gonna lie .... I thought the mask was a bra at first

Posted May 21, 2020   09:39:29 PM

Hahah Shayes28! 

Posted May 22, 2020   04:28:29 AM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US


I would love an Anthem HTP. But every single album is amazing!

Posted May 22, 2020   03:40:08 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


I do love the album "Shout It Out" & I would enjoy hearing more about the backstory behind it...

But I will be fine with whatever you all choose :-) 

(Honestly, I want to hear about all of them!)

Posted May 22, 2020   06:31:07 PM

Super exhausted after a busy busy work week,

Posted May 22, 2020   07:10:43 PM

Totally agree with Shayes28. Also about the other thing too. I like "Shout It Out" just as much as Anthem. However, Anthem is the album that was in the mix when I was getting over my ex-boyfriend. 

Posted May 22, 2020   07:56:10 PM



I’m happy to hear you’ve decided to extend the podcasts through June. Honestly, these types of things help give a sense that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  (Hopefully it’s not a 220 ton locomotive coming at us.) ;)  Anyway, between your podcasts (and bites of Continental Breakfast), The Tweedy Show, which usually happens about five nights a week on Instagram and is phenomenal (all past episodes can be found on YouTube), and a few other one-off video podcasts by favorite musicians, I’m feeling a kind of ‘new normalcy’,...or something.  

Thank you for keeping it all together.  It’s a good thing you were each blessed with a great sense of humor. Laughter really is the best medicine, and is much better than the alternative. (Honestly, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t ever laugh.)

Posted May 23, 2020   01:17:53 PM


Kathy Powers / Spring Lake, NJ, US


What was it like to make those very FIRST two albums:  Mmmbop and Boomerang?

Posted May 25, 2020   09:05:16 AM

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