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Sep 11, 2020 | HANSON

After months of wondering when we will be able to play again, we are thrilled to have concerts just weeks away! This week, we announced the theme for our October Streaming Concerts Series "Live and Electric Revisited". We wanted to make each monthly concert series special by wrapping the music around a theme, then we realized October 10th would be the 15th anniversary of L&E and it was set. 2005 was an important time for the band, we were breaking new ground as we promoted our fourth studio album, Underneath, on our newly minted independent record label. Much of the way we look at music was shaped by the experiences of that time, and that is part of why it was exciting to plan these coming streams around Revisiting the Live And Electric album and what surrounded it. We are thrilled to know Cains Ballroom will be the home for our streams, and even though it won’t be filled to capacity, it makes us smile to know we will be sharing it in person with some of you!

We are continuing to share new videos every week around the new EP, Continental Breakfast In Bed, and yesterday afternoon we premiered the music video for "Miss You Like Crazy”. The video is a love letter to great concerts past, and future. It is a love song in lyric, but these day it feels even more poignant through the sense of the love we have for each other. Make sure to keep your eyes open when you watch, you might even see yourself in the video. 
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Trinity Johnson / Cincinnati , Ohio, US


I love, love this photo 🖤

Posted Sep 11, 2020   04:20:53 PM

Thanx for everything you do 💖💖💖

Posted Sep 11, 2020   05:04:52 PM

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When you click on the picture above you get a caption, and some of it reads "Tell us about your favorite live venue to see music!"  These days my answer is, ANYWHERE in Northern CA!  Hanson concerts in this neck of the woods are few and faaaar between these days.  I'm sure there are economical reasons or whatever that keep the band away, but it's nearly 400 miles from Sacramento to Los Angeles.  And nearly 600 miles from Sacramento to Portland OR, the next closest place that the band ever plays (Vegas is essentially the same distance as L.A.).  I'm not saying I've never traveled that far to see the band, because I have, it's just that Sacramento & San Francisco are major cities that other bands play, not back waters.  From the Bay area CA through Central OR, and any of the neighboring states to the East is a huge Hanson concert desert.  It's so sad.  I was so excited when they played Lake Tahoe on the Wintry Mix Tour, so thanks for that one at least!

But to really answer the question, I like the Warfield in San Francisco, and the Crest theater in Sacramento.

Posted Sep 11, 2020   05:44:10 PM


Melissa Mcneill / Beverly, Massachusetts , US

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Thank you!

Posted Sep 11, 2020   05:44:26 PM

I was at the second Melbourne Show June 06 2006, when Live and Electric was recorded. I was in front row, smack centre, this photo angle just missed me. I lucked out in the box office, not  because I was the HANSON NET FREAKING REPORTER FROM THIS PARTICULAR SHOW. I coped a lot of abuse after that, i am sure I will cop some more now  - but here it is!



MY GOODNESS. Front row - smack center. Unobstructed view of the fab three. No heads, no arms, no signs…  I have had front rows before – but not for Hanson. This is my 9th full Hanson concert and I was never in front. I was always in the middle or at the back, sometimes even nose-bleed. This is amazing. I can’t believe that this is possible. Pinch me.

You get the idea right?

Let that be noted, that when the show started, front row turned into crazed mob three people  deep (Ah, gotta love the Hanson fans  and their “passion”) and I was pinned to the railing, but I was in front. Plus my age or my evil eye that I was giving around in abundance, must have had some effect. I wasn’t pushed around that much and there was a respectful few inches of space around me.

Zinc did their acoustic bit (which I prefer a LOT more to their electric one because they really have good harmonies but it doesn’t really matter. We are here to talk Hanson) and after a half hour that lasted a year, the lights dimmed, Ike came out in the spotlight, hooked up his guitar and started the “Optimistic” riff. A few seconds later Zac joined and when he started the beat Taylor slowly walked on stage waved…  Let me tell you,  plaster started falling off the walls and the ceiling.

The guys have great show openers. I loved the curtains dropping and “Gimme Some Lovin’” during the RTA tour in 1998 and the flashlights before “You Don’t Know” during the TTA tour in 2000. This was also absolutely awesome. I am not a
Radiohead fan but I listened to Optimistic, the first time I heard that Hanson covered it. The Hanson cover is amazing. Slow, rolling anthem-like version.

Wow. What an opener for two and a half hour show that just flows. There was not one single glitch. Okay Ike’s broke a sting on “Hand in Hand” but that was replaced before the solo, and he also stuffed up the beginning of “You Never Know”. Not that I noticed that, but I saw Taylor turn around and make a face and say it in a loud whisper to Ike, “That is wroooong….” Ah, front row stuff…

Seriously, the guys are so tight now but what amazed me the most was how well their voices sounded in this tour. All three of them were in fine voice this tour. OK Ike was a wee sick in Brisbane, but boy, did he sound awesome here.

The first six songs, to the solos bit, Hanson kept pretty much the same on every Australian concert and it was like that on this one.

“Where’s The Love” – man that little plaster that was left on the walls – just fell off. I don’t think that there was a single soul in that theatre that wasn’t singing and clapping and doing the ‘round and round’ bit. Man I loved it – that made me so much younger – I was 42 when that song was ruling the Australian charts.

Look at you. Ike, mah man.  My hat off to you on “Look at You”. And everywhere where you played guitar solos. If good, the guitar solos are the favourite part of every song for me.

Ike. He sounds like a seasoned guitar pro. Eddie Van Hanson in my book. Thanks mate. Those were my most memorable of many memorable moments. When you were standing there, wailing your guitar. And I am of Taylor’s persuasion, mind you!

I love “Strong Enough To Break” – that’s such a great sing along. And I was glad that the whole audience was singing as opposed to late November when most of the audience was still in Hanson 2000.

When Zac left his drums for the solo and grabbed the guitar we all knew that “Go” is gonna happen. All ::proverbial:: broke loose. But strangely enough – a minute or so later we were standing in gave silence listening to Zac’s haunting rendition. Not one single scream. INCREDIBLE, eh? You could tell (did I say that I was front row? I think I did) that Zac was really inspired with the fact that were there just listening and sand it like there is no tomorrow. Ten times better than in Penrith where the crowd were screaming like banshees.

Taylor and “Love Me” Again grave silence, although he had to ask for it. And what a performance. He was in BEST voice of all three. His transitions from full voice and falsetto and his fingers flying over the keyboard  and  his restless feet on the piano pedals. The King himself probably smiled in Heaven and nodded approvingly.

Man  - I needed time to recuperate after that (we middle aged women swoon easily) and took a few sec to realize that Ike is doing “She Is So Lovely” as his solo. Well – you could tell who has the 2005 kit and who doesn’t! Sounded absolutely awesome! And his brothers joined for the second chorus, Taylor with funny smirk on his face (I told you I had front row, right?) – and that turned into acoustic rendition – it was absolutely great. After the song, Taylor yelled, “Who is on hanson.net?????” I couldn’t see how many hands raised in the air (because you know, I was in the front row) but the cheer was really loud. So there.

 “Crazy Beautiful”. All that snapping and clapping. A crowd pleaser is there ever was one. I love that song.

The U2 cover is amazing. Just to watch Taylor sauntering on the stage, shaking and banging the tambourine against his thigh is a treat itself and to hear his soulful raspy howl on top of that…. I hope that one makes the CD. Funny thing – he never reminded me of Bono. He looked every inch of Robert Plant to me.

Wholla Lotta Love to you Taylor.

I love “You Never Know”. I mean,  I love every Hanson song. But “You Never Know” has a special place for me. It opens “This Time Around” – their best piece in my book so far. And “You Never Know” is a show-piece of that.

MMMBop is my favourite song of all time and eternity. I know many of us don’t like that song and think that that song was the reason for all that boy-band stigma  and I can argue about it with you but I will not. I will only tell you, nice to know that no matter what Hanson concert you go in whichever part of the planet, MMMBop will be performed. And Ike, I need to buy you a drink for the guitar riff.

The concert finished with “Lost Without Each Other” of course and we tore our lugs screaming “Are You Listening!”  The guys love performing that song too.

The encore was “Song To Sing”. Hair-raising. The three of them spread out on the stage. Ike at left (very close to me because I had front row. Oh. I told you that already.) with crossed hands in front of him, Zac at his drum kit and Taylor at the keys. And their voices. I love their voices – I hope you got that message if you have read this entire novel that I just wrote in one breath.

And then that was it. We clap and cheer and then Zac jumps from his riser with a piece of paper and they confer for a while Ike is looking on, still standing at his mike. Then Taylor stands up and goes, “Since we are recording this concert, we have to do a few more things, I hope you don’t mind if we continue?”

Are you kidding me Taylor?

All ::proverbial:: breaks loose and the next 15 minutes are chaos. But in a good way. In the best way. The audience is pumped, Hanson is pumped, they go from  song to  song. We got three more and I couldn’t ’t and not share my elation, jabbing people with my finger left, right and centre and going “How cool is this!!!”

“Long Way To The Top” - what a perfect way to finish. Not to mention that one of my assignments was to see Taylor rock out on a guitar.

Well. You rock Taylor. And so do Ike and Zac.


1.    Optimistic
2.    Dancin' In The Wind
3.    Minute Without You
4.    Strong Enough To Break
5.    Where's The Love
6.    Look At You
7.    Go (Zac Solo)
8.    So Lovely (Ike starts as solo)
9.    Love Me (Tay Solo - Cover)
10.    Underneath
11.    Every Word I Say
12.    This Time Around
13.    Hand In Hand
14.    Crazy Beautiful
15.    Penny And Me
16.    Deeper
17.    In A Little While (Cover)
18.    You Never Know
19.    MMMBop
20.    If Only
21.    Rock 'n Roll Razorblade
22.    Lost Without Each Other
23.    Song To Sing (Encore)
24.    Look At You (Replayed)
25.    In a Little While (Replayed)
26.    Long Way To The Top (Encore)

Posted Sep 11, 2020   06:20:44 PM

I’ve never stayed put long enough to have a favorite venue. All venues have their charms, for me though. Can’t wait to start visiting them again. 

Posted Sep 11, 2020   06:38:09 PM


Kandice Blades / WACO, TX, US

1 1

Thank you!!

Posted Sep 11, 2020   06:42:45 PM

L & E was my first concert experience with Hanson - hooked on the spot! The recording was the concert I attended. A long time fan friend had asked me to be her ‘plus 1’ because her husband wouldn’t - so glad she asked me. So looking forward to watching the concert from AUS With her - virtually, because we are in lockdown....Hanson will heal all though.

Posted Sep 11, 2020   07:57:36 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

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I loved the venue in at Atlanta for the wintry mix tour. I had a blast and can't wait to get back to concerts like that if we ever do. I'm so ready for the live at Cain's in December. Right now, any venue would be amazing though but excited for the live streams and in person shows. 

Posted Sep 11, 2020   09:14:18 PM


Tara Brock / Clinton, MS, US


So, maybe this is an English nerd moment, but I like how the title of this can be pronounced two ways, for two different meanings. 

Live Again (Long "i") - live concerts again. 

Live Again (Short "i") - for me, I feel like the most alive when I'm at a concert, and that goes especially for Hanson concerts. All the years of shared music and memories just hit different from any other show. And I've always appreciated how Hanson is able to make me feel like I'm exactly where I belong, and that has been at every single show I've attended since the very first one. They just have a certain way with the audience that I have never, ever experienced going to any other artists' shows. 

Posted Sep 11, 2020   09:21:03 PM

Just a small heads up -- Underneath was the third studio album., not the fourth. That's why it was night 3 of 5 of 5.

Posted Sep 11, 2020   09:51:31 PM


Ashley Martinez / Colorado Springs, CO, US

My favorite venue is Red Rocks Amphitheater where I saw you guys for the first time in ‘98. I hope I can see you perform there again some day. 

Posted Sep 11, 2020   11:15:57 PM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US

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Maria- I enjoyed reading your report of the show. 👍 Thanks for posting it!

Posted Sep 11, 2020   11:34:49 PM


Roberta Aparecida dos Santos / Santo André, São Paulo, BR

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I’m so happy with this reencontre between you and the fans. It’s a dream becoming real 😊😊

Posted Sep 12, 2020   05:58:09 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

I looked and looked but I don't see me. 

Posted Sep 12, 2020   10:43:01 AM


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I like your question.. "Tell us about your favorite live venue to see & hear music."   ok. Although I am and always will be partial to smaller venues that brings cleary a more in your face, up close and an intimacy that is unsurpassable, with that being said I have to go to the other side of the spectrum, by my personal most magical & mesmerizing experiences and most precious & significant memories that I will forever carry & cherish in my rocknroll heart and soul, along with a truckload of photographs preserved vividly like it was yesterday in the memory bank of my heart & mind and I can count on at least 12 hands the one place that single handly is where all these  most special moments of my life took place and that is here in New York at the Garden..MSG. My love affair at the garden started many many years ago when I was just a kid in the 70's, with the first few shows completely blowing my mind & rockin' me to my core & its never ended and although the place is definitely not small & intimate, the shows I attended in my lifetime were the most magical, mesmerizing, joyful & intimate moments of my life..as if I were the only one in the room..now that's magic!

Posted Sep 12, 2020   12:04:35 PM

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I wish we had more information on the 2021 events and the saftey protocol being made/considered.  Things won't be totally back to normal in May. I do believe there could be a safe way to do HDay, with many adjustments. Is there anynconsideration or reworking events/capacity/protocol to be safe?

I know that the planning team doesn't know what May will be like either,  but I would like to know that precautions are being planned for given what we know now.

I'm really hoping to travel to Tulsa for an amazing hday, I already have a (refundable) airbnb booked! I just think it's not fair to ask us to blindly commit, in this situation, when no details or updates have been given.

Posted Sep 13, 2020   10:20:11 AM


I LOVE the "Miss You Like Crazy" music video!!!  It makes me so happy that you decided to make it an ode to your fans!  All the concert footage has me reminiscing about the live tours - we miss you guys like crazy, too!  Thanks so much for the video - perfect timing going into the L&E concert streaming series.  You guys are so smart ;-) 

Posted Sep 14, 2020   08:28:20 AM

 "Tell us about your favorite live venue to see music!" 

I would say anywhere Hanson plays! It's been Milan, Amsterdam, London, Boston MA and many more places! :) 

Posted Sep 15, 2020   01:59:12 AM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

3 3

I can NOT wait for the live streams! This is a great picture! 

Posted Sep 15, 2020   04:10:37 PM

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It's hard to narrow down where my favorite venue is that I've seen Hanson. So my top three are Carnegie Hall in NYC, House of Blues in Chicago and State Theater in Minneapolis MN.

Posted Sep 16, 2020   01:40:47 AM

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