Jun 28, 2019 | HANSON

HANSON: It will be worth the wait!

Big thank you to everyone who joined us in Milwaukee for Summerfest! Maybe it’s because of the connection to Albertane, maybe not, but we always have a great time in in Mil-eh-wak-eh… Which is Algonquin for the good land!

This week, we are sharing our second episode in a new video series called “Real to Reel” featuring the song “Worth the Wait” from of our 2019 Members EP, “In Real Life”.  Every year, the Members EP’s continue to stake their claim in the HANSON musical universe as they become a bigger and bigger part of our musical catalog. We are excited to bring all of you with us as we talk about what’s behind the songs we created for “In Real Life”.

On the theme of new for the first time ever, we have created a music video focused not on a song but on a whole project. Part Narrative, part fly on the wall, it is a five-part companion for the five song “In Real Life” EP that shares the spirit of how we make our music, and touches on how we live.

If you enjoy the videos, look for a new Real to Reel episode next Friday, and for HNet members part three of the “In Real Life” music video.   

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



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wow  hanson you guys have made us all  proud



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

Yes, the video was amazing!






Glad you had fun in the good land.  We're *always* happy to welcome you back.  We were fortunate enough to be at both performances and had a great time, too!  Thanks for coming!

Zac, even with your (real or faux) aversion to vegetables, you should have tried the fried eggplant strips at The Venice Club - Summerfest.  They come with marinara sauce, grated Parmesan cheese and lemon juice.  We skip the marinara and just sprinkle them with lemon juice and dip them in the Parmesan.  Forget corn dogs,...this is the best you can get at the fest!



Exactly what I'm going through! Worth the wait makes me cry, and praise God for what's to come. 

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