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HANSON: Islanders Make It Possible

What an amazing contrast it was to sit on the beach in the sun with a frozen drink, while looking at pictures from home of snow men & hot chocolate. With eight years under our belt, it is safe to say Back To The Island has grown into something truly special for us.  The environment, the people we get to share it with, the sheer volume of different songs played throughout are all part of what makes BTTI stand apart, but it is only possible because of the fans who come back each year to share with us.
Every year we bring special guest and no surprise Joshua & The Holy Rollers and Milck brought both heart and energy that left us wondering how we’re are going to pull off BTTI 2021 without them. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us, the Island Gigs team, the first time to the 8th time islanders and the crew that keeps the wheels on. This was the best yet, and such a perfect way to launch into what is going to be a very busy 2020.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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Mariana Antunes
São Paulo, SP, BR

YAY! Perfect kick off for 2020. I loved every second of BTTI 2020.

JTHR and Milck have to come again in 2021....PLEASEEEEE!!!

I can't wait to experience this busy year with you all and my friends.




J&THR and Milck were AMAZING and you should always invite them back! ALWAYS!!! Can’t wait for the new album and tour! 



I thoroughly loved both special guests and I fully intend to trek down to Los Angeles (which I get anxiety over) to go see her again!!!



Joanne Villani
New York, NY , US

This was such a great year as far as the guests went! I LOVED Milck's set, and JTHR are so energetic and fun and brought a great vibe to the island! I also loved that you guys hopped on stage with each, and that Milck joined Taylor for a song during his set as well. Thanks for bringing them along! 



Jocelyn Harris
Lake Jackson, TX-Texas, US

I'm so grateful that you guys brought an artist like Milck to the island.  We need more like her at future shows and events!



Lindsey Karvonen
Minneapolis, MN, US

I can't even imagine any other artist(s) being as epic as this year was. What an absolute dream lineup.



Natalie Martin
Manchester , London , GB



cant wait loved it



This was our first year at BTTI and we were truly impressed. The concerts every night were so great,...all we could have hoped for. We love that you invited MILCK (she's great!) and Joshua & The Holy Rollers (always amazing!).  Aside from dodging downpours and sloshing through a few inches of sidewalk water on the day we left, we had a wonderful time.  Thank you for making it so special!  :)



The special guests made it just that much more special! JTHR are always so high energy, and MILCK was a refreshing change of pace. Thanks for all of the amazing shows this past week! 



It was a wonderful experience all around.  I know some had mentioned issues with their belongings or safety (people entering the rooms randomly, things missing from room/safes) but this was not an issue for me.  I truly loved the opportunity to meet the wonderful locals, as well as connect with so many like minded fans around the world!  It was also great to have an opportunity to chit chat with you guys in a more relaxed setting...plus how can you beat a concert on the beach with a drink in your hand.  



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Dearest Isaac , Taylor and Zac , this was my fave island ever . The Ballads set was so me and Taylors solo set was SOOO ME . My mom offered 2 years in a row rather hastliy  and Im so glad she did . I'm taking a island  breaK  TO hopefully attend a HAnson day soon , but im already comtemplating coming back in 2023 for someones birthday .. do that math youll get it . 

Every Word I say had me totally having a blast . I sang half and danced half prob looking like an idiot . but its HAnson its practically licensed music for fun . I looked over to see Rebecca taking pics in my direction for the website . shall be interesting .  it was so  fun and MIlck and Mac were fantastic .



I didn't go this year, even though I was planning to go back for three years. But that is a different story. :) I loved the choice of guests this year and I loved the interaction of Hanson with the guests in stage. As far as I remember there usually only was one song where the stage was shared. But the combination of Hanson with JHTR with extra special gimmick that there are 4 Hanson brothers on stage, Hanson with Milck, Milck with Hanson. It used so much fun! It really creates a wonderful, creative energy as far as I can imagine from my couch :)



Mikaela Rennerfelt
Stockholm, Stockholm, SE

This was my very first BTTI and I kind of saw it as a "once in a lifetime" experience... now I think it must be at least a twice in a lifetime experience! Thank you, Hanson, Milck, JTHR and Island Gigs for this unforgettable and precious getaway - can't wait to go back to the island next year!



Bring Joshua and the Holy Rollers again next year. Problem solved. There concerts were outstanding as were your backing vocals for MILCK.



Christina Griffin
London, London, GB

I'm all for having both JTHR & Milck again - they complimented the island so much and the interation between all of the artists was incredible! I would also not be mad if both made an appearance at HopJam (just saying).

it was my first BTTI and I thought it would likely be my only as a 'once in a lifetime' type of thing... and even preparing to leave the resort on the tuesday i knew that i had to go again, and desperately want to in 2021... funds permitting lol. it was the most incredible hanson experience i've ever had and unlike anything i imagined it to be, so grateful you do this every year - and for a reasonable price (unlike other artists who do similar things)



Heidi Reeves
Missoula, Montana, US

Don’t do it without them then!! It’s not like you could top MILCK!



Michael Jones
Austin, TX, US

I also went this year thinking it would be a “one time” only thing for me. Nope, definitely going again. I am just kicking myself that I didn’t bite the bullet years ago.



Im definitely going in 2021

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