HANSON: Great Year For Music

Feb 20, 2020 | HANSON

This week, we have been in the studio recording using the great vibes from Back To The Island to push us through the hard task of bringing the next album, Against The World, to completion. The final details are often the hardest, but it is also because you know exactly what your missing, so only one sound will do. In the last two days we have recorded a Cuica, Tablas, Chains, Stomps, Vibraphone, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals, and some wicked 80's synths. It’s a tapestry of sounds.

If you attended Back To The Island, this year we hope it was an amazing experience and we look forward to hearing your feedback. After each event we send surveys out to all the members who attended, hoping to learn from their experiences and make the coming years event better for it. Speaking of 2020 we have been going through all the concert footage editing together songs and this week we are finally ready start sharing.  Today we posted A Minute Without You and A Song To Sing up for Members to enjoy, but you can check back each week and we will continue to post more and more videos from BTTI 2020 to the Video section of Hanson.net throughout February and March. 

Things are starting to get really busy in Tulsa as we begin to approach HANSON Day, the completion of Against The World, the announcement of a world tour, build a new website, and that’s not even the half of it.  2020 is going a great year for music.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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Natalie Martin / Manchester , London , GB

Looking forward to all the news 

Posted Feb 21, 2020   06:14:54 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 9

I am doing the happy dance ❤ thanks guys!

Posted Feb 21, 2020   06:51:54 PM


Chris Miller / Meadville, PA, US


Can't wait to hear some "Against the World" music!

Posted Feb 21, 2020   07:38:06 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


OMG I'm over the moon excited right now!! I can't wait to hear this new album! Although, I'm excited about everything going on in 2020 with you guys that I get to be a part of, starting with Hanson Day #1 lol. 

Posted Feb 21, 2020   07:39:26 PM

i cant wait i miss u

Posted Feb 21, 2020   08:01:30 PM


Posted Feb 21, 2020   08:52:58 PM


Kayla Michele / Waipukurau, New Zealand, NZ

Cant wait to hear the new album and to see tour dates. Also a new website, it's a bit overdue lol

Posted Feb 21, 2020   10:01:59 PM

1 3

Can’t wait for all of this to happen

Posted Feb 21, 2020   10:45:39 PM


All right, so I had to look up Cuica.  I’m guessing you are referring to playing a Brazilian friction drum and not a Portuguese four eyed opossum (because that would just be wrong, even though the possum is known for 

Posted Feb 21, 2020   10:52:59 PM


Oops...Cont....  the opossum is known for its high-pitched cry). I’ve never seen an opossum wearing glasses.  ;)

Posted Feb 21, 2020   11:00:21 PM

6 6

Arriba, muchachos! 

Posted Feb 22, 2020   04:36:45 AM


Mariana Antunes / São Paulo, SP, BR

I can't wait to hear the tapestry of sounds! =D

As soon as you can, share with us some world tour dates, cause we need to get everything organized in our lives to be in the concerts with you guys.

One last thing: Am I the only one not seeing the Minute Without and A Song to Sing videos? I'm confused....

Posted Feb 22, 2020   04:43:09 AM


Mariana Antunes / São Paulo, SP, BR

Found it! Sorry about that.

Posted Feb 22, 2020   04:47:28 AM

Awesome! Longing for the world tour to be announced som I can plan my trips allready :)

Posted Feb 22, 2020   05:27:34 AM

Awesome! Longing for the world tour to be announced som I can plan my trips allready :)

Posted Feb 22, 2020   05:27:35 AM

I’m so stinking excited!!!! When will we get to learn more??

Posted Feb 22, 2020   09:36:06 AM


Waiting for (all) this. Sounds like an exciting year. :) 

Posted Feb 22, 2020   09:38:43 AM

Umm...am I stupid, because I can't find the videos? lol

Posted Feb 22, 2020   10:03:12 AM

5 5

Looking forward to everything coming up this year!

Posted Feb 22, 2020   12:44:56 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


I can’t wait for it and I hope to see you guys soon

Posted Feb 22, 2020   01:25:34 PM

Rueishness, check out the videos section - right at the top. There are no stupid questions. You were probably just distracted at the thought of a world tour (I know I am, lol!) 

Posted Feb 22, 2020   01:57:37 PM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US


Excited and trying to save money

Posted Feb 22, 2020   02:22:23 PM


Marcela Bianchini / Rio Claro, SP, BR

Cuica, huh? I'm curious... Can't wait to hear it all!! :)

*fingers crossed for world tour dates soon*

Posted Feb 22, 2020   03:47:27 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US


Longing to hear your new tunes.

The BTTI videos are wonderful! Thank you Team Trevor!

Posted Feb 23, 2020   06:06:36 AM


Do we know who’s hiding under the Mexican wrestling mask, or is that the whole point?

Posted Feb 23, 2020   10:09:53 AM

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