HANSON: Diving into Song Ideas

Aug 01, 2019 | HANSON

Earlier this year, we shared with Hanson.net members some of our plans for music in 2020 and 2021, and how we are looking at the project in a different light. We want to invite people to be more than a fan of an album. We want to share music in a way that we are always looking forward to what’s just over the horizon. Music should be like a good friend you always look forward to seeing because no matter where you meet up, good times will be had by all.

This week, we have been getting revved up diving into song ideas of all kinds, songs you jump out of bed thinking about, ideas long overdue pulled from the vault and almost everything in between.  We write songs in every which way; the only real guiding principle is it’s not done until it’s right. How long that will take is anyone’s guess.  If you're a Hanson.net member, you can get  a first hand glimpse at the writing process with another behind the scenes video posted today from the writing of Reading Your Mind off of In Real Life. We hope you enjoy the video and we can’t wait to share more about new music and tours all over in 2020.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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Chandra Lueth / Woodruff, WI, US


So what does Ike get, a Segway? 

Can't wait to hear the new tunes. 

Posted Aug 1, 2019   07:21:54 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

2 1

Can't wait to hear what you guys come up with! You don't ever disappoint. So excited! Love the bikes btw.

Posted Aug 1, 2019   07:54:55 PM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US

9 9

2020 can't get here soon enough!

Posted Aug 1, 2019   07:57:12 PM

oh my god baby taylor on an moterbike thnak u zac for that u knew i liked taylor on his bike to ike to whats he got to>

Posted Aug 1, 2019   09:36:27 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 9

I would say that you are all throwing it "on the wall" to see what sticks (music that is!)   I hear "Born To Be Wild"....

Ah - Boys and their toys - Love the bike pics (of course please be careful). 

Isaac is out riding his vintage Indian Motorcycle...right? 

Posted Aug 1, 2019   09:53:52 PM

Love love love hearing this and seeing this picture.

Posted Aug 1, 2019   10:07:34 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US


Ok, but... when are you coming to Seattle???

Posted Aug 1, 2019   11:44:50 PM

5 5

Sounds like your getting inspired for the new music in many different places. Looking forward to how it will all turn out in the end. Now I'm wondering if Isaac will be joining you and Taylor on a motorcycle. 

Posted Aug 2, 2019   01:58:46 AM

14 14 14

There's nothing I'd rather hear from you guys than that you're getting revved up about diving into song ideas for the new album. THE BEST. So excited to hear it when you're ready!

Posted Aug 2, 2019   08:08:56 AM

20 1 1

A good friend, what a perfect way to put it. I cannot wait to hear new music!

Posted Aug 2, 2019   08:18:01 AM

amaizng hanson wow

Posted Aug 2, 2019   12:07:25 PM

Whatever y'all do, just freaking please come back to Nola.

Posted Aug 2, 2019   12:24:48 PM

Where's Ike's bike?!?!

Posted Aug 2, 2019   01:44:37 PM

Thanks for sharing! Hopefully we get to welcome you back to Norway next year :) 

Posted Aug 4, 2019   04:35:22 PM


I know you'll find treasure at the bottom of that ocean of inspiration you're diving into, even if you have to use some creative shark evasion tactics in the process.  ;)

I agree, music is like a good friend you're always happy to hear from.  Nothing else can evoke memories like a favorite song.  Here's to all the new ones in the making.

Posted Aug 5, 2019   09:37:19 AM

I was out walking on this bright, August day through a butterfly reserve garden surrounded by pine trees, by the water. I could smell the lilies on the banks near the water, heating up in the sun. I'd grabbed one Hanson CD, thinking I'd grabbed another. 

And just when I thought the moment couldn't feel better, "Georgia" comes on and that cozy, balmy feeling it gives me flushes through my veins and I think: "Wow. What a great song. What a lovely, real love song." It hits my heart. Then I think of singing it to the babies in my family and how some of them will never be babies again and how my own, personal association with it has given it a poignancy that's mine, in my own heart. Hanson do "real" better in music than any other. 

Thanks for giving me this, for sharing your gifts, guys.  I can't wait for more good memories and your beautiful soundtrack that will accompany them :). 

Posted Aug 5, 2019   08:30:17 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 9

eek & CTUSA - how true it is - music is a friend that is always there for you & brings with it such wonderful thoughts and memories. 

I feel a String Theory moment coming on  --- some background music while I surf the Hanson forums!

Posted Aug 5, 2019   09:04:23 PM

Thanks for sharing.....

Posted Aug 13, 2019   01:34:26 PM

When the newsletters said Hanson are digging into their vault... I wonder what songs will be revealed. Remember, just because we hear the word vault doesn't mean that it's all songs we already know - at least by title. While yes, it would be refreshing to hear some songs brought to life (like Bridges Of Stone for example), there were eighty songs that were written before the release of Underneath. Of those, we probably only know of a few.

Posted Aug 13, 2019   04:15:14 PM

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