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HANSON: Celebrate Independence

Happy Independence Day! Yesterday, we celebrated our country with close friends and good food, and general tomfoolery, and despite our best efforts all eyes, ears, fingers and toes are still attached and accounted for. Forming 3CG Records and going Independent in 2003 was a defining moment in the HANSON story, changing the way we look at our music and our business forever. Yesterday we got to thinking, I bet not every country has a national holiday to celebrate the United States declaring independence from England and King George III. We have heard that a party is good, but a big party is better, so come 2020 and beyond we invite all non American Citizens to join the July 4th celebration and simply celebrate HANSON’s Independence! Americans proceed per usual.

This is week three of our Real to Reel video series exploring the songs that make up our In Real Life EP. We have been through “Compromise” and “Worth the Wait” so now it’s time for a listen and look at “The Ballad of Seymour Better Timers”.  Part Robin Hood and Little John part Rocky Raccoon and all story Seymour is a colorful romp through the playful and somewhat tragic choices of a man in search of something better. Enjoy.

-Isaac Taylor and Zac



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Alright then, as an Australian, I take you up on that and will celebrate Hanson's Independence on 4th July forever more. And just quietly, I bet you're right when you surmised that America is the only country to to have a national holiday for America's Independence. but who knows maybe England celebrates too :)



Trinity Johnson
Cincinnati , Ohio, US

Love this photo!



So then I invite yall to celebrate the end of the British mandate and the establishment of the state of Israel! It changes every year to match with the Hebrew calendar... 

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