Mar 26, 2020 | HANSON

HANSON: Bright Spots Every Day

Seems like we are all making the best out of our forced spring sabbatical, like a summer vacation to an isolated mountain cabin… only the cabin is each and every house and you probably don’t have a mountain view, but what's in a view anyway? Speaking of viewing, don’t forget to check on April 6th for announcements about HANSON Day 2020 celebrations. We're reimagining HDay and finding ways that we can all celebrate together even if we're not in fact together. We are still brainstorming and dreaming about what’s possible, but we think you're gonna like it!  

Wherever you are, we encourage you to put on a great album and get lost in it! We’re looking out into the future longing for Back To The Island 2021 and all the concerts and albums beyond, knowing there is a time when the world will return to normal, and we can all be together sharing a drink and a song. Until then keep looking for the bright spots every day.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



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Thanks guys .



Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

The struggle is real but still able to work only cause we provide for hospitals and places like that. I am social distancing though just going to work and back home to my kids; only to the store if needed. We haven't been on lockdown yet but Isaac's live quaranstreams have been alot of help with music therapy lol loving it. This will all be over eventually and cant wait to get back to somewhat of a normal life and hopefully winter concerts from you guys lol. 



It's tough for everyone but we'll get through this. Stay safe, guys! 



Thaís Merino
Curitiba, Parana, BR

World health team sends a huge thank you for the #StayHome!! I know it sucks, but right now it's necessary a little bit of patience and understanding. It's important for our lives, it's important for our economy (only made by alive people). Stay safe! It'll be alright. And thank you!



Julia Krylova
Moscow, Moscow, RUSSIA, RU

"keep looking for the bright spots every day" Thank you, gyus! Stay face and take care! #StayHome



I have a mountain view -- and it happens to be one of the seven wonders of the world



I am so excited to finally get to attend a Hanson Day in a way! Thank you guys for making this time a little brighter. I am absolutely loving Isaac's quaranstreams on IG in the meantime!



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

Thank you Ike for you on instragram



I am really thankful for Ike's mini shows on Instagram...thank you so much for doing those! They really help to break up the day and give me something to look forward to, a little alone/mental health time each evening after a day just full of cooking, doing dishes, and wrangling my kids. Would love to see Zac do a little paint-along-with-me sometime. Tay, thanks for jumping on a doing that talk with AWOL, it was really great :)



I'm glad to see all of you healthy and enjoying this quality time off with your families. We are so grateful for all of the love we've been shown on Isaac's Instagram with this "Quaranstreams" lately. Would love to see something special from Zac! Thank you guys and much love!! :)





Ivy McCarty
Louisville, Kentucky, US

Keep looking for the bright spots every day

I know I am not alone when I say Isaac's quaranstreams have truly been a bright spot for me every single day. I can't thank him enough! I thoroughly enjoyed Taylor's chat with AWOL as well. 



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

Always looking for bright spots --- looking forward to April 6th! 

Keep safe all!



It truly feels like we’re living in Bizarro World. Thanks for the positive vibes, guys.



Yeah, no gorgeous mountain view here, just a lot of yard work waiting to get done outside my window.  On the bright side, it means fresh air and, hopefully, sunshine.  Looking forward to hearing all about whatever it is you've dreamed up for this year's Hanson Day...

This confinement has had an interesting effect.  It has forced me to take stock of the things in my life that are essential and the things I can live without if I have to.  Conserving is the order of the day when you must weigh the pros and cons of a trip to the grocery store.  What a dystopian time we're living in...  You know, even though we're apart, it almost feels like we're all closer together. I guess it's the shared experience.  Maybe that's the bright spot in this dimly lit world.  It can't all be bad, it just can't.  Stay safe everyone and, yes, listen to some good music and find something to smile about. Better days are coming... 

P.S.  My husband and I are working on a big jigsaw puzzle. I have a huge collection of marbles so I thought a puzzle with a picture of hundreds of marbles would be a good idea...  I have the edge done but we may still be working on it this time next year.  Haha...



christine Easom
Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

will you listen to and comment on some of our suggestions for albums?

I would suggest you listen to Highasakite from Norway.

If you like OMAM you will like these although they are somewhat more unsettling lyrically.

they are absolutely wonderful live.

Our mutual friend Jeremy Williams put me on to them and to him I am eternally grateful for that. 

their best two albums in my opinion are Silent Treatment and Uranium Heart.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

eek - my family loves puzzles, except me.  For Christmas every year my brother gets my Aunt a new puzzle.  They start it Christmas Eve and then see how long it takes them. (There's been a couple they have finished that night, so now they have been going bigger) When I was little, I used to steal a piece and then when they were done and going crazy looking for it I'd "find" it and finish the puzzle.  I am still getting accused of stealing pieces now lol  (If any of your pieces turn out to be missing, I swear it wasn't me!) I found a really crazy "impossible" puzzle I am going to get them for this coming Christmas.



"When I was little, I used to steal a piece and then when they were done and going crazy looking for it I'd "find" it and finish the puzzle."  @Katie

Haha, you were a devious little kid, Katie. I'll know who to blame when that last piece is nowhere to be found. ;) ...Honestly this puzzle has the craziest shaped pieces I've ever seen, and they aren't all uniform in size.  Some are skinny and oblong and some are really tiny with flat sides that make you think they could be edge pieces but they're not.



Thanks for the message Hanson. I'm looking forward to what will be announced April 6th. And what could be happening for the reimagined Hanson Day. 

It's difficult to realize everyone around the world is dealing with a deadly virus. And it's strange to stay self- quarantined when you have a job considered "essential" and still having to go to work. I hope everyone is trying to stay safe. 



Veronica Selvidge
bradford, arkansas, US

Looking forward to the announcement April 6th.  Looking forward to next years Hday. Looking forward to the future and hope that the world will be set right again.  I am still working, because fast food never closes down.  

Thank you Isaac for your live shows.  I am watching them after they are posted so I have a clearer video. I have horrible service in the country in Arkansas.  But they have been wonderful.

Prayers for all those suffering #stayhome



Love this! Been loving Isaacs streams they’ve made me smile a lot. Looking forward to the announcement on the 6th of April. 



Sharing a drink and music sounds wonderful! It’s how my nights with my best friend always wind up and I miss her like crazy right now. And worry about her as she is a nurse and on the front lines. We often message and FaceTime about losing our minds since she’s also trying to homeschool her two kids and I’m working from home with four of my kids at home. My oldest was with her grandma with this all started because my mom had surgery and was still on lifting restrictions and I miss them both like crazy. What a wonderful thing it will be when we can once again gather with our loved ones. And when I can work without having to mute my phone to yell at kids going insane in the other room every five minutes. 



Thank you so much you guys...It is such a Scary & Crazy time and your music is helping me through it...The three of you have always meant so much to me and I just want to thank you for always being there for your fans. God Bless you. I look forward to the days when we can all share a drink and some music together too...Until then, Stay Healthy & Stay Safe. Sending you love from New Jersey. 

Love Always,




I joined today. I can't believe it took me this long! It's great to be apart of this community! Sharing our love for Hanson! Hang in there everyone, we are all in this together! Isaac's online streams have helped take you out of this world for a moment and just enjoy his beautiful voice! Take care, everyone! 



Dophine Frazier
Swanzey, NH, US

So very true and very cleverly written! So crazy! It doesn't even feel real! I appreciate your lightheartedness and support during this strange and scary time. It feels like my favorite show minus the walkers. The people are scarier than the virus. 

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