HANSON: Back In Jakarta

Nov 22, 2019 | HANSON

This week, we’re back in Jakarta to play our first show here in 15 years. It’s a long way to go to play just one festival, but we’re hoping it is just the precursor to a lot longer trip that will be made in 2020 for the next album. After today’s show, we’re headed back home for final rehearsals before the Thanksgiving holiday and the start of the Wintry Mix Tour. Can’t wait to see all of you on the road.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


This is so exciting! Can't wait for all the things happening in 2020. The album is gonna be perfect, the 2020 tour is gonna be awesome,  and excited for Hanson Day(my first). See you guys in Atlanta December 11th(my first ever concert) its gonna be epic!!! 

Posted Nov 23, 2019   08:49:45 AM


We went to the Holiday Folk Fair here in the Milwaukee area yesterday.  Indonesia was well represented with a dance troupe and a travel booth.  It was almost like being there (minus the long plane ride and the Hanson concert).  ...I did see some videos on social media.  They kind of like you guys there, it would appear.  ;)

Posted Nov 24, 2019   02:51:51 PM

Have a wonderful and safe trip! Can’t wait til Wintry Mix tour

Posted Nov 24, 2019   03:04:41 PM


Candice Lynch / auburn, ga, US

So excited to see what 2020 holds! See you on the road :) I will be waiting in ATL on Dec 11th for you! 

Posted Nov 24, 2019   07:08:53 PM

Love the photos and videos posted on your social media! I know this year especially, there is so much to be thankful for! Safe travels, and Happy early Thanksgiving! 

Posted Nov 24, 2019   08:51:48 PM


Amalie Hart / Broadbeach Waters, QLD, AU

3 2

So excited to see what 2020 brings!!! 

Posted Nov 24, 2019   09:52:42 PM

So exciting! Can't wait to see all of the good stuff you guys do in 2020!

Posted Nov 25, 2019   02:05:13 AM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US


So very happy for you all

Posted Nov 25, 2019   11:34:32 AM


Dophine Frazier / Swanzey, NH, US

Aww you guys are so kind to remember all your fans. We all appreciate it! See you in Boston! 

Posted Nov 25, 2019   05:49:33 PM


Angelina Hase / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

1 1 1

Y'all have way to much fun!

Posted Nov 26, 2019   04:25:30 PM

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