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May 20, 2021 | ZacHanson

In the mix of many different things yesterday I forgot to share this videos that show each nesting doll set in the round. These were a new kind of challange for me, as I have very rarely tried to paint three dimensional objects. I have a few more sets I will be working on from time to time, and if I happen to finish them... I will for sure share the results.

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Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US


Very cool to see these in the round! 🪆😎

Posted May 20, 2021   02:37:22 PM

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Could you do a raffle to win a set ? That would be so cool. They are fabulous. Thanks for creating these 

Posted May 20, 2021   02:41:38 PM



The 360 view gives a much better perspective of your artwork, Zac, but are they signed somewhere? I wouldn’t want them to end up in an estate sale for a couple of bucks sometime in the future because nobody knew that the “one and only Zac Hanson” designed and painted them. 😉

Posted May 20, 2021   02:49:53 PM

Love seeing the details! The only thing I can’t work out, what is painted on the smallest doll in the set with the man & bones? 

Posted May 20, 2021   02:51:00 PM


Jackie Rakoski-Diediker / Topeka, KS, US

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Thank you for sharing some video of these unique doll sets in the round. The level of detail on each one of these dolls is exquisite and couldn't be fully realized in the flat photos you shared to the Hanson Day gallery. Beautiful work, Zac!

Posted May 20, 2021   03:04:06 PM


The details on them are really cool! 

Posted May 20, 2021   03:14:19 PM


Thaís Merino / Curitiba, Parana, BR

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They're so beautiful!!!! 

Posted May 20, 2021   03:14:38 PM

Wow! These are amazing 

Posted May 20, 2021   03:14:57 PM


Ashley Daugherty / LEXINGTON, KY, US

Thanks for posting a full view of each doll. All the Russian dolls are beautifully done. I'm sure it took a while to figure out what to paint on each one. My favorite set is The Masked Man set. 

Posted May 20, 2021   03:16:19 PM



See my above post. ...Actually a signature *and* a certificate of authenticity would be nice.

Posted May 20, 2021   03:24:51 PM


Erin Johnston / Ellicott City, Maryland, US

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@kristimcintyre, the description in the hday gallery section of the store says the smallest one is guts. 

Posted May 20, 2021   03:30:03 PM


Tina Sweeney / Orlando, Florida, US


I agree about the COA :)

Thanks for sharing, Zac!

Posted May 20, 2021   03:40:05 PM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB


I'd have trouble letting these go! Really good, Zac 

Posted May 20, 2021   03:55:54 PM


Sarah Daniel / Madison , WI, US

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This is amazing Zac !!!! 

Posted May 20, 2021   03:56:17 PM


Ibrich Masuy / Geraardsbergen, Oost-Vlaanderen, BE

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing these videos.

Posted May 20, 2021   04:34:38 PM


Zac Hanson / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

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"KRISTIMCINTYRE - Love seeing the details! The only thing I can’t work out, what is painted on the smallest doll in the set with the man & bones? "

So I called that set Masked Man - Red and this is what each call is

  • Uniform
  • Underware
  • Bones
  • Organs
  • Contents of his stomach 

Posted May 20, 2021   05:55:29 PM

Wow, these are very cool! I fully expect each one to also have its own little persona & backstory. 

Posted May 20, 2021   06:10:14 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

Those are so freaking awesome! ❤

Posted May 20, 2021   06:13:28 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US


These are amazing!!! I love the tan set 

Posted May 20, 2021   06:23:16 PM

cool zac how long it take to work on it amazing art work wow

Posted May 20, 2021   06:57:05 PM

Very cool, that set is my favorite, thanks Zac!

Posted May 20, 2021   07:34:00 PM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US


So very cool! I just love them! You have quite the steady hand! ;)

Posted May 20, 2021   07:41:16 PM

These are awesome! Thanks for showing us, Zac!

Posted May 20, 2021   07:44:52 PM


Jennifer Vaughan / New Braunfels, Texas, US

Nice! Wow that’s putting in some hours. Thanks for sharing! Leaves me singing Reaching for the Sky. And Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage. “I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon!” 👌

Posted May 20, 2021   07:46:56 PM


Jennifer Vaughan / New Braunfels, Texas, US

Now let’s see how you’ve painted the inside of each piece! 🤣

Posted May 20, 2021   07:48:15 PM

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