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Brussels Gave Me Goosebumps

Wednesday night we finished our European String Theory concerts with an amazing show in Brussels.  Standing on stage singing about dreaming and fighting, about hope and loss, it brings so much clarity and perspective to this crazy journey we have been on for more than two decades; hearing the audience sing the lyrics back at us… it gives you goosebumps. Thank you to everyone who helped make this leg of the tour such a memorable one.

With the final notes of tonight still ringing in our ears, just hours after leaving the stage in Brussels, we are already thirty thousand plus feet in the air bound for Australia, more than ten thousand miles away (what a crazy way to live). Twenty some odd years ago our first trip down under would have been like traveling to a new world, but these days it feels more like going to visit old friends. Despite being separated for long times and thousands of miles, after the formalities you just fall right back into lock step watching for “Drop Bears” and playing “Slug Holden”. Writing a show for symphonies was no question a bucket list project, playing that same show at the Sydney Opera House… That is going to be like a double rainbow!

On a totally different topic, if you joined us for Back To The Island this year please take a few minutes and let us know how we did. It’s your basic what did you love, what did you think was absolutely perfect, and what did you adore so much you want to do it everyday for the rest of your life kind of thing!… yeah that basically covers it. You can find a link HERE as well as in the news section so be sure to login and share your thoughts 'cause were already planning our island adventure for 2020.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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Belas palavras. Estou esperando por um milagre: ST in BR #angry



Sarah Llewelyn
merewether, nsw, AU

Welcome back to Australia, can’t wait to continue this ST journey with you back home! Especially at the opera house. Im sure there won’t be a dry eye in the house, what an achievement for you guys! It will seem so surreal. Even more excited to finally be able to show my US friends my home as they come across to join us too :) See you soon in melb!



Flying from Perth to Melbourne for this tour, which very much sounds like nothing compared to how much you've travelled to get down under. Thanks for returning to Australia again!



Melbourne has turned on the weather for you, so hopefully that is helping you to not succumb to the jetlag. Welcome back guys, old friends. So excited to see ST at the Palais and the SOH. 



Loved seeing you in Brussels & Utrecht! It was awesome. So sad it’s over. I loved this String Theory project with the orchestra. It maken the music so awesome! Come back soon to The Netherlands! 



Love the title. Brussels gave all of us goosebumps. During the first two songs the music came in so strongly that i cried. Thank you guys so much for the amazing experience <3. String Theory is truly a beautiful work of art. I wish you all the best in Australia.

P.S. : the attached picture is actually from Utrecht, not Brussels ;)



Marina Dumont
Capinghem , Nord, FR

Wow! It was magical in Brussels. Such a great atmosphere! The best concert of my life, without any doubt. It was the first time I enjoyed a concert with my husband and his first Hanson concert. In his words, it was worth to drive from Lille to there after his working day to experience a concert with that kind of quality. In my case, words can't explain how I felt that night. Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup. Muito obrigada. 



Ciska Schietgat
oostrozebeke, West-vlaanderen, BE

O wow! it really gives Goosebumps



 Thank you for giving us goosebumps.  It was amazing.



Thank you guys for Utrecht and Brussels! Utrecht was my first ST show and I was so surprised how deeply I was moved by it and especially by MMMBop. I definitely wasn't expecting that happening while MMMBop, wow... no need to explain, right? ;)

I've learnt not to go overboard with eye-makeup for any Hanson concerts, but there were still some urgent mirror&tissue fixes needed right after the first half of the show in Brussels.  Read: I cried like a baby.

I wish I could frame Battle Cry and that feeling on the wall <3

There were many of us waiting outside Tivoli in Utrecht as well, sorry that you couldn't make it. So when are you coming back to Europe? :) Please, give us hope :)


Yes is there any chance for one more (at least) ST show in Europe? I didnt get a chance to experience it!

Or is 7th of June the last ST show ? 

Im so bummed  i missed it. I believe the ST shows are magical and I can understand how amazed every fan is  when describing them.

When your music is arranged for a whole orchestra and it holds its own, its a testament of your quality. I bet is a great experience for u guys, as it is for the fans. The songs get a new life and you must be proud of your achievements and the story ur telling.

I ve always been a fan of vitamin string quartet (and others) and their covers so its so cool u guys decided to do this. 


Wednesday, at the last moment, I really wanted to resell my places and to not come to the first Hanson's concert of my life...

It reminded me so much of a dark period when I puted Hanson in my discman to forget what was happening to me and to imagine a world without adults. Finally, I'm glad no one bought my tickets. It was so cool.

The leader of the viking-metal band in which I play was good to accompany me (hahaha, he is adorable ... If you are interested, the band is called RavenscaR and I play the hurdy gurdy, we are soon on tour in Belgium... but do not say I'm here... never... cause it's not metal and they will eat my babies by invoking nordic demons to punish me...



Elyse Glenn
Sydney, NSW, AU

Welcome back to my home, Australia. I'm a classically trained violinist, and while I've performed in the Sydney Opera House several times, it's special every single time. I'm so looking forward to seeing my favourite band perform in my favourite venue to perform in - make sure you take it all in and enjoy it! I know the audience will :) 



The first Sydney Opera House show is on my birthday and I thought wow what an awesome way to spend my birthday seeing the show in such an iconic venue. Then not surprisingly, it sold out! So instead I'll be there in Brisbane on the 9th and I cannot wait, my first Hanson concert after 22 years of waiting! Enjoy your time down under! 



So excited to see you boys again on Wednesday night in Melbourne! Only my second time seeing you all perform but I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for coming back to Australia again!! Xx



Thanks for the European run! Come back soon, hopefully also closer to us northern fans, many of whom traveled to these concerts. 

Brussels was great, but to me Utrecht was even better! I loved how respectful the audience were, everyone just enjoying the music to the fullest, and the sound was great too. I'm sure it's the concert where I've heard the band's singing better than ever, thanks to people not trying to drown out the band. Brussels was pretty great in that respect too, not too much screaming and shouting during the songs, but with a more energetic vibe in the audience than the previous night. Utrecht wins with the orchestra though, not sure what happened with it in Brussels, especially on Siren Call - that was strange to witness, but you guys handled it so well, being the pros you are. Two amazing musical nights all in all. 

We all would've wanted to say hi to you after the concerts; too bad you were in a hurry after the second night. Welcome back soon. 



Raquel Gimenez
Barcelona, Barcelona, ES

Thanks for bringing ST to Europe, I had the chance to attend the show in Brussels and it was magic. 


You guys are the best. 



Claire van Oirschot
Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ

I'm going to the GC show. Can't wait to see you guys next week. =)



Claire van Oirschot
Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ

I'll be flying from New Zealand. Will be my first time to Australia. And my first time overseas in close to 30 years.



Cannot wait to see you guys at the Sydney Opera House!!!! I’m attending both shows!!!!



I'm so happy for your fans who are able to attend one or both of the Sydney Opera House shows.  I know it will be an experience they'll never forget.  I won't be there (except in spirit) and even *I* have goosebumps.  :)



thank you for bringing ST to Europe :) the two ST shows and the LOVE-ly valentines show were amazing and i cannot believe it's been over a week since you left the UK!

i'm also super excited you're planning BTTI 2020 - because i'm coming, finally. :)


I was there at Hanson String Theory in cirque Royal Brussels. It was incredible and fantastic.. It was my 1 show ever. If  i now listen at home to the album. It feels like, if i see and hear them live again!!!  Lenny Begium



Julia Krylova
Moscow, Moscow, RUSSIA, RU

The show REALLY gave me (not only me, I guess) Goosebumps !! It was AWESOME ! Thank you for bringing ST shows to Europe, dear Hanson !! Looking forward to see you there again (soon ;)) ! 

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