Mar 28, 2019 | HANSON

Before We Go Back To The Island

It has been  seven year since our first Back To The Island event.  The first year we did it I don't think anyone quite new what we were in for (fans and band), but here we are in march, looking at the words SOLD-OUT, thinking about going back to the island yet again in 2020.
We hope BTTI is something fans look forward to every year. Meet up with friends at a beautiful tropical place, and rock out on the beach every day while you soak up some sun and swim in the ocean or sit in the sand with beverage of your choosing.  
BTTI has not  been without it’s… crazy, from sand storms to monsoons, forgotten lyrics, and water logged instruments, but looking back it has all been a pretty great adventure so far.
Before we get any further along we wanted to say thank you! We are looking forward to another great year, seeing what musical friends we can convince to become islanders themselves and how we can give the best possible HANSON musical experience to date. We will continue to try and make every  year better than the last all be it always operating on HANSON Time. 
See you On The Island! -Isaac Taylor and Zac


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Chandra Lueth
Hazelhurst, WI, US

I'm laughing with you, not at you.... "Make each year beer than the last"  yes! I love beer lol



Is this the week's newsletter? Because saying something is sold out doesn't amount to much news... just saying...



@robinbond. It was a blog post not a news post.



Praying for a BTTI 2021! Saving now as my MBA grad gift :D



"See you On The Island!" -Isaac Taylor and Zac

And we'll see you!  ;)  I'm all for adventures, but let's hope the crazy keeps to a minimum next year.  Musical friends and the best possible HANSON musical experience to date...  Sounds good to me!



I'm so excited to *finally* get to recognise that this is a thing that actually happens, lol my friend and I who are coming for the first time have always had to block it out or turn green with envy!

Joking aside - i cannot wait, am so glad to finally be a part of the adventure x



holly frees
Nashville, TN, US

Just... no country acts, please.



"Just... no country acts, please." @Holly

Thank you for saying what I was thinking.  I like Americana (I love songs like "On the Road"), but I just can't make myself like country.  It's not in me.



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

It would make it better if Taylor kept breaking out never heard before songs . I’ve loved breaktown and this is criminal so much at 17 and 19 and would love to hear never love again and other rare underneath demo songs at 2020s . please ? And Isaac singing everyday would be cool too 



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Mac and Joshua  and the holy rollers would be something I’d stay up for 



I keep saving money and someday I'll go to the Island by my mail boat! hahaha

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