Feb 16, 2019 | ZacHanson

A New Solution

Before we got too far from it I wanted to say thank you to all the fans who spent hours on hanson.net on Thursday fighting through the technical difficulties to buy tickets to all the HANSON Day events.  I can only guess how frustrating this probably was for you, as I know how frustrating it is for everyone on our end.  Despite making improvements to the backend of the site every time something like this happens, we still found ourselves helplessly watching the site freeze and... crash.  We are glad so many people are excited to buy tickets, but we hate that the experience is so compromised.

We have have a new solution that with any luck will permanently put this issue behind us.  This won't change the way front end users interact with the site only the way the back end works.  At some point “SOON” we will have a maintenance period to put these changes in place, but we will share details when the date and times are set.

As always thank you for being understanding, and begrudgingly loving how everything HANSON (even our webpages) arrive on HANSON Time.


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Kaitlin Walbright
Columbus, OH, US

Outsourcing this rather than social media?

Solid plan



Yeah, we found out the other day how the 'back end' works.  Literally.  Haha...  Anyway, thank *you* for listening and finding a solution.  We do love you guys, even if we complain sometimes...  :)



Well thanks for listening and putting up with our "suggestions " plus that extra grain of salt! Lol! ...25 yrs...dont think we are gonna be giving up on you guys anytine soon!! Lol!!



Here's hoping. 



holly frees
Nashville, TN, US

Thanks for addressing our concerns, it's helpful to know that our complaints are reaching your ears.



Michael Jones
Austin, TX, US

Thank you for hearing us :)



Thank you for all you do for us!!! I can only imagine how hard you all work to make these things happen.  I’ll take a little frustration if a wonderful Hanson event is on the other side!!


Natalia Vargas
Santiago, Metropolitana, CL

do not worry we understand it and we continue to love them forever.



natalie stein
Leavenworth, Kansas, US

A blog like this is going to make a huge difference to some fans. Feeling like you are being heard and not ignored can make all the difference. I am very glad that a member of the band actually addressed this issue, because fans were very persistent in wanting to be heard about this issue and I for one was very proud they didn't back down and continued to ask for a resolution/change. This is a step in the right direction and like you said hopefully a permanent solution to this particular issue, which is a win/win for all parties. 

*P.S. Trevor should get a gold star and some yummy cookies...just saying. 



Thanks for speaking for the band and hopefully the upcoming changes will make the difference.



Mayra Aceves
Mexico, DF, MX

Thank you Zac for adressing this! Knowing that you are aware of the frustration all of this caused and that you are doing something about it is very reassuring. 



Megan Knight
Bridgewater, VA, US

Thank you for addressing this! This year will be my first HDay, so Thursday was my first experience with the craziness that is buying onsale tickets. While it was frustrating, I was able to get tickets to every event I wanted and I am just thankful to be able to attend this year. Can’t wait to finally be able to meet you guys! 



Thank you for addressing this & trying to improve the website further! :)



I didn't get caught up in all this as HDay is a little out of my reach but I applaud you for coming on here and addressing the problems people had. Shows what decent guys you are xx 



Yaaaaaaaaaaas! A maintenance is very welcome if tis for the best!



PS: I totally agree with @Pepper_314: It's a very important blog and Trevor should get a golden star! 



Laura Thorp
Owings Mills, Maryland, US

I appreciate both the update, even though I will not make it to Hday this year (never been but eventually I will!), and that maybe by the time I do make it there, it may be easier to get tickets, RSVP etc.  Thanks again for all you guys (and your hardworking team!) do for the fans.  :)



Thanks so much for working on this guys!!! I can’t imagine how hard it is to watch it unfold 



I won't be making it out to Hanson Day this year either, but I appreciate the update. Thank you for being honest, sincere, and holding yourselves accountable. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you messed up somewhere, but people will respect you more in the long run.



Kaitlin Walbright
Columbus, OH, US

i just dont understand how this is the first time the band is addressing this. this has been an issue since you started ticketing hday events. it should have been clear a couple years ago that the site isnt set up to handle something like this. 

its beyond frustration at this point. while i know its probably not the case, it seems like a lack of planning. its clear taking down the forums doesnt clear up enough bandwidth. that barely gives enough bandwidth for presale and those arent even ticketed through hnet.

most of my frustration is with the fact that this is an every year problem. every year the answer is "we're working on it." nothing changes.



Susannah Robertson
Dallas, TX, US

I’m going to light a candle that whatever plan y’all are implementing  will fix the issue. Seriously if I didn’t *Heart* y’all I would have thrown up duces at Hanson day after that. (Not that anyone would honestly miss my sparkling self but y’all catch the drift.) I cant go through that again so please for my hanxiety  do everything , pay whatever call whoever , do a rain dance.Anything so that doesn’t happen again. Thanks guys :) 



I have to agree with Kailin. As it is nice to hear that Hanson and/or staff were trying to make things better, this isn’t year one. It’s my 7th year coming to Tulsa for H-day,  and more stuff has been added, so how don’t you plan for more traffic when more stuff is added? And if you do plan, how is it not tested before hand?

Karaoke has now sold out in minutes the last 3 years.  So being told in the middle of a work day to just keep checking back seems very callous to the fans. How about Karaoke gets moved to Cain’s? Not everyone wants to sing, and at the Vanguard not everyone who wants to sing gets the chance anyway. We want to be with our friends, drink, and happily laugh with our friends who do get on stage. 

Thank you to Trevor and now Zac for reaching out. Knowing that the fans’ concerns are taken seriously is huge.  



Mayra Aceves
Mexico, DF, MX

Karaoke has now sold out in minutes the last 3 years.  So being told in the middle of a work day to just keep checking back seems very callous to the fans.

This! It is not only the purchasing experience, but the awful customer service we received this time. Not everybody has these skills and not everyone is required to; but if you are going to put someone in charge of direct communication with the fans, please send them to a customer service training beforehand. 



Christina Pyle
Englewood, CO, US

Are there any plans to hire a company like eventbrite for hanson day tickets? Hnet is a great informative site- but it clearly cannot handle hundreds of people being online at once. Please considering outsourcing this to another website. Ps- thank you for addressing it, we appreciate it. It was an extremely frustrating experience so I’m glad you guys were made aware of it even though it was out of your control since you were across the pond touring. 



Your welcome and thank you for being so loyal to us. Can't wait to see you all in May

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