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Aug 18, 2021 | HANSON

No question the highlight of this week was our show in Iowa with the Beach Boys. It is always a good time when you are spending your days playing music, but when you add to that sharing the stage with artists you have grown up admiring, it becomes something all together more. At the very end of the night we found ourselves back on stage for the encore singing Summertime Blues, Where's The Love, and Fun Fun Fun (two of which were staples in the first concerts we ever did back in 1992). Looking out into the crowd, it is truly inspiring to see so many generations of fans at one show. It makes it hard not to think about the future, and wonder if we, too, will still be playing in three more decades when our band reaches its 60th anniversary. 
We can’t wait to be back on the road traveling all over in 2022, but until then we are happy to have the Against The World + Concerts to look forward to. September brings us up to albums five and six, Shout It Out and Anthem respectively, and the release of single number 5, the unmistakable Stronger. We can’t wait for you to hear it.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA

I bet playing with the beach boys was an amazing experience for you guys. The smiles on your faces in the videos I have seen say it all! 

I can’t wait to hear Stronger! And I can’t wait for your 2022 tour! Thank you again, for the 100th time for the livestreams 

Posted Aug 20, 2021   02:57:50 PM


cynthia west / new smyrna beach, Florida, US

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Looks like you guys had such a good time. Love seeing you on the stage again with so many people. 

Posted Aug 20, 2021   02:58:51 PM

Til her daddy takes the T-Bird away 🎶

I wish I could've been there!

Posted Aug 20, 2021   02:59:17 PM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US

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It was an amazing show.. you guys made my first live hanson concert awesome. Can't wait to see you guys live again. Even hubby enjoyed it. He said he would go to another show when you guys are the headliner band.

I was singing along and dancing to all of your songs. ❤️🎤🎧🎸🎹🥁🎶😎

Posted Aug 20, 2021   03:42:43 PM


K.C. Jager / Sergeant Bluff, IA, US


It was a fantastic concert! Thanks for coming to Iowa!!  Hope you make a stop here again in 2022!

Posted Aug 20, 2021   04:01:09 PM

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I listened to Pet Sounds for the first time ever and keep wandering around singing Till her daddy takes her T bird away Ooh ooh ooh oooh 😀

Posted Aug 20, 2021   05:10:57 PM

i cant wait yes yeh hanson you guys are amazing, to i wil never let go of tayzs soul tays soul he is so good to us all to tyalolr rocked taylor rocked to such an gresat good man to,

Posted Aug 20, 2021   06:08:37 PM

Literally excited to be there in 2 weeks!!

Posted Aug 20, 2021   06:40:53 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

 I will just say that history was made for y'all (not that you don't make history by yourselves)...you guys got to perform with The Beach Boys  not only once but twice (that I know of) I'd say that's smething to check  off your bucket list and that's very cool! Anyway y'all are the BEST! God bless you and thank you for doing what you do. 💛

Posted Aug 20, 2021   06:54:32 PM


Jessica Yost / Alexandria, VA, US

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I mean...a Hanson x Uncle Jesse crossover performance? Have mercy. 

Posted Aug 20, 2021   08:35:44 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


From clips I've seen, you all were amazing as always and it had to be a blast playing alongside The Beach Boys and John Stamos. I would have loved to had been there. I'm looking forward to the Livestreams next month and hope the 2022 tour can happen cause my family and I need to travel around more lol. 

Posted Aug 20, 2021   09:11:06 PM


bronwyn lee huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

I hope you guy had fun singing with them 

I can’t wait for next month’s concerts and to hear the next single stronger 

Posted Aug 21, 2021   12:48:12 AM

Definitely another memorable experience for you guys! 🥰

Posted Aug 21, 2021   03:31:15 AM


Kira Kryzenske / McFarland, Wisconsin, US

That concert was exactly what I needed in my life!  You guys are great together.  Needless to say, I loved the show!!!

I am looking forward to the next tour when I can catch you guys in person again. Tulsa is just a wee bit to far for this Midwestern girl at this point in time, so thank you so much for offering the live streams, it’s great to look forward to a couple concerts each month, it makes my heart so happy.  You guys are the best!

Posted Aug 21, 2021   08:09:09 AM


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I’m glad you guys got to share the stage with a band you’ve admired since childhood. If you’ve still got *it* (which I’m sure you will) when your 60th anniversary rolls around, I hope you’ll be sharing it with all of those among us who are still around to listen. ...Here’s to good health, including (and especially) an end to the pandemic. 🥂🍻🎉

Posted Aug 21, 2021   10:44:13 AM


Melissa Mcneill / Beverly, Massachusetts , US

Wish that I was there.

Posted Aug 21, 2021   06:01:38 PM

maybe a listeners choice show would include a set with Uncle Jesse and Beach Boys as special guests for a segment of one show at Cain’s- you know, if they were maybe in the neighborhood and felt like singing a few songs or maybe having an mmmhops or pink moonlight peach milkshake (Have Mercy) moment with Hanson and their families!!! Or maybe... HOPJAM 2022 with John Stamos and The Beach Boys and Hanson? So glad that Hanson did the Iowa State Fair concert/ thanks to those who managed to capture a few moments  on video- the ending bow with all of them was just epically historic for me because The Beach Boys were one of my first favorites as a youngster... I found Uncle Jessie/Elvis (Jelvis?.../na) during my Aunt Catherine years... and well- Hanson -my favorite brother band ever and forever!

... (and of course Joshua Mackenzie Hanson &HR’s & Terry McDermott would have to make guest appearances)!!! ...would love to see them all together Main Street-Tulsa, anytime of the year!

sorry for the ramble/so tired (after work-just very thankful that i could listen to a few moments of that Iowa show via YouTube- where do I send my “livestream” money? I would be so happy to pay for it! wish that i could see/hear more from that show🧡

Thank🔆You,  Hanson🌻

Goodnight Hnet 🦋☮️🔆🌙✨🎧💤

Posted Aug 21, 2021   09:05:08 PM

I hope that it is ok to ask this question-if not, please delete.. but there is a BeachBoys/Iowa State Fair video on YT while singing the song Barbara Ann! some Hanson children walk on stage and are standing with Isaac dancing and singing...a truly adorable Hanson moment! Can anyone tell us more? Where are Taylor and Zac? Who is the lady with dark hair that runs across the stage behind them? It looks like Penny and Willa and one of the boys are up there and John Stamos is taking lots of pictures of them on stage probably so they can remember that moment forever! How many people can say they sang with uncle Ike and Mike Love while John Stamos caught it all on Penny’s phone camera? I can only see this on my tiny iPhone so it is really a blurr! Someone please share the story  (if it is permissible)!!!

Posted Aug 22, 2021   09:41:50 AM

You are living the dream. Thank you for sharing It with us :) I am looking forward to hearing Stronger 🎉

Posted Aug 23, 2021   04:23:46 AM

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