HANSON: Since Our Studio Flooded

Jul 09, 2021 | HANSON

What a week we have been having! It was enough to simply enjoy the high of our streaming concerts over the weekend, but when you follow that up with Independence Day celebrations, it just can’t beat! This is such a great time of year, when the weather is hot, and almost daring you to find an adventure or take on the elements. Though it is indoors, we have been tackling a challenge of our own. For months we have been limping along, ever since our studio was flooded. This week we have finally been able to put things to right (but we have a lot of things) which has meant a lot of heavy lifting! There is so much possibility on a clean blank canvas, and for a musician when you walk into a wide open studio full of instruments it is pretty much "kid in candy store” level. It feels good to be thinking about what comes next, even while we are right in the middle of releasing Against The World.
We hope everyone has had a chance to checkout the latest entry from ATW, "Only Love". The message of Only Love is so timeless, it makes it a real joy to play and to imagine singing it for years to come. We love that we were able to premier the song live the same day it was released, and that that will be happening again and again as the Against The World + Streaming Concert Series continues. Next month, we will be featuring Underneath and The Walk in our set-lists, two albums with a lot of music that is rarely performed live. August will also feature the release of the title track from our new album Against The World, and we fully expect to hear you all singing along to every Woooooorrrrrrllllllddddddd!
We look forward to sharing more about Only Love in the coming weeks, and seeing you all again in August
Isaac, Taylor and Zac 


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Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Thank You for all you do for us you don't get enough Thank You's as far as I'm concerned

Posted Jul 9, 2021   11:27:31 PM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA


I can’t wait for August to hear Against the World. The picture you posted on Instagram says it all..the joy on your faces lights up the room! 

Thank you again for giving us the live stream option to be able to be present without being able to be present. August is going to be an awesome month!!

Posted Jul 9, 2021   06:45:02 PM


Melissa Mcneill / Beverly, Massachusetts , US

Can’t wait for more streams and Against The World! Thank you for everything.

Posted Jul 9, 2021   06:53:11 PM

loving 1🛤, 2💗, &3✨ 

...happily awaiting more from&4🌎


(a trillion Thank Yous, in advance)

Posted Jul 9, 2021   07:10:42 PM


Léa Tulasne Boston / Baltimore, MD, US

When did the studio flood?? That's the first I hear of it. I'm so sorry! Did you lose all your instruments?

Posted Jul 9, 2021   07:14:41 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

Oh no the studio flooded I hope you didn’t loose any instruments or equipment or anything valuable or caused any damaged 

I also want to thank you for all the work you all do for us fans can’t wait for next month concerts 

Posted Jul 9, 2021   07:25:00 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

I'm sorry y'all's studio got flooded I know that's gotta suck big time! I'm excited to see y'all doing what y'all do best ♥📢

Posted Jul 9, 2021   07:27:03 PM


Casandra Reese / LEBANON, Mo, US

What happened at the studio that it flooded? Sorry to hear about that.  Hope everything turned out okay. 

Posted Jul 9, 2021   09:24:58 PM

So excited for more streams and new music!!

Posted Jul 9, 2021   09:34:27 PM

 Oh, I' m so sorry to know that your studio got flooded, guys! I hope you didn't loose any instruments. I'm so anxious about the arrival of my membership kit! I've just checked  my email and saw that it was shipped.  

Posted Jul 9, 2021   09:35:12 PM

Good luck with your insurance company! I hope you have good coverage. Can you imagine how many fan/friends would've decended on 3CG if you asked for help with clean up? Probably too many. Best that you didn't ask. Good luck with everything!

Posted Jul 9, 2021   09:36:27 PM


Anna Jackson / Spencer, WI, US

Sorry to hear about the studio flooding, sounds like things are on the mend. Great music being released as always!

Posted Jul 9, 2021   09:53:33 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US


this mean you moved into the new space?

Posted Jul 9, 2021   10:40:58 PM


Kelly Hadjiconstantinou / Chickasha, Oklahoma, US

I am so sorry your studio got flooded. Hopefully, you guys have good insurance and you will get a brand new recording studio depending on what the insurance pays out.

Posted Jul 9, 2021   10:50:28 PM


Nikki squeeks / Cocoa Beach, Florida , US


Last weekend was a blast! Thanks for giving us 2 great shows. 😀🎸🎹🥁

Posted Jul 9, 2021   11:08:36 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US


This is the first I have heard about your studio flooding, how terrible! Hope nothing major becomes of it. 

Super great July shows, BTW!

Posted Jul 9, 2021   11:27:50 PM

This is the first about the studio flooding also. This is terrible news. I wondered why they went somewhere else to record the fan club EP and Against the world. Now it all makes sense. I hope nothing of great value was damaged or lost like instruments and Merch. Some things aren't replaceable.

Posted Jul 10, 2021   12:44:27 AM

So sorry to hear about the studio got flooded. Hopefully everything turned out alright.
Thank you for all you do, last week's shows were amazing. Cannot wait for what's about to come!

Posted Jul 10, 2021   01:55:30 AM


Kim Lloyd / Bowling Green, OH, US

8 1 1

Oh wow, when did the studio get flooded?? I can't imagine the mess. Glad to hear y'all got everything moved, though. 

And I am in absolute LOVE with "Only Love"!! I've even gotten coworkers to add it to their playlists!! So proud of y'all!!

Posted Jul 10, 2021   06:12:02 AM


Kaylei Smith / Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US


Oh goodness, when did the studio flood? This is the first I’ve heard that happened.  I’m so sorry you all had to deal with that. Glad to hear you all are getting it back slowly but surely ❤️ Loving all the new songs that have already come out  and excited for all the other  amazing new songs,  concerts and livestreams coming up. 

Posted Jul 10, 2021   08:48:31 AM


Since our studio flooded... 

You must have been able to save at least two of every instrument. I know they’ve multiplied since then... 😉

We’ve really enjoyed the shows. A lot of memories from concerts we attended long ago came flooding back. 😊 Thanks for doing it!

Posted Jul 10, 2021   09:08:55 AM


🙏.  🧒🍭🏪  💯😋👍

Posted Jul 10, 2021   09:45:40 AM

soo proud of you hansion i cant wait til the tour the streams to yeh yes tay you so nice tio my dad me mom ti thank u

Posted Jul 10, 2021   11:55:55 AM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


The July shows were fabulous - thank you!  (I have been "attending via livestream" - glad you are doing this for us)

So sorry to hear about your studio being flooded.  Hope you were able to rescue some equipment and instruments (did the rug make it or did you lose it?)   I know several friends who have lost belongings to flood waters - the physical loss hurts and then there is the clean up --- it is tough.    Hopefully no one was hurt and glad you are back in your "home studio"

Posted Jul 10, 2021   12:21:07 PM


Melanie Falcon / Louisville , Kentucky , US


So sorry to hear about the flooded studio. I hope all is well with that. Really excited, and can’t wait to hear Against The World!!

Posted Jul 10, 2021   12:42:33 PM

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